Carnival Elation / disembarkation and cabin smell and filthy balcony

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This is the 6th cruise i have been on and this ship is the worst one ever! The Grand Cabin i paid alot of extra money for smelled terrible, like methane gas coming out of the bathroom drains. We complained but nothing was ever done about it and the balcony was filthy, hadnt been cleaned in at least 4 or 5 cruises before us. Also, the grating above the balcony was rusty and dripping rusting dirty water on me and my clothes, as well as the bolts were falling out of the grating, i notified the cabin steward and the rusty bolt just layed on the balcony thru the entire cruise, not to mention the heavy grate only had one rusty bolt in it to hold it up, so you would think this would be a safety issue not to mention the methane gas smell coming from the plumbing and bathroom drains. The most important part of my complaint was when it came time to leave the ship during disembarkation the elevators were CLOSED! Unbelievable! I had to carry i and my wifes luggage up two flights of stairs, only to be told we would have to wait for all of the other passengers to leave the lounge before we could leave. REALLY??? My wife refused and we left with the first 20 or so passengers anyways. I injured my neck and back carrying the luggage up the stairs to get off the ship and they werent any staff around at the Deck 6 we were on to help us. They never told us the elevators would be Closed during disembarkation, actually they told us those passengers with special needs could leave first if they were able to carry their luggage safely, but never told us we would have to carry luggage up 2 whole flights of stairs. Five cruises before never experienced this, and this time we were told we would recieve VIP treatment because we booked a suite. SOME VIP TREATMENT. I came home in terrible pain. I will never ever sail with Carnival Cruise lines ever again, from now on it is Royal Caribbean, where I feel that I am being treated with respect and dignity and that I am actually getting what I paid for. The ship was the Carnival Elation and the date this ocurred was April 13, 2019. We stayed in cabin U73. The cruise itinerary was 4/8/19 to 4/13/19 and the two shore excursions were Half Moon Cay and the second excursion was Nassau, Bahamas. The name is Reggie V. Johnston and my wife Susan K. Johnston. I feel that we should be compensated somewhat for all our pain and aggravation. Dissatisfied Passenger.

Apr 15, 2019

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