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N Jul 18, 2019

Arriving at my home town after a long flight, according to the instruction of the booking the driver should have met me at the meeting area holing my name. I literally read every single sign that was held by people there and my name is no were to be found. First of all The numbers provided on the voucher were remotely numbers from France, Berlin, doblin and I don't know how is that related to providing the drivers number directly. So before I cane out to the waiting area I called the numbers provided to inform that we had a 20 min delay so I asked them to inform the driver.
Second of all when I came to the writing area I called the numbers provided again to tell them my driver is not there and at this stage they provided the number to me. I called the driver and he told me he doesn't have my name and he is outside the airport so I can go to him. I told him that is not what I signed up for?!? And that isn't what the company represented and mentioned ? So while I told him how you are going to know who I am without knowing me and u want me to come outside and stay in the heat of Dubai he hung up the phone on my face. I thought maybe we got disconnected but once I called back and realize he wasn't answering and after 10 calls he pick up, I asked him did you hung up the phone on me He said yes cause I was shouting ?!! I am very straight forward person and I don't sugar coat when people make a mistake and cut them slacks, they charge for the service they need to stand tall to it. So I talk with a very serious voice but shouting he had no idea what shouting is if I wanted to shout. And even if I was shouting he shouldn't be hanging up the phone. So after he found me and I told him I will complain because he didn't have the right to hung up the phone on me, he was offended and walking to his car and I had to call him and say excuse me u r supposed to carry the suitcase ?!?! So he got more offended . At this stage sitting in the car I told my sled I will let it go things happen but upon drop off I get triggered again . dropping me at my residential entrance Even though I gave him instructing he acted as he can't read or doesn't know how to read or drive !? So I get out of the car with rage and told him to pop up the trunk so I can get my suitcase. He gets out in the most relaxed way and stair at me and tells me that he is trying to respect me?! And I am the one not helping the situation. I told him the one who crossed that line was him when he hung up the call on my face. So my door man was there and the security camera's have this on the record.
So I come home and call the customer service number and complain about the situation and I asked them where the company base is and what kind of service they are running. I get silent treatment and once I told the guy that I didn't call an overseas number to get answered not silent treatment he tells me I don't allow him to talk!!! I asked questions and I was waiting for answer ? And I hasn't to say hello at least 4 times to make sure the line is not disconnected and just because he didn't have answers he hung up the phone on me and no matter how many times I called. They'd dis not answer the call after that. Is this who you train your staff and provide service. People pay money to get offended and harassed by ur employees ?! I will never use your services again and will tell my friends and families, And I will make sure that # Emirates will know about the kind of service your are providing. Oh and btw the driver was Pakistani and I know their language so when he received a call and was telling the other party that I am going to make a complain about him he should have given the chance that what if she knows the language!!!

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