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Service for my a/c was coordinated by my warranty company. Caviness scheduled me for a Wed. I took off from work to be there. By 2pm I had not heard from them so I called. They claimed i wasn't scheduled for Wed but Fri. So I wasted a day off from work. Now today (FRIDAY) I'm waiting for them to come. Again I took off from work to get my AC fixed. By 2 pm still no word so I called my warranty company. While on hold they called Caviness and confirmed i was on schedule that they would be here today by 6pm. Less than 5 min after hanging up, Caviness calls and said they made a mistake and put me down for Last month instead of This month. I told her not my fault, explained my 2 days of missed work and that I needed someone to come today. She told me it was not her fault but nobody could get to me today. I'd have to wait until next week. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! No way will I give them a dime. I will never do business with them and advise you to steer clear as well...especially after seeing all the other complaints!


They do not answer their phone. When I had them out the 1st time, they "fixed" my ac unit and "ordered" a new thermostat. They stated that the thermostat would come in in a few days. 3 weeks later, still no thermostat. I had to place a reorder with my home warranty company. the following week, they came out with the "ordered" thermostat, which was wrong. They proceeded to go to the local home depot to buy my new thermostat which took about an hour. Why did I have to wait almost a month to get my ac working properly?
Now, 2 months after the initial call, my ac is again not working. It appears to be the same problem; the fan in the unit doesn't come on. Again, they are not answering their phone. If I pick another company, it will cost me another fee, so we're going to see if they will right the situation this time.

They are now on my list of service refusals and hopefully will be on yours now too!

  • Sh
    shirley burkhead Mar 11, 2009

    i had caviness mechanical service out to my home and i had no problems they repaiped my heat pump system and up graded my humidifier to a april aire 600 for 400.00 dollars i was very pleased and they were very professional

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  • Ma
    matt Jun 02, 2009

    Yes they suck.. do not do any service with them.. the owner is a rip off and pays his men u nder the table.. im actually calling the IRS.. do not do any work with them.

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  • Ma
    matt Jun 02, 2009

    shirley you could have bought that aprilaire humidifier at lowes for 150.. they gotcha! They work out of the home and the wife sits on her butt all day long i swear.. peek in the window.. and peek 4 hours later .. she hasnt moved .. maybe stop eating all those bon bons !!

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  • Da
    Daisy217713 Dec 07, 2009

    Is this guy Bitter about something? How crazy does he sound? Peeking in windows, get real, better yet get a life. I had CMS out for a service call just a few days ago. The service was exceptional, the service guy fixed my furnace and I would reccomened them to anyone in need of a heating and cooling company.

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  • Bm
    Bmoreorbust May 12, 2010

    Very bad service. The first appointment had to be rescheduled because the worker noticed his truck didn't have a ladder that day. Wow, not show up to a job when job description clearly stated wall A/C unit on third floor. Then on the install day, they called at the end of appointment window and cancelled on me. It's get better...they haven't shown up again! This time they said they scheduled me for a completely different day then originally agreed upon. Awful organization!

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  • Be
    Betsy1550 Jun 24, 2010

    They are horrific!!! I have had them out 4 times. They said we need a new unit for our attic and today they were supposed to replace it but when they showed up they saw the unit was in the attic and refused to do it. Now they won't put us back on the schedule till Tuesday (5 days away)!!! They also NEVER answer their phone! Never allow them in your house or the work will take FOREVER!!! I am also reporting them to BBB and recommend any other people who have had problems to do the same.

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  • K1
    K10baltimore Aug 08, 2011

    I'm using this company through my home warranty company and have been screwed over so many times. They fixed the AC unit the first time it broke within about 5 days, seems a little crappy but not too bad. Until 5 Days later it breaks again. They came out within 2 days, had to order a part, didn't mention it wouldn't be in for a whole week, then they "canceled" it because the home warranty didn't approve it because the part was written up as "trashed". I had to get a second opinion through the warranty which took another 5 days, they said it was normal wear and tear, the warranty company resubmitted it back to CMS who had to "diagnose" the problem (that they had already ordered and canceled a part for) the said they couldn't get the part, would have it welded within 2 days and when i called back they gave me a different date, said the guy was welding it himself. It's been three weeks in record high temperatures and still no resolution. It's only that much more frustrating that the girl on the phone can't answer a single question and when you ask a technician or anyone else to call you, you never get a call back, even when they promise to keep you updated when they're onsite. Judging by the above I wouldn't have even gotten any better service if I was paying them outright instead of through the warranty!! Awful, worst experience I've ever had with a service company, with or without the home warranty.

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  • Jb
    JB Rozo Jul 05, 2013

    Stay clear from this vendor! After taking my $75 service fee, I never heard anything back from them. I had to initiate all phone calls between them and American Home Shield-which I wouldn't recommend either. It was a 3 day fiasco of frustration. They couldn't accomplish a single diagnostic paperwork for authorization. NOTHING was accomplished - NOTHING!

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  • Ja
    jason robert Jul 15, 2013

    This company is absolutely horrible! They do not answer the phone or show up when there is an appointment scheduled. I had the same problem with them not sending over a diagnosis to AHS. They are the worst company ever to deal with and come up with a different story every time they are called. All of them are liars!

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  • Ve
    Vexed Customer Sep 20, 2013

    This contractor is horrible. I agree with the above complaints. They do not answer their calls and the mailbox is always full so you can't leave a message. The ONLY reason I used them was because it was through the home warranty. They "fixed" my AC unit by taking out a bad sequencer. They said they were going to order the part and come back out. In that time frame, after 4 months of hearing nothing, I called the warranty company. The contractor said they returned the part because they couldn't reach me. I guess it must be true. If you don't make an attempt to call a customers, they can be hard to reach! So they told the warranty company they were ordering a new part. After 3 weeks, still no word. I called to complain to the warranty company who finally setup another appointment. It's funny how the warranty company was able to reach me but the contractor couldn't. These are the WORST most unprofessional people I've ever worked with! I will be surprised if they actually know how to fix anything!

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  • Su
    sunnydfsu Jan 28, 2014

    Poor customer service and work, resulted in possible fire to my house Initial contact with company was great, felt like I was in great hands. They installed in my new AC unit. Never received warranty information or manufacturer book, called 7-10 times requesting this information before being told I can get it myself on the internet. It comes in the box the HVAC came in, so this is just a lack of responsibility on their part. I am using a warranty company, so maybe that's why they don't care. 2 months or so went by, and the heat comes on. Here and there I smelled rotting fish. The owner and one of the guys who installed the unit came and didn't smell anything, when it clearly was smelling. They left, and it got worse! 2 days later I had another HVAC man come and look at my system, the smell was beyond horrible. He went straight to the the unit, and the heater breaker box was SMOKING!!! Open it and it was sizzling and melting. Had he not been there, or myself not home, my house might have caught on fire!!! When I called Mike with Caviness, he told me they didn't do electrical work, which is a lie. They had to disconnect the wires and reconnect with the new system. I've had 2 HVAC men come and look at the unit, and they both confirmed, as well as a fireman I know, that it was faulty workmanship because the wires weren't tightened. Dave, the owner, told me he'd call me back in an hour on 12/31/13, and today is 1/28/14, and still no call. I had an electrician come out on 1/2/14 and he called Dave, again he told the electrician he'd call me next day. This is not how you do business! I'm beyond disappointed that they know they have done wrong, blew me off, and could have done serious damage to my house. The entire situation is ridiculous! I'm simply complaining here, to make notice of the work they do, and their customer service, or lack there of!

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