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To whomever this may concern,

I received a suitcase as a brand new present and the wheel has not been working properly on one side since I got it. This has damaged the bottom of the suitcase as I have not been able to pull it properly. As when I have been travelling, the case does not move properl And the wheels do not function as they should. This has been an annoyance when trying to get from place to place.


case2case.netWeeks of waiting.

I bought an iPhone 4 case from and have never received it. Some tracking number was emailed to me and after weeks of waiting, I emailed customer service who asked me to check with my local post office, which of course, didn't have it or any record of the tracking number I was given.

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    G_white May 15, 2013

    This company is a scam. The items they are selling are cheap knock offs, claiming that they are from the original manufacturer. Customer service sucks. DON'T PURCHASE FROM THEM. I did and I regret it. Why are they so cheap! Because they are not authentic.

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