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Career-Network.comOnline scam is a bogus site that when you apply to a job through Craigslist you are directed to multiple bogus websites under the banner of to fill out your personal information including your address and what cell phone carrier you use as well as whether you own your own business and what your credit score is etc.

Another thing is that I took my wife's advice and did NOT provide the 3 references that they had the nerve to ask for. I mean of course on an interview, I would be more than happy to provide the manager/recruiter with the references. But, they asked for names, email addys and phone numbers.

Nothing is ever heard back from them. The email you respond to on Craigslist always has a firstname.[protected] As you can see this is in all cities. I'm looking in NYC. This is really frustrating as I am looking for a genuine job and have wasted my time several times filling out these bogus forms for what sounded like good jobs.

I hope that my personal information, (name, address and phone number), will not be misused.


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    Ken Oct 08, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Wish I had seen these types of posts earlier. I found a job listing at the Indianapolis job board on craigslist today and applied for it. I went through the information section, which was basically my name, address, cell number and provider, home number, and attach resume. Then it asked if I was interested in higher education, if I was interested in learning about insurance, and I said no to both. I have not had problems yet with phone calls or anything, so hopefully this information will not be used in the wrong way. But I also advise that if anyone gets directed to Career Network, Great Career Paths, or a website under their umbrella that they stay away from it. I'm hoping by answering no to all their questions they disregard me.

    I did afterwards go back to craigslist and saw the position removed, which prompted my internet search of Great Career Paths, leading me to postings like this. I tried emailing them with the email address on their site, which was immediately bounced back with a damon failure. I also sent an email to Career Networks, which did not bounce back, but I'm sure now won't even be listened to. If I do have any issues I am going to report them.

    Best of luck to you, and any other unfortunate souls like myself that fell for this.

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    Dave Edwards Nov 17, 2008
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    I honesly hope that these complaints are just quirks. Being on the otherside of the coin, looking to hire, I don't want my site to go out as a "scam". We have been looking too hard for phone sales people that want to work at home. It is funny, if someone sees "work at home" they immediately think they have to "buy" something or it is a scam and neither is true in this case. Well, good luck to everyone out there!

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  • Sp
    Special_K Feb 13, 2009

    I fell for it!! I too was looking for a job thought Craigs list might work...but again filled out info and never heard. What are they doing with the info we provide? Who is collecting this info?

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  • Bi
    Bill Durbin Feb 16, 2009

    Why do you assume you'll always hear back about a job? Has every job you ever applied to written you back? In my experience only about 10% actually contact you. It's a little presumptuous to believe that you'd get a call back. I've been laid off for a few months now and have sent in hundreds of resumes, and gotten a handful of call backs to go to cattle call interviews, and only a few people wrote back saying I wasn't qualified. It's people like you who make this whole process that much harder for us nice folks legitimately looking for a job.

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  • Ge
    general Feb 25, 2009

    It seems really suspicious that there would be so many advertisements about colleges, debt consolidation, etc that need to be filled out and clicked through in order to apply for a job. It definitely feels like a scam. I got an email back asking for more information with a login and password, but when going through the info, there wasn't any new information needed. It was just more click through ads.

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  • Jb
    jblaze Mar 05, 2009

    i put my info. into career-network and also thought it might be a scam but finally got a e-mail back from them with job wages, insurance, ect. and qualifications for the job and what positions were offered, but the company name was withheld! they said after reviewing my past info. only a hand full of people were picked. also if you go onto different work sights not all company names are exposed. the only good thing i can think of besides a scam (trying to get good outlook after reading some remarks) is the web site is like a recruiter if they get people to sign up for some of the "learn more" pop-ups maybe they get some kind of a cut if you sign up for allowing them to post things on there sight? it took a while for something to come out of it, but to me it looks lagit! hope well for all!

