Certified Pre-Owned Acura TLUnusual number of failed parts


My son purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2004 Acura TL from Sterling McCall Acura in Houston. A short time later the rack and pinon (steering) failed, which they "offered" to pay half of (probably their cost). There are cars on the road from when rack and pinon steering was invented that have not seen a failure. Then a headlight failed, which cost $240 to replace because the front bumper has to be removed to change the bulb. Then in the last few weeks the catalytic convertor(s) failed, which are $800 - $1200 apiece to replace, and then the AC blower motor "transistor", which cost $390 to replace. While they were at it they replace a faulty power steering hose and windshield wiper motor. Not one of these items is maintenance related or, with the exception of the catalytic convertor, something that should wear out, meaning every one was a design fault. This car would have bankrupted him if he didn't have a father willing and able to pay for the repairs.

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