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Cay Boutique Complaints & Reviews

Cay Boutique / personalized towels

Evelyn Amaya on Oct 1, 2018

Ordered personalized 5 personalized towels in Decemeber of 2017 and never received anything. First couple of months in 2018 the website was still active saying that it was undergoing maintenance and that any orders placed would take longer to complete. Contacted Groupon about this with...

Cay Boutique / embroidered stockings

AWade on Apr 9, 2018

This business is a scam! I ordered stockings through Groupon back in September 2017 to have for my son's first Christmas. Here it is April 2018 and I have yet to receive my product or any tracking number. I have contacted Groupon who miraculously got in touch with someone with thi...

Cay Boutique / personalized embroidered bath/beach towels

Bansari Shah on Apr 2, 2018

I am just trying to get a hold of someone to ask what is the realistic timeline for me to expect my towel. I ordered a Personalized Embroidered Bath/Beach Towels from Cay Boutique. Ordered: September 2017 (it is April 2018) I bought it using Groupon, but have not received my item nor have I...

Cay Boutique / order fulfillment

Kayla Cabral on Mar 26, 2018

I ordered custom bath towels, 4 of them, and was charged $43.95. This was in November of 2015. They were supposed to be Christmas gifts. I emailed the company, they told me they were backed up due to overflow of orders. A few months go by, I emailed again. This time, no response. I wrote a...

Cay Boutique / personalized towels

junemueller on Mar 24, 2018

CayBoutique Order #7317 Thank you for your purchase! Hi June, this is a confirmation that we have received your order. Please, be advised, our current processing time is about 10-16 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with the...

Cay Boutique / I ordered monogrammed towels on sept 15, 2017 and still have not received any merchandise

beachlover1218 on Dec 21, 2017

9/15/17 I ordered towels using a Groupon . These were for my bridesmaids. I have tried contacting (no phone number) thru an email several times to Cay to see where my merchandise was but each time I receive the same standard letter saying they will arrive in 5-7 days. I want my shipping...

Cay Boutique / monogrammed towels


I placed an order thru Groupon for Monogrammed towels on October 13, 2017 and still have no merchandise on December 8, 2017. Contacted CAY BOUTIQUE several times and no response (I have kept all my e mails), Contacted Groupon 3x's and they have answered once. Still no product. I have e...

Cay Boutique / not receiving merchandise

Tekeisha on Dec 5, 2017

I have been bamboozled like the rest of you. I purchased a Groupon and ordered my towels from Cay Boutique on October 1, 2017. It is Dec. 5th and I have not heard anything from them since my confirmation email. I have sent two emails to no avail. There is no customer service number. I have...

Cay Boutique / personalized stockings

PennyTR on Dec 4, 2017

I placed an order through Groupon and purchased with this company on October 7th, 2017. It is now December 4th and still nothing. Also tried to contact Groupon (who is just as useless) and the company with no help, or no response. Don't order from Groupon for this site. ITS A FRAUD. They...

Cay Boutique / monogrammed towels

Jme94 on Dec 1, 2017

I ordered towels months ago through Groupon and I have received nothing! Emailed the company many times no response!! Worst company ever. I wish I would have looked up their reviews prior to buying the groupon! This company should be removed from any type of Groupon or Living Social page...

Cay Boutique / personalized towels never received

Amanda Camp on Nov 27, 2017

I ordered off Groupon and placed my order with Cay Boutique on 9/27/17. I've emailed the company on 4 different occasions with no response. There is no address or phone number listed on the company website. These towels were supposed to be Christmas gifts for my children and nieces and...

Cay Boutique / wedding towels

vdetoto on Nov 27, 2017

I saw these personalized bride and groom towels and thought they would make a great wedding gift for my girlfriend. So I purchased the living social deal and ordered these towels on 10/5/17. I have heard nothing from the company as to status. I have an order number, it is 8129. These towel...

Cay Boutique / 3 personalized christmas stocking 18"

Judith R. on Nov 21, 2017

I ordered this item in October the 19th of 2017 it is now November 21st 2017 and I have yet to receive my product I haven't gotten a tracking number to even track my item. I completely wasted my money and worst then that I'm just super disappointed I was so excited to get theses since thi...

Cay Boutique / embroidered towel ordered through groupon in june 2017

ElizabethZ on Nov 19, 2017

I like several of the other complaints on here, ordered a towel from Cay Boutique in June and have not received it. I received one email from them with a order confirmation in June and then another one in July with an apology that the order was delayed but would be received soon. There ha...

Cay Boutique / embroidered towels

Tgonza on Nov 15, 2017

I purchased embroidered towels on Groupon back in Dec 2016 and still have not received. They were ordered as a gift for my nephew and his family which they have just recently moved out of state. This Company will not return emails and there is not phone listed anywhere on there website...

Cay Boutique / embroidered towels

Faycee on Oct 29, 2017

I order four towels from Groupon, one for my son and three for my grandchildren, I called Groupon To informed them that I have not yet received my towels, they told me should contact Cay Boutique. I was trying to locate a number to call them and could not find one just an email address. I...

Cay Boutique / personalized beach towels

Haneefah Sutton on Jul 25, 2017

I purchased a Groupon voucher for 2 personalized beach towels from this company on May 26, 2017. I also paid an additional shipping and handling fee of $8.15 when placing my order on Cay Boutique website. However, today is July 25, 2017 and I have yet to receive my merchandise. I emailed...

Cay Boutique / personalized pillowcases

Eileen Pierce Steuer on Jun 4, 2017

Ordered through Groupon, a few days later I received an email from Cays telling me my order was cancelled (by me, which it was NOT). I was also charged an additional shipping fee after my Groupon $. Asked for confirmation of a cancellation - never provided. Now I read complaint after...

Cay Boutique / Personalized Towels/ Groupon Coupon

Triciarb28 on May 10, 2017

I placed two orders to Cay Boutique on December 11, 2017 for personalized embroidered towels, through an offer from Groupon. The money was immediately deducted from my account from both Groupon and from Cay Boutique (shipping and handling). I received a confirmation number that day for... / personalized bride/groom towels

Pavitra Sarala on Apr 12, 2017

I ordered the bride and groom towels through a living social deal for $4.99 in september 2016 - 7 months ago. I got some sort of "sorry, we're behind processing orders, give us 3 weeks to catch up, pinky promise" email afterward and then never heard from them again. I eventually left a...