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My husband has an education loan with a reputable company. He was laid off last fall and I was late with three payments. he got a good job last December and we were able to start paying in February. I called the company and they informed me I was delinquent but not in default. I was still okay to pay. I asked if I could pay a portion right then of $175.00 and the rest of what we owed ($596.00) the next Monday. They agreed. That Saturday I finally answered a call we had been getting from a 1 800 number. It was CCA. The supervisor Jim, was nice to me, and told me my husband had a major education loan out. Mind you the only education loan we know about has a total of about $11, 400. This CCA person told me we owed $36, 965. That is quite a mark up in fees $7, 000, and interest $9, 000. The rest is a mystery in how the principal balance is possibly $19, 000. He insisted I pay $290. a month for 6 months and then I would be in good standing. I kept asking questions trying to find a legitimate loan for at least an hour. I asked for the original paper work also. (It was the same paper work I have for the reputable company.) I said I am paying what I owe (the remaining $596.00)the coming Monday. Then my payments would be back down to $97.00 a month. He had the nerve to tell me that I should be happier to pay $290.00 a month then the $600. the next week. I said no I would not I have the money and wish to pay the company I know I owe. Then he cleverly got me to give him all of my info with the promise that he would not take anything from my account. I said I would pay my bill Monday and as soon as I did that I would tell him not to do anything. I stated numerous times that he did not have my permission to access my account. He said he would not. Well, my last statement to him was that he did not have my permission to access my account or do anything with it. How stupidly trusting I was. Gee, that next week he took $290 from my account with a made up check number. I called furious and he was horrible on the phone. I explained to him that he basically walked up to me on the street and took my purse with $290. in it. He said it was my fault that the money came out of the account. I had to pay the government or they would start garnishing my wages. It was exactly like talking to my abusive ex-husband. (Ex-husband for a reason. My new husband is a great guy.)He said again it was all my fault and that my husband needed to be a man and pay his bills. That and more came out of that CCA supervisor's mouth. I was so upset and probably having flash backs, that I threw the phone down and hung up. Needless to say I have been trying to catch this company through my bank. Twice now they have used the previous made up check number to take $290 out of my account. They made up a new check number this last time. They also told the IRS my husband owes $36, 000 and took $1200 of my portion of the joint tax return. Now I am out $1500. I am of course in good standing with the education loan company. I pay them the $97 each month. I am too emotional to call the CCA people back after the last time. Of course the original loan is an educational loan for my husband. Taken out in 2000. I met him in 2005 and got his finances in order and took care of things. Now I am having money stolen from my account in the name of CCA and the U.S. Education Dept. Again we are in good standing with the loan company I pay and they have no record of this other so called loan. I think CCA phished the loan when I was late for three months and they reeled me in. I own one credit card with a 300 limit(it took a lot for me to do that-I hate credit cards), I pay my bills each month, and recently bought a new house. Amazing how one blankety-blank company can mess so much up. I have lost hours of my time and sleep over this. Admittedly, my husband has yet to send the cease and desist letter and a form to the IRS. He works nights and has been putting in a lot of overtime. Not to mention moving into a newly built home takes up a lot of time. The abusive nature of CCA and their mean methods are more than I can take. I am going to my bank tomorrow to have my wonderful associate there help me try to take care of this. I hope the CCA supervisor will rot in hell.


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    Darl Hunt Oct 21, 2008
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    I am a lifetime member and have not received any magazines, mailings or productss over ten months now. The last thing I received was my pots and pans. Do you have my right mailing address?

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    SLJim39 Jun 24, 2009

    They called today 6 times. They are looking for my son who used my address. I told them a month or so ago that he does not live here and he has no steady place to live, he's will be 23 yrs old in July. I wrote them a letter asking them to quite calling me, I will see how it goes.


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