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1:32 pm EDT
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Cellular Medics Does not stand behind their return policy

I ordered a digitizer lcd assembly for my iphone 4. After I installed it, There appeared to be a dead spot on the digitizer. This was
confirmed by AT&T store. When I called back CellularMedics to let them know, Dave said he wanted to first verify that it was the problem. I left 4 messages 4 days in a row, no one would return my call. I requested a return authorization per their policy, and again
received no reply.I guess if your from out of state, Im in Pennsylvania, the feel they dont have to honor selling defective parts. This
company will take your money, but dont expect your money back when you find out their parts are worthless.This isnt the last step, i intend to file a civil complaint against the company as well.

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Update by Michael7777a
Jan 23, 2013 2:15 pm EST

This is to recind my complaint with Cellular Medics. Dave was out of town and had a glitch with his messaging system, once he became
aware of the issue, he promptly handled it to my satisfaction. I would absolutely do future business with his company.

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Dave CM Owner
Sanford, US
Oct 04, 2012 10:52 am EDT

Repair scam? Your part is on it's way back to our facility. Upon inspection for physical damage, we are going to refund your purchase price. Dave.

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