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Certified Acai / Shannon, LLCcharges to credit card account

Certified Acai / Shannon, LLC

I saw the ad on the internet for the "certified acai" in reference to the sediment with Dr. Oz and thought I would order the "free trial" bottle to see how it works... I called and ordered the product on 9/26/09 and their paperwork shows that it was shipped to me on 9/30, but they are telling me that it was shipped on 9/28. Anyway, I called on 10/09 to find out where the product was and I was told that it was to be delivered on 10/10 which is a Saturday... okay, here is where it all begins, I received the package on 10/10 but the deadline to cancel the order was on the same day, 10/10 but they are closed on the weekend so actually I should have cancelled it before I received it. After a very long conversation with their staff (Amanda and do not remember the other's name) they told me that it was my responsibility to call them if I haven't received it in the time that I should have. Also, there is a internet website that you also buy into when getting this product and the fee for this is $24.95 monthly. The bottom line is, I was charged for a product that I did not receive in the time frame that I had for the trial period and also charged for a internet website regardless if I wanted it or not... Bottom line is, I have lost $64.95 for the product and $24.95 for the monthly website access, because I didn't call them to let them know that I hadn't received it... Buyers beware: it is your responsibility to get the product to you instead of the company that you are trying the product from.

Marilyn Elizondo


  • Dr
    drbob11 Nov 04, 2009

    At least you were able to actually get someone on the phone. I called the number [protected]) and got a vmail answer. it said to press 1 for ellen nardale in sales 2 for someone else... and so on... up to the company directory. i called several times and left about 5 messages with everyone on the list all of which never called me. the vmail message said to "TEXT" to [protected] for "faster service" and guess what? it is a phone number for a real estate company in atlanta. she told me they get hundreds of calls from frustrated poeple. i emailed to the email they gave, [email protected] and it is "undeleiverable", oh and by-the-way that is the name of the real state company in atlanta! so they are just scamming your money. i was lucky enough to only be out $2.95 for the original shipment as i called me credit card company and told them about the scam and they cancelled my credit card so these clowns cant charge anything to it. i would suggest you do like i am doing and file a fraud complaint with the US Postal inspections office. they will track them down.

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  • Br
    brewe Nov 24, 2009

    I was shocked to receive the next shipmentand get charged the $64.95 and the website fee of $24.95. I was lucky enough to get a competant person on the line [protected]) who did advise me that they could not accept returns, but would give me a credit of 50% on the product, and $10.00 on the website charge. That's $42.47 back... not too bad, as it does lessen the pain. I agreed to hold off on cancellation for one month (at their request!) which I'm sure was to allow me time to forget I did this. I will call back next week and cancel. However, the rep was cordial and professional, and I have at least some satisfaction, although am out almost $50!

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  • He
    HealthNut009 Nov 24, 2009

    These guys are nothing more then scam artist... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!

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  • Cc
    ccb1212009 Dec 01, 2009

    I can confirm that I experienced exactly the same dishonesty from them as M ELIZONDO noted above. Buyer beware ... these are not people to do business with!

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  • Be
    beenfooled Dec 04, 2009

    The following names are in quotes because they are obviously fake names. I just got off of the phone with "Amanda" and her "supervisor" "Courtney". "Amanda" is the most rude person I have ever dealt with. "Courtney" wasn't as bad but neither of them were willing to work with me at all. This is truly a scam and I am going as far as to have the pills tested to see if they are actually Acai Berry pills. I asked where they were located and "Amanda" said Fort Lyon, Maine zip code of 04112. When I asked her to repeat it she said Portland and spelled it out as P-o-r-t-l-a-n-d. She was obviously lying!!! I have reported this to the BBB and am looking into further actions. I tried to cancel once before and when I called to talk to them about it they stated that I hadn't called because there is no proof on their computers. I want my money back. I'm sure they will change their contact information soon because so many people are getting wise to their scam. Good luck to the rest of you.

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  • Ga
    gary19247 Dec 08, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. Write directly to :

    Office of the Attorney General
    Economic Crimes Unit
    1515 N Flagler Drive Ste 900
    West Palm Beach FL 33401

    Hopefully they'll be put out of business

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  • Ha
    h&T Dec 09, 2009

    Apparently, those who put their Credit Card online for a product do not read the Terms and Conditions and will think it is a scam when they are charged. I love the product! I have had great results!

