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Cash4Gold buys gold, silver and platinum primarily from jewelry.

Cash4Gold Complaints & Reviews

Cash4Gold / want my package back!!!

Sherrie Shatley on Jun 12, 2017
On or about mid-march of 2017, I entrusted my gold, silver n diamond ring to cash4gold for a reasonable amt cash offer. As I had used this service once before, years ago, had been satisfied with the results (Cash). After no response by april 14, I inquired of the company as to why. The...

Cash4Gold / never recived money or jewely back

harriet dsouza on Jul 27, 2012
i sent gold jewelry to cash4gold in pompano beach Florida, i spoke to a lady and she said the at they received my package and the at she quoted me a price and told me my check was on its way and i should get it on Tues of thee 17the of July 2012 or on wed 18the July 2012 and on thee 20the...

Cash4Gold / don't use them

Angie on Nov 29, 2011
I sent jewelry including a 14k bracelet my grandmother had brought me from Spain. It alone was over 1 0z as well 2 other bracelets, 2 rings, and 2 charms. I received a check for $157.87. I want my jewerly back! There is a strict 10day return policy.. Mail delivery was almost stopped...

Cash4Gold / their assessment of content golf

Joan La Course on Mar 15, 2011
I sent them 2 packages full of gold. One of its contents was a 14K solid gold pair of XO earings that I paid 150 or more than 10 years ago Also sent 2 Mosonic rings that were 14K as well Remaining contents were full of cufflinks, stick pins, tie holders, from my newly deceased husband. their were...

Cash4Gold / scam alert: beware the golden fleece

taylor on Feb 25, 2011
The TV commercials promise quick money for your unwanted jewelry—a tempting offer, what with the rising price of gold in recent years. But mounting allegations of pitiful payments, ignored return guarantees and other deceptive and unfair practices mean that your attempts to sell...

Cash4Gold / rip-off

I sent off close to 20 grams of gold to Cash4Gold and recieved a check for $40. I was not satisfied so I decided to send the check back and get my gold. I had to ship the check to Europe and they only gave me three days to return the check so I had to pay $20 for overnight shipping to...

Cash4Gold / did not return my jewelry and did not get paid...

Last year I decided to be stupid enough to trust the company and mailed my jewelry to this company. I never got paid and claimed my jewelry back and they said that I needed to return my check in order for them to return my items. How am i going to return something I never got. I am sure...

Cash4Gold / scam

What a scam this is.. I'm sure with current prices they already made millions... A day after sending in my jewelry, I stumbled on this website and almost fell sick to my stomach.. I started calling them right away and threatened a lawsuit, if they don't send me my jewelry back. Luckily it...

Cash4Gold / value of gold sent in

I probably when was in the first boat that sailed when I heard about Cash4Gold. I was a little optimistic about sending in my jewlery, but I did. I sent in mostly 10k things but it was well worth over 400 bucks in weight. One of my necklaces was at least 700 dollars when I purchased it but...

Cash4Gold.com / cash4gold scam

Hello, i was checking out all of the complaints on this site about cash4gold. I send them jewerly back on January 14th, 2010. After waiting for 3 weeks they finally told me that my envelope never arrived to their location. They send me an insurance claim form that will pay me $100. for my...

Cash4Gold / still waiting

I sent my pak in late December. After about a week of waiting, I called them and asked the man how long it takes to get your check, he said about two weeks. Well two and a half weeks later I tracked my pack online, and the website said C4G has not recieved it yet. Very frustrated, I called...

Cash4Gold / lost jewelry

I mailed packet with gold, I checked tracking number everyday and it was never recieved!!! when i contacted company he said oh sorry it must have got lost in mail, sucks for me, i was planning to use the money to help with my daughters wedding expenses..please do not mail anything to them...

Cash4Gold / no money or response

After watching the commercials for Cash4gold and reading the testimonies of so many satisfied customers I sent over 5oz of 14k- 24k gold to them some with diamonds and other stones on December 7, 2009. My husband and I were straped for cash and with Christmas just weeks away we trusted...

Cash4Gold / tracking

So I send a gold link to cash4gold, I'm not wearing it. So why not. Today I go to track the pak, all over the web nothing if u go to the web site there's no link To click on it's a fake site these guys should be put away for a long time. I guess I'll wait and see...

Cash4Gold / lost package

thank you justin, your help is very much appreciated, we are a family just trying to get by, i recenly lost my job and trying to give my children a good x-mas.i had to go through my jewlry box, every lil bit helps.thank you again for your help.merry x-mas to you and...

Cash4Gold / class action law suit filed against cash4gold

My name is Sarah Goodman, and I am a legal analyst with Balestriere Lanza PLLC. We have filed a class action lawsuit against Cash4Gold and are interested in talking to people who have been scammed by them. Please contact me at cash4goldcase@balestriere.net. Our firm is very interested in...

Cash4Gold / scamq

Cash4Gold...what a joke! I sent away a necklace, a bangle and 5 rings one of which was diamond. After a couple of weeks they sent me a cheque valueing the jewellery at £1.54! I demanded that they sent me jewellery back, i got my jewellery back and the bracelet had been snapped in...

Cash4Gold / under value

PLEASE do not use this service, even if you are desperate. The Guardian wrote an on-line review please read. They will offer no where nere the value of your gold. There are other companies that will advertise there price per gramme before you send your gold. I sent 270gammes of gold, which...

Cash4Gold / mail fraud

I sent my gold off to cash4gold and they said that they did not recieve my package so I used their tracking number at first it said that they receive my package and a check is on its way so when I checked it again then it stated that they had not received it and they were going to send me...

Cash4Gold / ripoff...

I had seriously considered sending in my scrap gold jewelry to this company until I read the testimonials on this website. Thanks to everyone for the heads-up. Here's what I did...I took my "Refiner's Gold Pack" and loaded it up with a bunch of old keys, about 60 cents worth of...

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