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Keep getting phone calls from this collection agency about an amount I owe Verizon, I cancelled my service with Verizon on 1/7/09. I called Verizon to ask what it was that I owed and they tell me I don't owe anything, in fact they owe me $12.55 credit for an overpayment. Not sure if this is a SCAM, the CCA people are obnoxious, they don't really care what Verizon is telling me because they have received the account for collection and if I don't want credit score issues, I need to have my credit card # handy next time I call. Any ideas what can be done, I plan on calling the state attorney general here in CA but other than that, any sugegstions would be appreciated?
Thank you

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  • Em
    em_N_em2 Dec 03, 2010

    I have the same problem, they called me saying i had a bad check. They keep calling me and the women threatened me when i asked her to send me something on paper. I already made a police report even though she's saying they are going to have me arrested...ridiculous.

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  • Du
    dustyboots Aug 27, 2010

    CCA is calling me for a debt I already paid...ON TIME. I did not pay this debt late. I have contacted the proper authorities, and sent CCA a certified letter including a photo copy of the original bill sent to me by the company and the cancelled check for the debt, showing that CCA paid for a debt that was not only paid on time, but for the full amount charged.

    As far as I'm concerned, if they bought a debt that was already paid, that's their sloppiness and their problem. The person with my state's AG's office has told me they are working on my issue, thankfully.


    It IS illegal in some states, for a debt collection agency to repeatedly call a wrong number after they have been verbally informed--especially more than once-- that is it not the correct number.

    This is called harassment and if it crosses over state lines, it could be construed as a federal offense.

    Always check your state and federal regulations regarding collections calls. I had 2 weeks formal training in regards to legal responsiblities for colllections, as I worked as both a telemarketer and a debt collector. There ARE federal and state rules that collection agencies DO have to follow!

    In certain circumstances you CAN sue a collection agency. Don't let anyone on here tell you that you can't.

    Debt collectors do NOT have ANY legal grounds to:

    Harass you or anyone around you, on the telephone, or verbally or physically threaten you, OR swear at you. This is illegal and in some circumstances you may be able to, not only sue the company, but in some cases also criminally prosecute the agent doing the threatening. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise, trust me.

    Last year, some lawyer working out of Buffalo, NY area called me me looking for my sister, claiming to be a police officer working on a criminal investigation. Turned out he was collecting some debt she owed. This lawyer is stupid and actually committed a crime, and consequentially may eventually be prosecuted, sued, and lose his right to practice law in the state. AT NO TIME can a debt collector EVER tell you they are someone they are not. It is a CRIME in some states.

    A collection agency (or telemarketer) DOES NOT have the legal right to repeatedly call you, or, to call you back right after you've hung up on them. Period. Full stop. Again, this is legally considered harrassment.

    They cannot EVER ignore your denial of debt.


    Debt collectors can ONLY call, during the hours of 8am and 9pm.

    When you speak to an agent, you have a right to receive, IN WRITING, within 5 DAYS, a letter telling you: the amount you owe, the name of your creditor whom you originally owed the debt to, plus INSTRUCTIONS for disputing the debt.


    Any debt that is more than 7 years old CANNOT be reported to a credit agency.

    If there is a dispute over the debt, AFTER you receive your written notice, you only have a 30 DAY window in which to contact the collection agency.

    The thing is, after you ask for this written verification, the debt collector MAY NOT contact you again, until you it, or the client sends you proof of the debt.

    The collection agency also MAY NOT ask for, nor speak with, anyone but the person or spouse of the person, whose name is attached to the debt. They MAY NOT tell anyone--including your employer--about your debt.

    Should an agency agree that a debtor's account is not yours, they SHOULD respond with a letter...always ask them to send you verification of every action they take, and retain it for your records. They cannot legally refuse any such reasonable requests.

    If you do owe the debt, you have a right to request a payment plan. The agency does not have to accept your request, however...yet even then, get the name or agent number of the person you talked to, as well as noting the day and time. Almost all agencies record their agents phone calls and activities. If they do allow you to work out some sort of payment arrangements, make sure you get that agreement in WRITING within the specified time period.

