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scope and scope railing

I was going to order scope and a scope railing for air riffle but while i was making the paymet my card was'nt accepted as my card is not international so i search other alternatives and found that there was an option for BHIM payment so i choose it but for my surprise after doing all the payment process my money was deducted from my account but my order wasn't placed why it is so?

Repeated phone calls

Today prior to 11am, I received 15 phone calls from Certified Payment Processing. I have previously told them...

Unethical Employment Practices, Harassing Phone Calls

I was recently recruited by CPP after sending my resume in through I was hired the same day the recruiter contacted me, was scheduled for the webinar the next day, and was expected to start work the next day after training. After attending the 8 hour long conference call/webinar training, I was told to call my team leader immediately. I called him, only to be rushed off the phone and told he would call back shortly. I waited over an hour and decided to call him back, only to be rushed once again and this time, I was told we would speak in the morning for 15-20 minutes before my first "pre-set" appointment with a merchant. You have to understand, the information given in the webinar is massive and I believe in order to be successful in sales, you truly need to understand the products and how to sell them. The webinar was also rushed through, even though it seemed like it took forever, and I honestly felt extremely unprepared to meet with merchants the following day without any study time. I call the recruiter and expressed my concerns and told him I did not think this job was a good fit for me. I also said the same thing to my TL and he tried to smooth-talk me and suggest that we do some minor training that day over the phone, while he is in Fort Worth, TX and I'm in Jacksonville, FL. The point is, I told these individuals I would not be working for the company and they have continued to call me every day, several times a day since. The TL keeps leaving voicemails wanting to know why I won't give him a moment of my time. Hello...maybe because I don't work for your company and don't owe you any further explanation than what I already provided. Another thing that concerned me and prevented me from starting my first day with CPP was that I was told by Barry Beau (senior recruiting agent for CPP) that along with my presentation manual, I would be receiving an employment packet through Fed Ex. I received the Fed Ex, but it contained no W4, no employment packet of any kind, and certainly nothing regarding direct deposit. I was told that direct deposit was how I would be paid because they are in Texas and have sales consultants across the country and I can only assume they did not want to risk a check getting lost in the mail. My concern about the lack of an employment packet was how would I be paid? I was expected to go on 3 appointments my first day with apparently no way for this company to compensate me. seems like they didn't realize I was smart enough to catch on. Anyway, can anyone please tell me how to report this company for their continuous harassing phone calls? I could easily block their number; however I don't think companies that harass people that technically never even worked for them is in any way ethical, and I would hope it's illegal. And to anyone considering working for this company, read this reports here and on /link removed/ They have some pretty candid stories from people that backed out just in time like I did, and you'll be amazed at the amount other previous employees they still continue to call and beg to come work for them and give them a chance. It's not just negative people writing these reports...this company is running what is known as a PYRAMID SCAM. Look it up and you'll see CPP and pyramid scams are side by side.

  • Po
    powerdown May 27, 2011

    This is a complaint? Just because they applied, went through the training, and don't give it a chance when the Team Leader offers to train them more? Sure, they may have not felt they were right for the job, but then they don't even explain or answer the voicemails that the company leaves. As to the employment package not being sent, it is all done online, and she should have learned that at the training. They pay by direct deposit or a debit card they give you that you sign up for after the training ONLINE and before your first commission would be due. One thing they don't mention is that the company provides you with 18-25 PRE-SET appointments per have no "cold-calling" or advertising to do yourself. This person obviously is not suited for sales and should not have applied in the first place, but I don't blame the company for encouraging you to try it and give it a chance!
    And oh, btw, they are no more a "pyramid" company than a McDonalds or Wal-Mart who pays the managers and leaders of a team a bit more, or an "override" on their teams performance. Nothing new about that!

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  • Sk
    skmcgowan May 28, 2011

    Actually, this isn't my first sales job and I have done very well in the industry. They did tell me there is no cold-calling and all meeting with merchants were through pre-set appointments, which is why I was interested in the job. Maybe I SHOULD have been told about the employment packet during training, but I wasn't. I was told BEFORE training by the man that recruited me that I would be receiving paperwork for direct deposit IN the Fed Ex packet. Considering that I was supposed to start the following day and go on 3-5 appointments, I was hesitant to start any job without being on their payroll before doing any work for the company. I don't really know of anyone that is willing to start their first day at a company when a company has none of their personal information besides an address and first/last name.