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  • Ro
    roz213 Dec 09, 2009

    Basically all of you don't know what you are talking about. I called them as I read the terms and conditions like u are supposed to if you order something they went over them with me and the representative chantel was very nice to me. They do not provide last names but they do have id #'s which is standard with many companies. I don't see as to why a person would lie about their first name. they only work for the customer service of the company. They aren't making money off of anyone. I used to work at a call center which is I'm sure what they do as well and there is no commission. Haven't you ever heard of don't shoot the messenger? I'm sure if you had read the terms first you wouldn't feel this way. I canceled the online program with Jennifer, was never billed for it and have gotten my third shipment of the acai and I had to call to change my shipments to January b/c of the holidays. I actually got Jennifer on the phone again and when she pulled up my acct. she knew exactly the last two times I had called. Basically my point is, don't shoot the messenger, READ what you are getting b/c nothing is free and if you feel you were actually "scammed" don't take it out on the people who make probably $10-$15/hr take it out on the people making millions.

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  • Fa
    farwell] Dec 10, 2009

    Why would a company be so desparate that they want to offer a 15 day trial and if you don't like it, you must cancel within 21 days of receipt? What they are counting on are people that don't read the info, forget to call and then they keep your money. Disgusting. Good for you Roz that you love the product. But obviously you are the only one here that is not satisfied with the customer service these low lifes provide. I just spoke with a pleasant person that gave me the corporate address to write...big surprise that its a PO Box right. My "excuse" was I was in the ER one day for chest pains and then under MD orders to not change anything until they could figure out what was wrong with me. Silly me for not thinking about my LOCK IN deal with Acai...I am not finished with this company by a long shot. I intend to get my money back.

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  • Sh
    shamef Dec 11, 2009

    w`ell i am another one, I spoke to 4 different customer service agents trying to resolve this mess. I do agree i got my self into. Their advertisement is miss leading, and not everyone has the time to read the fine print. all but, 1 customer service people were very was Shannon, to which she gave me a address to write too, the Po box 17885, Portland, Maine. i did want to try this product, but when i opened my card statement i fell on the floor.that's when i started calling.they were very heartless. I need that 89.95.for Christmas for the children.i would never had signed on for a life time of B.S.we don't even know if it works. I still want my money back. it is very disgusting, to what people will do for money.We all have family's and bills.we know nothing is free, they could have just hit us up for the $2.95 a person and let us make up our minds.if the product is so good we all would call them .It is a scam, a brain scam, and we fell for it. shame on us for misunderstanding, because they mislead us.BUT, Shame on them for taking us. I do believe what comes around goes around.IF anyone has any information on were we can go from here. LET US KNOW. I AM IN. one more thing that was a little weird the name of the customer service person Shannon----is the name on the bottle on the back Shannon LLC. I HOPE THEY HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS TOO.

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  • No
    nothappyinpa Dec 15, 2009

    I agree with everyone's NEGATIVE comments above. I have two little ones runny and screaming around me, so when I placed the TRIAL order, I intended to try it for 15 days to see if it really worked, but didn't even have time to do that. My envelope is post marked for 12/4/09, I got the package on 12/7/09. I called today and the guy I spoke with told me that my 15 day trial period was up! WHAT!!! He would not put a Supervisor on the phone and said that there was nothing that anyone could do for me. I was not happy and I intend on doing something about this. I agree that this was a scam!!!

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  • Ng
    ngu Dec 17, 2009

    I ran into the same scam. They have charged me $74.90 for something which I don't want and was not told to me before. There is no return policy. This is a big scam.

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  • Ka
    Katrina Doherty Dec 18, 2009

    Anyone interested in being interviewed for a University newspaper regarding Certified Acai or especially the charge for participation in the trial, please contact Katrina at [email protected] I would be very interesting in learning more about your experiences with Acai and including you in an article about the unethical and immoral practices of the corporation.

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  • Me
    meganv web Dec 21, 2009

    same victim. out of &74.90 in total for product i tot i was on trail for. late shipment, which i know they did it on purpose. i am v disppointed to the customer service empolyees. i was v relax and gentle and sounded like they were v angry with their job and getting out of us who is losing money.

    Pls be ware. this is not a free trail. its a payment to your product. AND ITS NOT CHEAP. will it work? i have been taking it for 4 weeks now. No change. i guess it depend on people. meaning it doesnt work on everyone.


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  • Ml
    Mlissabeth Dec 22, 2009

    I ordered the product online today. For the free trial deal. I took my time and read the fine print- Why? Because that's what your supposed to do!

    Now, I'm only just now entering the process of making this purchase. My card has already been charged the $2.95 for shipping and handling and I am monitoring all transactions on that card daily to make sure that nothing crazy happens.

    After I made the purchase, I was called by someone in the customer service department to verify my address and try and talk me into purchasing some other crap deal. I declined and took down the customer service number [protected] from her so that I can further check the progress of my order and any hidden costs.

