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This site is a SCAM, just go to DMV online and pay for free

My boyfriend went to the first site on google to renew his tags. They charged him over $30 to do it, plus $15 to ship overnight, and didn't acutally charge us the full amount owed, so we didn't get the tags. We couldn't pay the remainder through DMV because he had already started the process through cartagz, and the number we had to contact them wouldn't let us actually speak to a person. It asked us for our phone number, which we entered and said it wasn't on record and would hang up on us. The only way we could get the tags was to pay the remainder balance plus an additional $30+ fee. This site is a SCAM, just go to DMV online and pay for free.

On top of our already expensive registration FEES they want to charge $30.00 fee for paying it online

This is ridiculous on top of our already expensive registration FEES they want to charge $30.00 fee for paying it online. On this site ( you can pay it for FREE and its an official DMV site I have used it for the passed 3 years when paying for my registration renewal and other items. CARTAGZ was not even able to find my car using Full Vin and wants to charge 29.99. This is the link to the site to use or free.


Wanted to transfer tags of an old truck I gifted to my son in 2004 into his name and pay registration. After putting in all the info requested they came back to me with a" congratulations. Your request is eligible to be completed through Cartagz.". They wanted a fee of $244 dollars so they could send registration ard and sticker. This sounded good to me but I checked with the DMV who told me the vehicle is not eligible for online transfer and registration. They needed the title which I donot have and bill of sale which I do not have. Thank God I checked it first before paying the money.

  • Bo
    Boobla Aug 02, 2012

    The DMV does not offer title transfers online, but does. Cartagz is a licensed and bonded registration service who is willing to take the extra time to work with its customers. This is why they charge a small processing fee.

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Cartagz is a complete and total rip off

Cartagz is a complete and total rip off. if you're stupid enough to not pay your registration fees on...

MY DMV registration was $141 on the CA DMV site but would have been 141 + 29.95 + the convenience fee

Searched DMV CA on google, saw the "CA DMV Registration Renewal" and clicked on it. After I put in the registration info I saw the "CARTAGZ" fees. THen I realized I was on the wrong site. The CARTAGZ site looks just like the DMV site that allows for online registration payment. Hard to tell the difference except that the DMV site does not charge for the service. MY DMV registration was $141 on the CA DMV site but would have been 141 + 29.95 + the convenience fee. What a scam. My DMV stickers come through the mail, no line and no wait without the extra fees just by using the DMV web site.

Stay away from these crooks

Well...let's just say...$29 cartagz service fee + $3.73 convenience fee...then they strongly recommend tracked shipping at $14.50 minimum and if you want an eVersion of your registration then that's another $5! For a total of $52.23 in fees...REALLY!!! That was an extra 35% added to my $149 DMV registration.

I just went to the DMV website...paid the $149 with no extra fees and no line...

  • Dh
    dhlawrence Dec 18, 2011

    Agree. This site is a complete scam. BEWARE. They were the top Google hit and I didn't notice they weren't DMV until AFTER my payment was processed. DO NOT USE!!!

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Avoid this website at all costs

Well, I just did a quick information entering to get a price for transferring through them to get my vehicle register. They say they'll get it to me overnight. Lets, just say the total price was 500.00 and up. What a rip-off, and for those of you who did had it mail and deliver to you great, but I still wouldn't trust this site unless DMV advise one to do so.

  • Ho
    Hoocho Mar 21, 2011

    Your comment makes no sense at all. Maybe you should learn how to write. It sounds like you never went through them and you freaked out at the DMV fee. I went through Cartagz and everythign went great. The small fee thaey charge was well worth the headache. I did not hassle with the DMV because I know how long the DMV takes and how long the lines are. is the best registration service I have ever found.

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  • Kb
    KB83 Feb 16, 2012

    My boyfriend's car was towed while he was deployed with the Navy. Yes, his registration was expired, but I used cartagz' service to renew it since I was unable to make it to the DMV. At first, the service was good. The order went through and it seemed a lot easier than taking a day off of work to stand in line at the dmv. I checked with Cartagz twice to make sure the order went through correctly and they assured me everything was all set--but the package never arrived. After many emails (they do not have a phone number) they told me my package was sent regular mail instead of overnight delivery and it would be here at the end of the week. That is a big difference when the car is being charged by the hour in the tow lot. They refunded my service and shipping charges, and are over-nighting me a replacement sticker, but that is nothing compared to the three extra days of fees from the lot. One email said, "there was just a mistake in the shipping" but when you take my money and promise to renew and ship my registration, "just a mistake in the shipping" is a big deal. It would have been faster, cheaper and much less stressful for me and my boyfriend to just do it the old fashion way and bypass Cartagz' terrible service.

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