    When you do make a payment or settle a debt, always write on the back of the check specifically what the payment is for.

    SOME states do allow you to legally record phone calls by collection agencies. Check with your own state's consumer protection agency or attorney general's office for more information. However, you sometimes are also required to let the other person or persons on the other end, know that they are being recorded.

    If you're not able to resolve issues with the credit agnency, address your complaint(s) not only to your Attorney General's office, but also to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), either in writing, or through their website.


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  • Fe
    fedup1985 Aug 17, 2010

    I feel what a lot of people are saying here, and you must be informed as many have said. Knowing your rights is the first step. Now I have received harassing phone calls from CCA. The guy wouldn't even let me speak. I would answer his question and then he would just cut me off in the middle of my sentence. Then without being willing to work out an arrangement said I was going to be sued if I don't pay $4, 000 in 15 days. The was the first phone call I received from this company. So yes the collectors are rude.

    Before. Anyone goes off on how I'm a dead beat who didn't pay my bills, know my story. I incurred the bill while being in college its a student loan. I did not finish because I couldn't pay for my last semester even though I worked two jobs and went to class. I did not fail out or lose my scholarships. They just weren't enough to pay for me to finish. I contintued to work, but still didn't make enough money to pay all bills and survive. I had to choose food and shelter or school bills. I refuse to be working and homeless. For all you creditors who believe they should be paid first can well "you know." I even had one creditor say I should pay them instead of my gas a light bill.

    I don't own a car, house, nothing because I can't afford it and don't want a new expense. I closed any open credit cards, and now that I finally have a decent job, Im working on setting up payments. Yet, even with that effort, some creditors such as CCA don't care about you. They just want they quota, and will do anything to try to get money. I'm willing to work with people but I will not work with rude loud mouths who threats litigations. Sorry, all he did was piss me off. I'm in the process of filing a compliant with the attorney general as we speak, and gripe all you want about it. I did atleast try to make payment arrangement but they were refused. Furthermore the guy wouldn't give me a number or an address. I had to find out from the bank who sold it to them.

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  • Fe
    fedup with CCA Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not owe Cingular/AT & T any money. I am not the person CCA is looking for. I have tried being nice and asking them to remove my phone number from their database explaining that no one by that name is at this number. They keep calling back...for 4 months now. Doesn't matter who I talk to, I am always promised my phone number will be removed. Now, having been totally fed-up with them, I complained to the FCC, the FTC & the Ohio Attorney General's Office. I suggest that others follow through with the same path.

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  • Pi
    pigglywigglys Mar 21, 2010

    I wanted to update my comment to let everyone know that there is a process to submit complaints through the DA's Office for businesses such as CCA. I contacted my local DA's office and was directed to their website, downloaded their complaint form, completed and mailed the form and within a few weeks, was contacted by the DA's Consumer Complaints Division, who called to let me know that they were investigating my case. Within another few weeks, I received a copy of the letter that CCA wrote to the DA's office, apologizing for their employees’ action. The letter from CCA provided both a name and phone number for questions, so I contacted CCA and they also apologized to me for their employees’ behavior. Since that time, I have received no further calls and would encourage anyone who has been harassed by this company to follow-up with their DA's office, as well. So, you see, I did not "lie through my teeth, " because I had no reason to do so. My post was an attempt to help others, not to demean others. Best of luck to you all!

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  • An
    Anonymoosey Mar 21, 2010

    Please, if these people are harrasing you then visit and find out how you can put an end to their abusive behavior. Many collection agencies will violate the law continuously until they are threatened. Know your rights! You have MANY! Make the collection agencies and junk debt buyers play by the rules!!! Believe me, they WON'T. Do yourself a favor, get informed.