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  • Le
    lelisha Mar 16, 2009

    to jblaze... I received the same exact e-mail from career network stating that they liked my resume and wanted to start the interview process right away and were only holding the position open for a select few.. blah, blah, blah!!! I wished I would have looked into this company before I posted all of my private info. I guess when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall for "job seeker", career-network, precise careers, etc. they all seem to be a scam

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  • 03
    'LissaLooToo Apr 21, 2009

    I, too have Career-Network concerns. I'm in the same boat as Bill Durin. I have made finding a job a full time position in itself. I've been out of work for 2, going on three months and I'd say searching for a job every single day for 8-12 hrs, probably 55% (if not more) of the positions have prompted me to go to Career-Network to complete my application.

    I have always thought of it as a huge pain and probably waste of time, but I continue to apply in hopes that by some miracle, it really is a legitimate company seeking to fill a legitimate position. I have been out of work and my family has suffered through this too long to pass up a potential opportunity.

    I agree with jblaze. I think possibly companies do have to agree to have their applicants jump through hoops to apply for their position, maybe to keep it a free job posting, or something to that effect. And maybe the gmail accounts are only used to free up space in the employers business e-mail so it doesn't get bombarded with our applications. I don't know anything for sure, but would like to.

    I have tried to be a good job-seeker and follow-up with any positions that are at least 1 week old, but when I follow-up with anyone who directed me to Career-Network they only reply with the same initial e-mail... Go here and fill this out. It seems to be impossible to get an kind of response out of these people and the hopes of ever finding a job are dashed (when it comes to Career-Network) simply because of this fact. I know it must be a huge undertaking to reply to everyone who applies for any position (with Career-Network or otherwise), but some kind of confirmation must be given. Do I keep trying? Has the position been filled? Was there ever really a position to begin with? Should I move on???

    As depressing as it has come to be, I will (probably foolishly) continue to give Career-Network what it wants because I cannot give up hope. I cannot give up a job that just might be real; a job that just might (literally) put food back on our table.

    So, good luck to all you job-seekers such as myself. May God bless this nation and take pity on all those who are unfairly jobless.

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  • Ch
    cheryl78 Apr 21, 2009

    I thought I was about to get an interview. They checked my references, which were stellar, then I have never heard another word from them despite my repeated requests.

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  • Ba
    babemobile May 07, 2009

    I too fell for the career network SCAM.
    I filled in all of my personal details for a job through craigslist, then received an email saying that they were starting the interviews and I had been chosen but had to fill in more details...I did (stupid me) but have since received NO interview date and have found out from my previous employer that they contacted him to give them more of my personal details, unfortunately he did but felt so concerned about the questions they had asked that he contated me to let me know about it.
    I keep receiving junk and spam from them, which I now just delete.
    Somebody high up needs to look into them...goodness knows what they are doing with the info they are collecting on people.
    Job seekers...BEWARE!!! Career Network IS A SCAM!!

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  • St
    Stacey May 11, 2009

    I never even been on craiglist and got an email from them.
    Thank God I bounced it back . I thought something was fishy.
    Thank you for revealing these people as scammers!

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  • Ji
    Jim May 13, 2009

    More correctly they seem to be phishing for your data. If they call you it will be from a number that reports caller ID as VOXBONE / NY32 646/520-0696.

    The girl I talked to tried to suggest they were a 'huge' organization, "as large as monster, hotjob, or any of our other competitors". I vocally doubted her, this was in response to a query of "are you phishing for information or have you some way of establishing the veracity of your 'confidential client' claim"?

    She had none, other than the assurances of the company size. She almost tried to suggest they were the 'largest internet job site'.

    These people fail. I am writing to the NY State better business bureau as well as the MI one. It is fairly clear, to me as least, that they are attempting to acquire information for the purposes of perpetrating a fraud.

    I suggest anyone else who has had contact with them do the same, the BBBs' tend to act upon volume, rather than content, of complaints.

