Carrie Anderson & Sue Smith/Rocking 2 S Ranchfailure to perform


I entered into a "purchase" agreement with Carrie Anderson and Sue Smith of the Rocking 2 S Ranch in Klamath Falls, Ore., for a 22-yo mare they were giving away to an approved home. I provided them references and went through an approvals process and was approved as the home for this mare. After multiple phone conversations and emails, we reached an agreement and the only requirement they had of me -- after the approvals process -- was I was to pay some vet fees, which I did immediately.

AFTER we'd reached an agreement and AFTER they'd received my payment, they sent me an email requiring me to sign a "purchase" contract. In this contract, they stipulated a 15-day pickup policy after which I'd start incurring daily board charges. They knew I'd be unable to comply with the 15-day pickup requirement as I had a 900 mile roundtrip to coordinate and we'd already discussed my schedule. Neither the contract OR the 15-day requirement were part of our agreement and these requirements were only imposed AFTER they'd recieved my payment.

When I challenged them on this, they reneged on the contract and it appears they subsequently SOLD the mare to someone else. Beware of your dealings with this mother/daughter team!

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