Complaints & Reviews

Took money and have not paid for my vehicle nor so the reciving company Horizon is holding my car until they get payment

Beware of this company they lied repeatedly, They stated that they contact you to schdule a pcik up date within 24-48 hours and they don't. They charged my credit card for the amount quoted and my car didnt not get picked up until almost a week later. They kept giving me the run around we our military and move alot and they portrayed themselves as a reptiable company as hey are not they made promises and did what was neccesary ro make a sale. they finally shipped my vehicle and it arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii and I was contacted by horizon the recieving company and they told me that they have not gotten the payment for my car and they arent gonna release my car until hey get paid. This is some of their promises and none of it had been done so now I ambeing given the runaroundback and fourth and I sill have not gotten my money or my car and no answers, this person says they are gonna call that person and it seems like no one is doing either. I have called and called and they keep telling me they will call me back and I haven't heard anything from anyone.

Auto Transport Services
Open Carrier Door to Door
Your vehicle is transported on an open car carrier (similar to the ones used to deliver new cars from the manufacturer to the dealers). Your vehicle will be picked up at your door by a flat-bed or direct by multiple car carrier. Pickup times are pre-arranged, generally within 12-24 hours in advance. Deliveries are made to the door at your specified destination. Scheduling deliveries is the same as pickup. Typical transit times are quoted, A+ insurance provided at no additional cost.

Open Carrier Terminal to Terminal
Your vehicle is transported on an open car carrier. Vehicles need to be dropped off at one of A Advantage Logistics' 100 terminals nationwide. This service is available for your convenience and can also reduce the cost of the transport. Typical transit times are quoted, A+ rated insurance provided at no additional cost.

Open Carrier Expedited Service