    As far as you saying that I didn't explain or answer the voicemails, I had already called the recruiter the previous night expressing my concerns because I was so rushed off the phone with my team leader after training (and the entire webinar was very rushed as well), then proceeded to call the recruiter again in the morning to tell him I was not taking the job, and I also spoke with my team leader the same day to tell him I was not taking the job. Not to mention, these phone calls took place 2 hours before I was due to start working that day. If I was a bum or cowardly, I could have just blown off the job and not told them anything, but out of respect because I knew they already had appointments scheduled for me that day, I felt the need to tell them I was not taking the job. The TL offered to train me more (over the phone) because I said I didn't want the job. He was trying to change my mind. After I had made three calls to express my concerns and explain why I wasn't taking the job, I didn't and still don't think I owe the company any more of my time.

    What you might not realize is that the company continued to call me days after I already EXPLAINED why I wasn't taking the job to ask me to further elaborate. Doing so is extremely unprofessional and unless a company is desperate and/or running a scam, they are not going to give a damn once you tell them you aren't taking the job 3 separate times. Any reputable company would say "Well, her loss" and move on to the next new hire.

    P.S. The job actually requires 15-20 appointments a week. I am very attentive when someone speaks to me, especially regarding a new job and that's why I listened to everything that was being said to me, particularly during the webinar. The entire concept of being offered a job allows me the choice of deciding if I WANT the job. And I can tell you with a company of CPP's size, I am not the first person to turn them down. I ABSOLUTELY have a right just like anyone else does to turn down a job and expect the company to respect that and not continue to call me.

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  • Re
    Reb1254 Nov 04, 2011

    I just got hired with this company. It seems odd to me that I filled out the application, but was hesitant to fill out the SS and ID numbers for the background check. I exited the site without completing this, so my application was not complete. It was only a couple of hours later that I received a call from someone saying that they wanted to do an interview for the job. They proceeded to ask interview questions and tell me all about the commissions, bonuses, and medical, dental, vision after so long working with them. Then they said I would most likely be hired and her boss would call me to confirm my information once I finished completing the information. So, I finished the application/background check info. and got a call from some guy who said that I was hired and would receive something in the mail via fedex. He also said that I start training on Mon. It seems odd to me that when I didn't even complete the application they would call and do the interview and then offer me the job. And, it seems odd that they would be so quick to offer me the job, get me into training, and to begin work. I've never seen any other job do that and believe me, I've applied for loads of jobs that are both virtual and in person jobs. I
    Plus, I have found in looking farther into this that others are stating that it is not a good job. I've seen people say they were supposed to have appointments already set up for them, but when they showed up the person they were required to speak with had either not known they were coming or had said no to an appointment. So, I just don't know. I guess I could look over whatever I get in the information package, see what the training is, before I decide against it. I don't know.

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  • An
    Andrey3030 Jun 22, 2012

    if you want more information about certified payment processing visit to learn more.

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  • Sa
    SalesPro2000 Aug 05, 2012

    I will tell you all this job is not for everyone. Only a true professional sale person NOT an order taker will be successful in this business. This company offers an excellent opportunity for small to medium size business to cut their operating cost. Meaning the cost of accepting electronic payments, credit/debit card, checks and gift cards. The problem you will run into is most of these business owners are beat up with people trying to sell them products or services that will save them money but really only cost them money. Thank God Central Payment Processing has a guarantee and puts it all in writing. This protects the business owner as well as CPP. If you don’t believe something research it by reading the fine print. Stop listening to the people that don't know or state the facts, most the time these people don't know what they are talking about. And just so you know leads are never that great and just ment to get you in the door, you still have to sell the product. And remember knowbody wants to be sold but everyone wants to own you just have to show the benifit of owning what you have to offer. Good luck to everyone and remember, if you help enough people get what they want(benifits) you in turn will get the things you want.

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  • Bi
    billy box Dec 11, 2012

    ### thats what they are ...

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  • Cc
    CCR_SCAM Mar 06, 2013

    They are a SCAM, you won't get paid anything like they advertise

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  • Ja
    jacobsonn Jun 11, 2013

    they won't pay you after you've closed the deal!!!

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  • Ca
    Calirose Nov 25, 2014

    Well, I am skeptical, but just applied since it seems to be a legitimate company. Wish me Good Luck! Not quitting my night job, though!

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  • Ja
    james derouen Jun 29, 2015

    James I presently fill out a application with y'all ready for anytime

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