Champion Chevrolet Beltway 8BAD SERVICES


One year ago, me and my father, went to look for a newer vehicle. Possibly a 2006 Chevy Silverado, and a fellow customer referred us to Bill Heard Chevy in Houston, texas Highway 59. We got welcome in and we saw a silverado 2006 with almost 76, 000 miles, and no power locks or power windows. My father has a good stable credit history and we been buying our vehicles in different dealerships that are willing to work with their customers. We got approved and we started to negotiate, they ask us with atleast $2, 000 down and payments in around 550 to 700 a month. The salesmanager (supervisor)was a female that was not willing to help us at all whatsoever. Unable to negotiate they told us we cannot work something out and let us go. That same day we went to another dealership which is "Lone Star Ford", and we also got approved with a better vehicle 2006 Chevy Silverado with only 16, 000 miles at a payment of $450.00 a month bumber to bumber warranty. Me and my father walked out happy and satisfy with our deal and service.

In November 26, 2008. We went to Champion Chevrolet in Gulf freeway, me and my father went to a salesman for help. My father and I wanted to trade both of our vehicles for a corvette and a Hhr. We got approved and the salesperson with his unprofessional communication skills did not even bother to help us. He was in his cell phone all the time text messaging and did not even told us our options. Once again we saw the female we deal with at Bill Heard Chevrolet and again high prices unwilling to negotiate. My father then told them that he will put $10, 000 down for a downpayment. We were so interested that after being approved we were going to give almost all of our family savings for two deals. They ask us for more money in the downpayment of atleast $15, 000 to $20, 000 and payments still up in the $600 a month. Once again no deal and not even a great service. You just lost two customers and I garranty you, that another dealership will try to put us behind a vehicle. Me and my father have had bad experience with chevrolet dealership twice. We also believe that the female supervisor is bringing her bad service from Bill Heard too Champion chevrolet.

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