    After reading these reviews, I called the customer service number and got on the line with a lady named Heather. I asked her about other charges and she informed me that there are charges that will occur if the subscriptions are not canceled within the time frame. I asked her what number I would have to call to cancel these other subscriptions and she said I could call the same number and do that.

    Now, I will admit to being concerned. But at the same time, I'm not ignorant. I know there is a time period and I've set a call back reminder on my phone to notify me of when to make the call so I am in the time limit.

    I can't claim bad business practices because I am just now dealing with them. I have to wait and see how things pan out.

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  • Ce
    Certified Lie Dec 22, 2009

    I guess I don't have have to repeat my story word for word because I too had a bad experience with the staff of "Certified Acai". It's funny because initially when I tried to place my order I had second thoughts about it, and after putting in all of my info in except for my cc# I stopped the process. The next day someone from the company called me to find out why I hadn't finished processing my order & convinced me to try the product anyway. It took almost two weeks for me to receive this order & they told me that I would be billed when I tried to cancel.These people need to be put out of business & for the person that made the comment about reading the ""TERMS & CONDITIONS"" well it doesn't matter if you do or don't, because I did and I was very thorough with the rep that call me back and they still tried to pullthe fast one on me. To add insult to injury the ### doesn't even work. I wonder if Dr. Oz, Oprah, and all the other talk show host who spoke so highly about the product actually tried this self themselves!!! Well I guess for all of us that battle the bulge we need to get on our A-game & EXCERCISE!!!

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  • La
    Lady C Dec 30, 2009

    I agree with this being a BIG scam. I was checking my account balance and saw 2 unknown charges. I called and was told that I could get 50% back for these two amounts, but could not get the whole amount. Then a couple of days later I noticed 3 other charges debited from my account. When I called I was told that I can't get any money back but could get a credit for the next month if I stayed on. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there wasn't anyone I could talk to. I was given a p.o box number and told that I would have to mail in a complaint. They get you to try their "Free Trial", barely give you time for the trial once it does arrive and then they automatically enroll you into crap that you know nothing about. This is some BS.

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  • Ce
    Certified Acia Sucker Dec 31, 2009


    Ditto, I got burned also. Same experience. Missed the very fine print below the authorization button on the web page and off the bottom of the web - couldn't even see it. Then there's the absolute guarantee that if you are not satisfied in any way whatsoever, you wil not be charged, period.

    I also taked to Amanda, then her supervisor, Rachael, who were not interested in assuring my complete satisfaction as perported by the guarantee. They refused to consider any of the above and refused to remove the charges.

    Then I talked with my credit card company, which is a Visa card. I was happy to learn that Visa considers this fraud, plan and simple, since the 'terms and conditions' were not readily apparent. I also learned that Visa's "terms and conditions" with vendors is that vendors will not engage in such misleading practices as a condition of using Visa. The "terms and conditions" must be clear and apparent to the buyer. Hence, Visa considers this fraud and will remove 100% of all charges.

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  • No
    no acai Jan 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Visa is NOT removing any charges and does NOT consider this fraud.

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  • Vm
    V Montgomery Jan 04, 2010

    Another Victim here...did results..they sent me a 30 day supply I sent it back and asked for refund and to cancel further shipments...this was a month ago...I have USPS confirmation they recieved it on 12/9/09...still no refund of I just saw a new charge on my card of 74.9o from 12/31/ they obviously just sent me more...Not sure what to do.

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  • Sp
    spfscam Jan 05, 2010

    I find it funny that all these people refer to themselves as victims. Come on now!! The terms are in plain english and they are agreed to multiple times when ordering the trial. The individual that said not everyone has time to go over the terms, you just should not order. You wouldnt make a buisness deal without a contract and going over it with a fine tooth comb. They are a buisness what do you people think the purpose make money. As for the ones crying because christmas was stolen from there kids, thanks for the laugh. Maybe this sounds heartless but companies have been doing the free trials for years. They are all the same a free trial is followed by product price and usually some sort of auto ship program, this is standard. Of course if you do your job as a consumer and know and understand what you are doing you wont have a problem. I think alot of these people are just looking for a scapegoat for there own shortcommings. Every time I have ordered trials in the past if there was a real issue they always make it right but ill bet if you had people yelling at you for what they do to themselves you would be ornery as well. I bet these individuals make minimum wage or close to it. Funny thing is i got to this site on a ramdom google search, just went to there website read terms and conditions with out any information or placeing an order seems clear to me. 15 days than 64 something in thirty days and thirtydays thereafter its 74 something includeing shipping. 30 day money back only applies to the first trial bottle should a charge occur no return after that. And you get a free trial for live lean something that is 20 something a month should you not cancel. Had no problems finding or reading this info. Im going to blame this on our education system, seems fair to me. People should start putting the blame where it belongs with the individuals that neglect the contract they sign.