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  • Su
    SunShine May 29, 2009

    I too fell for this scam. In todays economy there are several of us searching for a job and will get caught in a scam or two. However, I would suggest using a reputable site like, Yahoojobs, Career Builder, Job Finder. Often you can even search a company's website to view open positions. You can also find obtain listings of job URLs from your local employment office.

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  • N3
    n3669 Jun 03, 2009

    Yes, obviously they are a SCAM. I have received at least 3 emails from them under various email names, such as: "Aggressive Employment Professionals"; "Upward Motivation", etc. They each have the same language/wordage used -trying to seem legit by making the email personal -using my first name a few times, and job description details (wage, benefits, etc.); interview process; asking if I'm still interested to apply, etc. And they all seem to lead to that "Career Network" site -asking for personal information, and if you interested in furthering your education. I halted giving any personal info., when I realized it didn't seem legit.
    It's just sooo lame that these SCAMMERS are out there trying to build up your hopes in finding an actual job.
    Just such a waste of time and energy, and so abusive to one's psyche! Hopefully a lot of people will contact the BBB or whomever, to make these scammers go away! 60 Minutes is a good idea too!
    Good luck to you all for finding a job... I know I need it.
    P.S. Yes, must be craigslist -I can only hope they do something about this too!

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  • Bu
    Build Writewell Jun 03, 2009

    I do not trust Career Network. I also have applied to jobs through Career Network around 25 times and have never had a reply directly from the company although I seem very skilled for the positions applied.

    They do send letters saying we have only extended this offer to a "few" qualified candidates... I have had this scam letter again and again.

    There is never a company name listed - seeming to be a scam.

    The pay rates are high - seeming to be a scam.

    They earn money when job seekers click on the offers for higher education, credit scores, etc., with out really offering job positions is my thought. Please reply if anyone has ever had a direct reply from a company through Career Network.

    Career Network in my mind is a scam, scam, scam.

    So, If anyone has a job for the former owner of and the owner of website let me know.

    Thank You very much.

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  • Mu
    mudvayne0133 Jun 06, 2009

    I got the "special" email as well. I answered no to the questions asking if I wanted to further my education. I have gotten 6 calls in the last three days from pain in the ### telemarketers who don't understand I don't want to go to their unaccredited, might-as-well-be-fake school.

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  • Ta
    tatyana Jun 09, 2009

    I made some research and share with you, guys. Don't apply at All positions at this site are somebody's else. So, nobody has ordered verifications from career-network and nobody is interested to get your resume from them more than directly from you. At site they "honestly" state that they will never contact you regarding the job - only direct employer will contact you. It means, that they does not have any agreements with employers and do not get commission for filling the position.

    However, You may work with this site IN SOME WAY.

    How? Find employer's name or employment agency's name, or another job search site's name against position you are interested in at general list of positions. Go to that site, look for the position which you like and o, surprise! you will find that there is some real employment agency or real site with sometimes listed real direct employer, real contacts. And you may apply for this position without using site is using somebody's real job postings. And they use applications for various purpose. And bring them to the potential employer is very last one.

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  • Bp
    BP-NC Jun 09, 2009

    This organization (if you would call it that) definitely set off my guy instinct about it being a scam from the get go. I did however supply them with my cell phone number to see what would come of it.

    The initial contact from the company came last night with a letter reading:

    Hi XXXXXX,

    I am looking for candidates to fill the Customer Support Center Technician Level I position that we currently have available. As a part of our team you will be responsible for acknowledging receipt of trouble tickets, assignment of trouble tickets, and completion of trouble tickets. In addition, you will be answering calls, granting access to customer premises and installing network cabling. This position offers $18.00 hourly and includes full benefits, which we will discuss at the time of your interview.

    XXXXXXXXXX, to avoid being flooded with applications and responses, I have only extended this opportunity to a few people. Your online resume caught my attention, and I would like to start the interview process as soon as I possibly can. I am eager to hear back from you today, if at all possible. By clicking the hyperlink below, you can view more information about the position, benefits offered, our company, and send in your application as an available candidate.

