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I bought a 2004 Honda CR-V in October of 2007. Until August of this year, everything was fine. Then, the A/C stopped putting out cold air. Since I was under extended Carmax warranty, I went to Carmax-authorized repair facility. While looking at initial problem, they discovered rear tires were both down to last layer of tread and front ball joint spindle was getting ready to go. First of all, there's no way those three things should have worn out in 10 months, and there's no way any of them should have been missed during Carmax's inspection process. This is where the fun began. Apparently, Carmax had, a few years ago, switched from decent parts suppliers to lowest-common-denominator ones, and the only supplier for their Honda parts was in San Diego, CA (3, 000 miles away from me!). My repair shop called to order the parts--when they finally came in, the ball joint spindle came without bearings in it (which is stupid, since it doesn't WORK without them). The bearings then had to be ordered, and the supplier told my repair people to go screw themselves (in much worse language, which I won't repeat here), and that they didn't need anything from them, and knew what was needed. They then sent the bearings to the wrong address, and when the repair people finally got them, they were the wrong size and type. They re-ordered AGAIN, and it wasn't until 4 1/2 weeks later that I finally got my car completely fixed and back in my hands. All during this process, I called Carmax multiple times and was told everything was covered in full (including rental), and not to worry about it. Then, my repair people would call THE SAME DAY and get the complete opposite story. It finally took a dozen-and-a-half calls between me and the repair shop to get straight answers, finally culminating in a heated call that I made from the repair place (with the manager sitting next to me) to give these people a piece of my mind and get things settled. As of Sept. 8th (after starting Aug. 6th), I thought I was done, and everything that needed to be covered was done. However, I just got a call from the repair place today (Oct. 3) telling me that they show me as having an outstanding balance of $125 for rentals that I was told by Carmax was paid in full on Sept. 8. Carmax used to be a quality facility with great used cars (my dad boght 2 vehicles from them, and never had problems), but ever since they switched suppliers and cut back on staff, they have become the biggest hassle, which no customer should have to endure.


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    Ann McClain Sep 18, 2013

    I have 'purchased' a 2010 Chev. Impala...initally, at the first oil change-it was found that my 'rack & pinion steering on driver-side was leaking and needed to be replaced. I had the MAXCARE extended warranty and stillh had to pay for rental car$50 deposit; plus $ 50 dedutible plus cost of oil change. And on top of this the tech 'found' a suspicious oil leak around a gasket...since the car is still under 100K warranty; I was sent to Chev. dealeship to have this checked out. They did compression chekc --found nothing. Here we go again 2 days ago begin to hear this clicking sound in the dashboard area-behind the glove compartment. Did some on-line research to find that this is one of 3 'actuators'..that have to do with air-recirculation. Since this continued to run after my car was draned my battery power. Therefore, I had to call for roadside assistance and got the Tow-truck operator to check-and he gave my battery a boost at 5:30am in the morning--since CARMAX claimed that the serviceman that does this work would not be in until Wednesday. After the boost, drove the car all the way to CARMAX superstore at 6am.; waited for service dept to open at 7:30am(in an empty waiting area). Told the service rep the problem and why I came to this conclusion. i was told, since I had the MAxCARE plan I would still have to fork out $50, for diagnostic. Now I find after waiting all day that the actuator 'part'just came in at 4:15pm...and the $100 battery would have to be re-placed(it's not covered under the PLAN). I 've had it.

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