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Resolved Tried to turn over my case to a collections agency

I used to run my own business in a space leased in the Westlane Shopping Center in Indianapolis, leased from Centro Properties. I was unable to work after I was involved in an accident, was forced to close my business, and requested termination of the lease. While the lease agreement does not include any termination clauses, I consider the lease agreement incomplete, since it does refer to unavoidable casualty or other event beyond the control of the tenant, but fails to bring this case to a conclusion. The leasing company refused to let me cancel the lease and tried to collect the rent through a collection agency, which is specifically prohibited by their own lease agreement for the kind of situation I am in.

I'd like to say that I was trying to work through this issue with my regular contacts at Centro. I did talk to several people at Centro properties, but it seems like people in this organization change on a regular basis due to high turn-over. I did not get anywhere with them. The only effect was that they tried to turn over my case to a collections agency, although this option is specifically excluded based on their lease agreement. I contacted several vice presidents and senior vize presidents of Centro Properties via email, but was completely ignored. I have also contacted the Attorney General from the state of New York, where Centro Properties is head-quartered, based on advice from the BBB, but I am still waiting for a response.

I am still looking for termination of the lease agreement effective November 1, 2008, and do not hesitate to do everything in my power to defend my rights.

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    against vicious landlord Apr 25, 2011

    I am too a victim of this vicious company. I have been trying to renegotiated my rent but these blood suckers would not care. My business is located in a run down shopping center with 90% vacancies but the rent is ridiculously high. I would not recommend this company to anyone because they do not care about small business owners. I hope they going out of business soon and all the executives are going to hell.

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