    I would like to apply for the Customer Support Center Technician Level I position.

    I hope to receive your application later today!

    Good Luck,

    L. Barclay
    Hiring Manager

    Ironically the hyperlink did not provide any further information really (suprising huh?) I filled it out, dumped the number for the front desk of my professional reference's organizations, and handed them dummy emails for the rest.

    Then this morning the calls started...

    [protected]:44AM -- Telemarketer for Education, insisted on being added to DNC
    [protected]:50AM -- Asked again to be put on DNC
    [protected] 2:24PM -- Another Education Telemarketer, asked to be added to DNC list
    [protected] 2:45PM -- INSISTED on being put on DNC
    [protected] 5:08PM -- DNC...
    [protected] -- Career Network "Verification" line

    The career network "Verification specialist" proceeded to simply verify information already on record and to tell me that the call could take up to 45 minutes. It took all of about 5 minutes. At the end of the call I confronted the woman on the phone about the sudden influx of calls when my cell phone has never historically had issues with telemarketers. I asked directly if there was a relation between my application to their site, the constant pestering ads on the site advertising education, and the mysterious appearance of all of these calls catering to, you guessed it, education. I went on to ask if I could opt-out of any sort of program which forwards my information to third parties. The woman on the line replied that she didn't know why the calls were coming and that it was unrelated to her organization.

    I will keep you posted as this proceeds, I am documenting it all, including voice recordings (It is legal in my state without consent).

    At any rate, be wary, I doubt if any position will come of this, but I will however take a stand against what seems to be a shameful abuse of an economic crisis.

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  • Bo
    booderaka Jun 10, 2009

    I finally got wise to career network and decided to search for a forum where folks had the same experiences. After reading all the posts, it is a mirror image of what has been happening to me.

    How dare those a-holes take up valuable time of job seekers who are having a rough enough time finding a job as it is. No telling how much time I've wasted because of those stupid sht-bags! I've been out of work for 4 months and they waste my time...???!!! I'm sick of the whole job-market / job search scene!!! Nothing works anymore.

    I hope CN burns in hell!!!

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  • Us
    usarmy1983 Jun 11, 2009

    I too just like everyone else applied and was sent to a third party website. But career - network actually called me today to verify information. After me asking repeated questions I kinda stumped the person and in the end he just said they are a third party company hired on by individual cooperations/businesses. Instructed the next phone call I will receive will be from a manager at that cooperation/business.

    In regards to the info requested by career network, as long as they dont have my social security number and financial information relating to banks and credit cards Im fine with them knowing my address and phone number. It takes like 2 secs to hang up on people.

    About the education pop ups/questions..alot of places today what motivated people whose willing to expand their knowledge and take on the challenge of school. Even if your not interested sometimes its best to play like you are interested in furthering your education so they think your skills and experiences will be utilized to enhance organizational goals and possible upward mobility is based on job performance.

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  • Du
    dung nguyen Jun 16, 2009


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  • Mo
    Monica L Jun 18, 2009

    My roommate works for career networks and I can tell you right off the bat that you're wrong, the whole lot of you. This is very much legit company, and employers *like* them because they charge less to keep job-opening postings in a broader geographical area. Blame craigslist for things you think are scams. There are lots of legit posts on Craigslist, but the Jobs area is LOADED with scams. Career networks only responds to you when they reach your applications, out of hundreds. And often times the position closes before they reach you, so you won't get a call. They collect your information because your application goes through several stages. These stages are meant to weed out unqualified applicants and to verify the information entered online. There are literally teams of people whose only job is to call you. The next team verifies you. The next team sees if you are interested in going back to school to better your career options.

    Many of you seem really unrealistic in the kind of responses you expect in a time when everyone is looking for work and the few who are hiring have to weed through a LOT of people.

