Catos / employees

1 Brewton, AL, United States

We arrived at the store at 9:55 and noticed the location did not open until 10:00. We waited and then walked back to the door to see the employee standing there watching us (me and my daughter and her friend). At 10:03 the employee slowly walked to the door and as she got closer I said through the window "don't you open at 10?" She pointed at her coworker who was getting out of her car holding food in her hand from whataburger that she was eating on. The worker in the store unlocked the door for the other employee and when she walked in I was behind her and the one who opened the door said "they've been out here pulling on the door" and the other employee with the food in her hand said "I don't care" as she was walking away. I was there to get a graduation dress for my daughter and these girls was so rude. I told them I'm not dealing with this kind of service and the one who opened the door said "I don't care"! This should not be acceptable! There was another customer walking in at the same time! My name is Donna and my phone number is [protected] and my email is donna.[protected] I will let people know about my experience if something is not done!

May 21, 2019

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