Casey’s General Stores Edgewood Iowaunethical behavior

K Nov 06, 2018
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I work in small town grocery store were not everybody knows me. Rhonanda(employee) and her "friend" Brittany(assistant manager) both work Caseys in Edgewood IA
Rhonanda I have known for yrs cuz she is with my brother and Brittney I dont know her. I no longer talk to my brother or Rhonanda. So cuz I don't speak to them you will be harassed. These 2 ladies will tell u everything they "think" they know bout me.If u wear a Karl's shirt be aware u are bout to be pointed out n harassed bout the personal issues Rhonanda has with me n why I can't see her or my brothers kid.I don't care an I'm pretty sure all of Edgewood don't care! BUT I Will CEAR IT UP RIGHT NOW WITH THE TRUTH-when ur car trunk stops talking to you n the feds stop smashing glass in ur steering wheel and seat of your car and the feds stop following you around (was my landlord) I still won't have the time of day for Rhonanda or him.Only my niece cuz she is all that matters in the situation. For the 300 people that have to hear bout this everytime these 2 ladies are on the clock and all you are trying to do is pay and get out it won't happen.
I apologize for the unethical behavior of these 2 ladies n for management to allow personal issues at work place to interfere with store policy. Please I would like the people involved held accountable u are a convenient store personal business left outside of work place.Again please stop telling lies and talking about things u know nothing about and do your job stop harassing people with your personal drama this is not high school. THANK YOU
Kara Kearns
(Please get help for ur methamphetamine problem.Do it for your daughter)

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