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We went on a cruise on 31st March 2017, leaving Miami & going through the Panama Canal, arriving in San Diego on 17th April. On the 2nd day at sea I fell going into the bathroom in our cabin. We had been cruising for 2 days, no announcement had been given to be careful on board. As I went into the bathroom at 7am the ship rolled forward & I fell backwards hitting my back on the handle of the bathroom door, opening it & then fell sideways hitting my left arm on the wardrobe. At this point I passed out. Intially when I became conscious I thought I was unhurt, but then my arm was incredibly painful, so my husband called the room attendant to take to take me the medical centre, where I was x-rayed & told I'd broken my shoulder. At this point I filled in an accident form, I have low blood pressure & faint & assumes this is what happened, but subsequently realized that it was not & revised my statement, but that does not seem to be on record. As I could not understand why my back was so sore. The next day was our 1st port of call, Cartagena, Colombia, where I was sent to hospital, supposedly for MRI scans, but this did not happen, just a further x-ray. The appointment was carried out in Spanish. I was then put in a sling for the duration of the cruise, told to wear it 24/7. Our holiday ended on this 2nd day as I was in so much pain. My husband spent his entire time trying to keep people away from me. Initially no-one from the Cruise ship did anything to help us, it was only talking to a couple at lunch who had been on a number of cruises who spoke to the Hotel Manager on our behalf did anything get done. At this point I could not shower by myself, wash my hair, go to the toilet, even the waiter in the restaurant cut up my food for me. We decided to stay onboard as we thought trying to get back to the UK from the Central American countries we were visiting would have been too hard & there was a medical team onboard. I had tremendous pain in my back & a week after the accident I asked to have an x-ray onboard & was told nothing was wrong. The excursions we booked were not the ones we wanted to do as I was incapable of doing them.

The day we returned to the UK we went straight to our local Accident & Emergency Hospital, to be told not only had I broken my shoulder, but my elbow & fractured a vetebrae in my back. I was told that I should have been in a back brace from day 1, 3 weeks on I was put in a back brace but the consultant said the damage is already done.

8 months on and I am still attending hospital appointments, spinal clinic, fracture clinic, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy & I have been told that my fractured vertebrae will never heal & I am looking at a future with osteoarthritis. I am 55, before this accident I was incredibly fit, I did weights, yoga & ran 5 miles every day, I can do none of that now. I'm very depressed at my appearance & my future.

We spent a lot of money on this cruise, which we saved up for. It was meant to be a holiday of a lifetime, instead its ruined our lives.

I would like some restitution from Celebrity as I feel you were negligent; in not giving a warning of the rough seas, the misdiagnosis of my injuries & general lack of care.

Celebrity Cruise
Celebrity Cruise

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