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  • Km
    KMA_ Mar 05, 2010

    Turns out in my situation - AT&T bought Cingular. That month we told AT&T to stuff it. We never wanted to do business with AT&T, and when they bought Cingular they lost me as a customer because I have the right to refuse to dish out my money to a company I never wanted to have dealings with. They sold my debt to a company that threatened me with a personal visit and punch to the face. Seems I never could prove this because I don't normally start a tape recorder everytime I pick up the phone and the guy never told me who he was - I wonder why?

    Since I never signed a contract with AT&T and they tried to change the rules of my contracted service I told them good luck in court and to stop all efforts to collect from me without taking it to court as I dispute it. They never in 4 years have tried to sue me because they know they don't have a leg to stand on. Turns out in my state, only the person I owed the monies to can sue me. Guess they can just keep phoning me until the statute of limitations puts me into the drivers seat and I'm finally able to hound them for harassment since after all, they refuse to take it to court as I suggested they do or drop the matter because they know I am correct.

    They try everything under the sun in terms of low tactics to pressure you into believing their BS stories and blackmail you into paying. Credit bureaus are nothing more than extortion rings in my eyes and since I am a cash guy now, credit ratings mean absolutely nothing to me.

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  • Ac
    acollector Nov 07, 2009

    ok im going to try to set some of you straight. although many of you will not care.
    first off to the woman who's ex owes and not her? if he uses your phone number on his subscriptions or bills, then how do you get off blaming the agencies for trying a valid past residence? By the way if the debt was incurred while you both were married then you may indeed be responsible for the debt. ( depends on your state) By the way, when the agency contacted you about the debt, why didnt you simply say, " that person does not live here this is not his number and i have no relation to the person." if you did so you would be removed from the list. But im sure instead you probably yelled about being contacted for your Ex's debt etc . Please use your brain. if you have no relationship to the debtor, then you have no right to know anything about the debt. Its like opening his mail, if you arent him, youre breaking the privacy laws.
    Oh and JBAbass your right to a degree. you can send a cease and desist letter to the agency, and ( by the way cca's address is right on the website) if you send a cease and desist letter to a collection agency please be sure to be ready, legally. When you do so, you speed up all collection activity to the legal option, you automatically trigger lawyers to start court filings against you. If you think a collection agency is tough, try dealing with a judge, suffice it to say you will lose. ( unless some weird circumstancee surrounds your account )
    Now, you can ask that you not be contacted at work by phone. Its not a problem and very common, however, be prepared again this speeds up your collection, so there are a lot of confused people who cannot be called at work, but agencies do call and talk with your employer to garnish your wages. you think its tough being called. Have fun explaining your debt avoidance to your boss etc.
    Azcats- I have collected many a debt and not once have i collected a debt from someone who didnt own that debt. sure parents have paid for daughters and sons etc. especially in college students cases or military deployments etc. but in no way would you collect from someone who has nothing to do with the person. 80% of the time like you? simply put, you are so wrong its laughable.
    now pigglywigglys, youre lying through your teeth. threatning a collector with callign the DA is a joke, District attorneys are not exactly readily available for you to talk to first off. second they know the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), better than you do, obviously and will tell you how to correctly handle a collections matter.
    You see when someone is called if your not the person we are looking for 99% of people simply say, sorry you have the wrong number, and we will try to veriofy if you indeed are the correct person, now by saying, "and dont call me again" and hanging up, you lose all credibility, because no person without something to hide would be so upset over a wrong number. Secondly you say you recieved a call at 7:15pm california time? too bad cca is in massachusetts and close at 9 pm eastern time, without exception. so obviously you have some other issues. And by the way, i have heard thousands of collection calls. and ive never once heard a collection agent threaten a debtor. id like to know what kind of threats could be made anyway?? pay me or i'll you again? i mean comon. now if you'd truly like to know, every day collectors are threatened with bodily harm, called more names than youve ever heard . i have actually had church deacons swear more profusely than a truckdriver high on crank.
    people will say anything to get out of a debt.
    AMB- because someone makes a few typos, suddenly they are no longer intelligent? so you berate them for berating someone else? Please look up Hypocrite, oh you probably already know the definition right.
    by the way i am a horrible typist due to my arthritis, so enjoy the mistakes.
    Now for ChrisJayRoe- you might not understand something. Verizon sells these debts. So if they sold phone number one to CCA and you settled that debt. Thats fine. But Verizon would then sell CCA the second phone Debt, etc. get it? a debt is a debt you dont get out of it just because it is conveinient for you. By the way setling a debt still shows on your credit report. Thought you might like to know.

