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A Aug 06, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam.

Recently travelled to Hungary for a leisure trip with my 3 year old (3rd july-14th) I have hired a car from global through Ryanair, was similar price on jet 2 car hire and wizz air car hire. So I optioned for this company based my booking on the information provided by those reviews saying it is a good company. Unfortunately they were awful! When I when to pick car up at the handover desk was lack of information such as no spare tire was in car and I could pay for one if I wanted to, which turned out later, but was not pointed out when I made the booking. As they offered everything else from child seat to snow kit but spare tyre. Which I found also alarming but never bothered the company gave me the car not global but buchbinder and then it had German registration. Was not happy about it at all. Nobody went through some basic information about the insurance I had but wanted to sell me a another one.noone came out to meet me at the car a to talk me through how the car works and I am I ok left hand driving especially with a toddler or what do you do in emergency where is your kit and what you need to do on Hungarian territory what ate the speed limits etc. Then I drove off when again noticed something but not bothered that the car meant to be full tank but was under line one just leaving Liszt Ferenc airport. The story gets interesting when on the Monday the 9th July after a day trip the engine light came up. When I rang/emailed them I have been ensured that is for the 30000km service. Not sure why it has not been done before the car was passed over to me. After I have been ensured all is fine went for another day trip on Tuesday the 10th, great day so we only left around 7pm to home however shortly after I realised something is not going right so I stopped and the front right tyre was completely flat. My battery was on a die so I rang the customer service at the desk straight away no one picked up after 3 calls there tried the mobile number which worked, however the lady explained she cannot do much now try to pump tyre up get on the next place we can get a tyre (7:30!pm). I gave her my exact location but she has not done nothing. Apparently she tried to ring me not sure why she not left a voicemail so when my phone got charged up could have been re-assured. So I was left in the middle if the hills with a 3 year old with no money, no breakdown cover, no food luckily we had plenty of water and petrol in the car. We had to pull over when the tyre completely split in half nowhere near the town we should got to what I could do to ringtheir emergency line as no one answered the Hungarian lines even though knowing a child is on the road and a pregnant woman. I was so scared for my little one and myself how we will get home. Anyway tried the emergency number where it took me the 5th person to understand me. They could not help me as by then my location was not sure as I moved on and did had no data left to check on Google map myself. Luckily people passing by got me help and got me some telephone numbers to ring up for break down help. I managed to phone one who was very rude and demanded unreasonable amount for help. Then said either I pay if you live in england or you can stuck with no help he rather have another drink. I am glad he could not help as he clearly had a drink, however the threat made me feel extremely vulnerable. What if...?! Then I tried the other number given to me that guy was very helpful and sorted someone who was willing to change my tyre. That was passed 11pm. 4 hours passed since I asked help from my car hire people. 2 hours passed since I spoke to the German helpdesk. Then someone rang me at 11:40 ish from the Hungarian site asking for my location and offering to look for some breakdown cover...and they would take me to a dealership where next morning they can change my tyre. She was very unimpressed that I have been left hanging for hours with a little one. Said why I did not pay for a tyre? I said no one mentioned to me. Then asked what will I do til the morning, then she said that is not her concern. That point I thanked her help and said ring back in the morning. I was furious! In her concern a good year tyre was more important than 2 people's life. Careless in my view. The rescue took me in meantime to the tyre place where it turned out the actual wheel was damaged had to pay out 120 all together with no money I had to ask friends to transfer the money. Ended up getting home sick and worried by 2:30am.then rang me at 8am ish how the car is? Well it is fine had a working tyre on, but I was in bits. The shock I had to go through overnight, the helpfulness of the company. My next day was wasted to. This experience ruined the rest if my holiday. I was worried driving the car, so did not go far. I definitely missed out on the rest of my next 5 days. When I returned the car someone was there and wanted to check the car over with me very eagerly. I said if you not given me the car with same cortousness how come is now? They just wanted to spot everything wrong so they can charge me. They said tank was not full, took a picture. Then said tyre was no good, I explained I had an accident but I did not put good year tyre back on. The dealership not had one, but it had full working tyre on with same requirements. They charged me another £158.00 . On the top of what I already had to pay out. (120) plus the car rental if £200.00 was my most expensive car hire ever. Then they sent the bill in German when asked for englush or Hungarian copy reply was I can pay for one €60 plus 17% airport fee! What kind of joke is that? So I don't have a clear understanding what was the money for?! Still.dont know, apart the €48 handling charge which they offered to return but still not done. The tyre cost in their view €60 odd pounds and if you change 1 you need to change 2???!! Why I am reliable for that? I provided the car back with full working tyre. They had records of my troubles. Still handled me as a dirt. I must say even though you take out their insurance covering tyres etc it does not give you breakdown cover! You still have to go through this misery! And wanted to say when the lady said I can pay for a spare tyre they would have charged me for 2 as the spate tyre replacement and another tyre? This company should not exist. I read all other rewiews after my incident. I wish he er booked through the airlines as those ratings are false. I am taking my claim further to the this company should not make so much out vulnerable people who want to have relaxing time after years of hard work. Making the time their bitter and r7nning their company incompetent. Looking forward to your kind reply!

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