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  • Fa
    fatrolls Jun 22, 2009

    Personally, I believe the site is a scam. I understand that I might not hear back from each and every employer, but I should hear back from some. There are too many ### emails-and no legit emails-for this site to be valid. On top of that, my inbox became flooded with spam immediately after filling out the form on their site (and I never got spam before). My best guess is that the site is just a email/info harvesting site that collects info and sells it off to marketers. If there is any actual recruiting going on, it is minimal. I kind of want to go class action on them (fraud, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotion distress (possibly), etc), but I'm not sure how much damage the court would find (assuming that the site is indeed a scam).

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  • Wt
    wtwa Jun 24, 2009

    I applied at the same website and after about a day I started getting calls from 800 numbers as well. I was trying to figure out "What did I do to get them to start calling me?". I haven't signed up for anything that would cause anyone from any 800 numbers to call me besides WebMD or Monster possibly. I looked at all the phone numbers that have been calling BP-NC and sure enough all of those have been calling me as well.

    I've been out of work since November and it's been a horrible time searching for jobs. I'm about ready just to go into the closest fast food joint and apply there since they'd actually be real and would tell me if I didn't get a damn job with them.

    This is ridiculous! What kinda sick a**hole would play with peoples heads in a job crisis? Does he really want to further the decay of peoples hopes to get a job by having them waste their time on their fake website answering legitimate questions that further them into nothing? I'm sorry for ranting, but this is just bulls***.

    I should have caught on when I saw EVERY message from them was the same thing and considering you had to fill out the same information REPEATEDLY for one website seemed really ridiculous. I can understand if the company has a specific field they need filled, but why would the website itself need your information EACH and EVERY time you applied for a job?

    This is pathetic honestly. They must really have no life to be able to scam others out of their time when in that time they could've found a job that would have fit them perfectly.

    Lelisha said it right when a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. From now on I'm going to search every aspect of the job in question, ask for specifics, and try more to find a job in person rather than online seeing as online has a high tendency to be fake.

    Again, sorry for ranting, but I had to get that off my chest... I feel much better now. :-)

    All I know is Karma's a ### and it'll deal with them when it's their time to be dealt with.

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  • Ja
    Jay809570 Jun 26, 2009

    I made 2 accounts with career network and recieved 2 calls each time giving a different acct name and lord behold i told one i was in college "1st one" and he said after verifing that is all the information he needed and the second one I said no i just graduated HS and woot he said he needed to get some more information and the info would be fowareded to the company (not saying which one) but as in responce i also recored both calls and told them after they said "this call may be recored "" I also snuck in this call may be recorded also for privite and public purpouses" (in some what of a jokeing matter) but yes i did recored the whole call and made 3 copy's of it sent 1 to the Shamfull BBB, and one to my atturney Gen office, and the other to my lawyer (My Brother in law) and he stated that he would talk to his friends and that" I did a great job with stating that the call will be recored and my reason of recording it " so im trying for all of us - It's just wrong to prey on jobless ppl in these times or anytime !!

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  • Cj
    cjcsec Jun 29, 2009

    Career Network sells out information to on-line education companies and others!! They do not connect you with any real employers! They, themselves search out employer information and post it without company names in order to solicit your private information on behalf of thier real interests, which are any and all takers!

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  • Cj
    cjcsec Jun 29, 2009

    To Monica L.
    It is not Craigs' List that sends confirmation @mais for jobs applied to, it's Career Network! You log into Career Network for jobs! Career Network responds with confirmations and requests for more information! Is a fully completed application, with references and a resume enough? About the process stages; Lets's see- Stage 1: apply. Stage 2: recieve application receipt confirmation. Stage3: recieve @mail requesting readiness to fill position confirmation. Stage4: re-direct to Career Network sign-in to provide any information additionally requested by said prospective unidentified employer. Stage5: recieve @mail proclaiming CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE SUCESSFULLY APPLIED! Stage6: recieve [protected]@mails for both the same job application and for additional information requested for the same job! Stage7: Repeat stages 1-6 again!
    That Monica, is how your friend makes a living! She has a job that misleads the jobless! CONGRATULATIONS!