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  • Ch
    chris jayroe Oct 23, 2009

    I too have a prob w/CCA. In april 09 I settled a debt with them, for VERIZON and thought it was over. Igot a call yesturday that I owed $900.00 ! What it boiled down to was they are trying to collect on the 2nd phone on the same account. I informed them that this debt was settled and that I settled with them on the entire amount on my account. They are stating that the 2nd phone on the same account is another debt. ARE YOU KIDDING ? I for one will ignore them from now on seeing as I have a conformation number and a letter from them stating that the account was closed. CJ

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  • Az
    azcats Oct 18, 2009

    By Federal Trade Commission laws, you must either tell them over the phone (if no address can be found or they won't give you an address) or in writing to stop calling you at work. They then have to stop calling you at that phone number. If they continue that is classified as harrassment. They are not allowed by law to threaten you in any way shape or form to collect on a debt. (That is illegal). Also they are not allowed by law to contact someone other than the person the debt belongs to in regards to the debt. (That is also illegal). They are not allowed to leave messages with a reference number or account number for said debt, other than the person who owes the debt.
    If they leave messages with acct.# on your voice mail for someone who does not live with you or you don't know who they are, you need to call the collection agency & tell them to stop calling you. If they do not that is harrassment. File a complaint with the FCC or the Federal Trade Commission or with your state attorney general's office. Or all three.
    In my case CCA is trying to collect a debt from my ex of over 20 years ago. I have called them to stop calling me, which they did for about a year & now they are back harrassing me for his debt. I will be filing complaints with the appropriate authorities to put a stop to these people. I should not have to worry about which phone calls to answer & which ones not to. Obviously, they can't get him to pay for his debts so they are going to try & see if I will pay for his debts. Not!!!
    Collection agencies don't care who pays for the debt so long as it gets paid. There was a special report on CBS Nightly News in regards to the collection agencies in the country. That they will say anything to get you to pay for these debts whether they belong to you or not. And they will go so far as to threaten you, to get you pay for them. Most people in this country don't know the laws that govern these agencies & so the collection agencies will use whatever they can to get these unpaid debts paid. Knowing fully well that the debt doesn't belong to the people they are calling about 80% of the time. Their not about to waste time trying to find the person the debt belongs to when they have an easy ready to use phone number at hand. Even though your phone number is on a Do Not Call List, that doesn't mean anything. The phone companies sell those phone numbers to whomever wants to pay for them. Businesses with a ligitimate business license can buy these books that has everyone in the country's phone number in it. And that includes cell phone numbers too.
    So just file a complaint with the proper authorities. The new state laws on unsolicitated phone calls applies to telemarketers not collection agencies. The only other alternative is to get enough people together who have been harrassed by this agency & file a class-action lawsuit.

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  • Am
    AMB925 Sep 30, 2009

    I understand the need for CCA to defend themselves on these issues. I do not understand their need to be condescending in the above explaination of the law regarding debt collection. I have been paying a debt through CCA and actually have had no trouble with dealing with them, however, my opinion has drastically changed after reading the comments by dasomeoneya. Dasomeoneya mentioned the height of ignorance but cannot spell "regards" or "switch" or use "know" and "now" properly in a sentence. If you wish to defend yourself, that is your right...but do not call someone else ignorant when you have the education of a 3rd grader.