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  • Na
    nancy1952 Jan 07, 2010

    I had the same experience as most of you. I did print out the agreement and read it. It is very small print and difficult to decipher. Product arrived late, did not find anywhere where I had a choice on the web site option or I would have declined. However I did call and stayed on until someone answered and I did cancel. I wanted to try the product. I can't say it worked or did not work because I actually lost weight through the holidays without any problem and any change in habits, but I can buy this stuff from the health food store much cheaper. Will wait and see if they deduct from my card again. If so, I will file a complaint.

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  • Ba
    B.A.J. Jan 19, 2010

    Personally, I agree with the complaint. I fully read the "Terms and Conditions" which this company did not uphold and reading it was the only reason I knew my rights. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the product itself since after over 30 days I still had not received it. I went through the on-line offer. The print screen showed all of my correct information, but they transferred my address incorrectly and sent the product to the wrong address, twice, after verifying my correct address with at least 5 different people, Johnkaye, Rob, Jeff and the first few people I talked to who's name I cannot remember. It is common practice for call centers in non U.S. countries working with customers from the U.S. to give an American name. Partly because there are a lot of American's who can't properly pronounce names like Ayi, Jarmo and Khurram. Anyway, I was told a few things; 1. I should go to the post office where it was sent, explain the situation and get the package directly from the post office, (that would be illegal) 2. Be patient and wait for the post office to realize the mistake and get it to me at the right address, (umm seriously?) or 3. wait two more weeks for the product to be returned and reshipped. None of these were acceptable since I would have been charged $64.95 for a product that I had not even received. I spoke with 3 people before one was finally willing to "help" me the first time. He supposedly fixed my address, resent the item and extended my trial offer time, which is an option in "Terms and Conditions" because apparently it happens a lot. After waiting 7 days I called, confirming my address again, and was informed the product was on the way and to please wait one more week. After 15 days from the "reship" date, which was over 30 days past my initial sign up, I called again. I was finally fed up. I have a lot patience. After over an hour and two customer service representatives, again verifying my address with both of them, I repeatedly asked each to transfer me to a manager. I was told numerous times that they could not cancel my membership until I returned the unused portion of the product. Near the end of the second call I asked him to repeat my address, not simply agree with me when I gave it to him. It was still incorrect. How can I return something they keep sending to the wrong address and therefore never receive? It wasn't until I started throwing out legal times like "I am not liable for paying for a product I have never received nor am I bound by a contract which your company has breached, " that I was transferred to that illusive manager to cancel everything. Eventually I received a cancellation number for Certified Acai and was told I would not be charged anything. As for the Live Lean for Life membership... It is clear that there is a subscription for Live Lean for Life membership under paragraph 11 of there "Terms and Conditions" whether you want it or not. However, it is rather underhanded to have NO mention of this membership on the main page. Regardless, I was able to cancel the Live Leave for Life membership without any problems within the first week and was not charged. (Or at least I haven't been charged yet...) There is also an alternative customer service number which I had more "success" with - [protected].

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  • Bi
    BinLaden Jan 30, 2010

    Shut up. You're all lazy. Seriously go to gym. If you think sitting on your ###, using this product and eating everything in front of you is going to help you lose weight you're WRONG! It requires effort and dedication. You have to exercise and eat right. You can't just eat whatever the ### you want and lose weight. IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY YOU [censored] KIDS! So why don't you put down the burgers and the fries and the bonbon's and all those cupcakes and go to the mother ###ing gym.. Seriously as soon as you read something that says "Lose weight by eating whatever you want!" and believe it, you're dumber than George Bush.. You're all lazy people.. That's why your husband left your ###. GET A LIFE. EAT HEALTHY. GO TO THE GYM. TADA!!!

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  • Bo
    BosSkaggs Mar 01, 2010

    Same here!
    Certified Acai Shannon LLC — Unauthorized Charges

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  • Nl
    nlamey Apr 14, 2010


    My Atlanta Home Sales Office # [protected]

    My name is Nicholas LaMey and I do NOT have anything to do with ACAI Products. We are a real estate brokerage. Our company phone number is [protected] and when you call it there is a message to call my call phone at [protected].

    I'm tired of being blamed for all this, if most of you would take the time to look at ACAI'S number before you DIAL! There number begins with 888 (EIGHT-EIGHT-EIGHT). Again, their number is [protected]. NOT [protected].

    Thank you Sincerely,
    Nicholas LaMey
    [protected] (NOT 1-888)

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