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P Aug 02, 2019

I had sent an email over a month ago requesting that your company rethink, and remove the camping t shirt, that reads, "camping... When people spend a ton of money to live like a homeless person"
This is atrocious. Have you or any of your family ever been homeless? I'm surmising not.
This is cruel, heartless and ignorant to an ever increasing problem here in our country.
I have never gotten a reply to my concern, and still see the item available. I have reached out to as many friends, family and neighbors as I could to ask them to refrain from purchasing anything from your catalog.

What kind of company would approve of, and encourage this mindset?
Are you donating any portion of the sale of this shirt to help those who are homeless? I think I already know the answer to this question.

I strongly implore you, to reconsider the sale of this item. Have a conscience, and remove this t shirt.
I can even supply you with another to replace it with, for all the camping fans we have!
"camping... When a person decides to take a vacation off the grid (lock)!"

I would expect to receive a response to this email in a reasonable period of time.
With so much negativity in our world, will you be able to take the high road and make the right decision?
Offering a product that you profit from the misfortune of others, seems to me a terrible business practice, morally and ethically, unacceptable.

Respectfully, (though hard to be),
Patricia lyver
Former customer

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