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  • Pa
    payyourbill781 Sep 21, 2009

    stop being a bum, pay your bills and you wont get the calls. 781

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  • Pi
    pigglywigglys Aug 26, 2009

    I live in California and I just received a phone call (7:15pm) from CCA, asking to speak to someone with my former married name and I have been divorced for over 20 years. I have an unlisted phone number, am on the do not call list and have never done business with CCA. I explained that I was not the person they were looking for, that the person they were looking for did not live in my home and asked that they not call me again. The caller then asked if I lived at some address in another city, in which I said no. I again asked that they not call me again. The caller told me that I would continue to receive these calls until I took care of my debt, at which point I said goodbye and hung up the phone. The caller called back 4 more times in a row and when I told her that I would be contacting the District Attorney's office to file a complaint in the morning, she stopped calling me. I had planned to write a letter directly to CCA, requesting that they no longer contact me, but since there is no mailing address for CCA on their website, and the caller refused to provide me with a mailing address, I expect I will just have to leave that up to the DA's office. I suggest you all do the same.

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  • Jb
    jbabass Jul 24, 2009

    note: by say, i mean, by writing a letter. Of course nothing anyone says over the phone will count.

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  • Jb
    jbabass Jul 24, 2009

    >>To think you can send a letter demanding you not be contacted about a debt is the height of ignorance.

    Actually, it isn't. They have to stop contacting you about the debt if you tell them to. Of course, the collection agency can then sue in court, if they desire. But once the person says to stop contacting them, they have to stop.

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  • Da
    dasomeoneya Jul 24, 2009

    okay first off to EKH credit reporting agencies, experian equifax, etc do not validate debts, so you may want to check you sources. If you wish to dispute a debt you do so with the collection agency by writing a letter within 30 days of the first contact to you about the debt.
    Now second in reghards to verizon, CCA bought the debt from verizon, so caling verizon is useless they have been paid for your debt by CCA which you know owe. To think you can send a letter demanding you not be contacted about a debt is the height of ignorance. maybe you could buy a car then calll the dealer and tell him not to contact you on the bill. You need to do a lot of rersearch.

    Now sierramuse, when they call, do not request they your number be removed as this is not a telemarketer and the laws do not require colection agencies to do so. Just calmly say im sorry that person is no one i know of and ive had this number for 4 years and do not know anything about the person you are looking for. They will then stop calling.

    Next JerryKramer- it is not illegal to call you at work. in fact it is totally legal. and if you switched phone service during a month as you say then you swiotched wrong. you have to wait until the month AFTER your subscripton ends to switch. And of course the company will stop at nothing to collect thats how they get paid.

    annoyed2009, please call before 9 pm eastern time or between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm eastern mon -thu or 8 am to 5 pm fridays and you will have no problems talking to someone.

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  • An
    annoyed2009 Jul 13, 2009

    They keep calling my work phone for some one else. they leave a number to call. I call it and it just rings. How do I get a hold of these people so they will leave me alone. I'm to busy to be playing these games

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  • Je
    JerryKramer Jul 08, 2009

    I keep getting calls for the samething - Verizon. CCA collections. They called my work and harrassed me there, which is illegal. Verizon tried to renew my contract when I switched to ATT. I made the proper switch, during the proper month. All I can say is this company will stop at nothing to collect!

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  • Si
    sierramuse8 Apr 30, 2009

    I keep getting calls from this collection agency for someone else!! They obviously have the wrong number but even though I have requested it be removed, they still keep calling me. I have had my number for about 4 years and pay through my university and have never been late. I believe her number is 9979 and mine is 0979, but instead of fixing the error, they just keep calling.

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  • Ek
    EKH Apr 22, 2009

    I am experiencing the same issue with this company about a verizon debt. I went online to the three major credit reporting agencies and requested them to validate this debt. They of course could not, and this was item was deleted from my credit reports. You can do this all for free online. Quick and easy! The agency just tried calling me again in regards to this debt, after it had been proven false, so I guess I'll have to send them a certified letter stating that they may not call or contact me regarding this debt. This is your right by law. JERKS!!

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