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  • Mo
    Monica L Jul 13, 2009


    My roommate has quit her job with Three Stars, which is the major company which runs Career Network. You all were right. They are scamming the hell out of everyone. But it's not just you guys. Its the employees. And it's way worse than any of you know.

    The owner is a convicted felon and a child abuser. He has owned and been arrested over things involving other scam business. Ayman El Difrawi has spent 4 years in Federal Prison for bank fraud and other charges, including child abuse. He has kept himself "in the background" for the most part, but he has been appearing at the location here in Orlando, yelling at the employees.

    Anyone hired to work at Three Stars, regardless of what position they apply for, ends up being a "verification specialist" and working their ### off to try and get in house (you start out working from home.) My roommate was working 50+ hours a week, often making $40 a day, while the company dangled a metaphorical carrot in front of her face promising promotion and money. Once a news story appeared on TV about the location and the owner, she quit and started to do some serious research.

    Three Stars has tons of fake job websites where they collect information. The jobs aren't real. Some of them are real only in the sense that the postings have been copied and pasted from other, legitimate job sites (legally or illegally, I dunno.) Employees are told up and down that they are doing a real job, though they are only paid for getting people to qualify for going back to school; not for all of the "verifications" they do all day.

    The online schools are real. Scrips were getting changed all around because people were qualifying people who weren't interested in going back to school, which cost the schools advertisement money. The financial aid and school assistance is real. Everything that gets you up to that point is fake.

    So, if ever you apply for a job and you immediately get a reply saying "go to this website to complete an application, " it's a scam. If your application says "are you interested in continuing your education?" it's a scam. In fact, most of the ### on Craigslist Jobs is a scam. Be very very careful, all of you. Now my roommie is jobless, has been working her ### off for this place for practically no money, and they paid her on illegal terms because they count all at-home verifiers as "private contractors, " without any benefits or overtime or base pay. And now she has to pay taxes for that time at the end of the year.

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  • Su
    sucker10194823482348 Sep 16, 2009

    A so-called Verification Specialist from Career Network answered my questions vaguely and evasively. He said he was "in Florida" and named "Tom", but the area code for his phone was 646. He called from [protected], which is a NY area code, but I suppose a cell phone number can have any area code you want. In any event, I felt like a stupid, guileless, desperate job-hunter when I begrudgingly confirmed my personal information that was gleaned from a fake job application form I filled out online. The client company for the supposed HR Associate job was anonymous. Well, the only key pieces of information I discovered from this fast-talking man were #1, he wanted to know if I had access to the internet and my own computer at home, #2 if I were currently in school/a student, #3 his way of speaking and vocabulary suggest to me that he previously had worked in the military. When I asked if he was going to sell my personal information or use it for other functions, his quick response was "negative, negative, negative." I had just woken up when he called. Actually, the first thing I heard on the phone was a stupid recorded message of a lady, then a beep, and then this fast talker introduced himself as a Verification Specialist. I feel like such a sucker. I gave him my cell#, home#, address, email, age as being over 18, status as student/not a student, and verified I have a computer at home with internet access.

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  • Wa
    wagonwheel Sep 24, 2009

    Yes, I too am receiving calls from this organization. Sadly, I got "sucked in" by applying for a posting on It is in fact a scam--and I have complained to Dice as well. To their credit, Dice seems to be interested in eliminating postings like this from their site, but I think they have a long road ahead of them. I will complain to my local BBB as well as to my state's Atty General office.

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  • Ag
    AGJB Oct 01, 2009

    I too was contacted today by career-network via telephone. I 'm over half a century old and have held a senior level position for most of my working career. Needless to say, I've been around.

    My advise: ignore career-network. In my view, if it feels like a scam, it is.

    Should an employer come across your application and seem interested, they will most certainly contact you directly. Typically, organizations will utilize an "in-house" method or service to "screen" the paper and electronic submissions, and will not employ a career-network type service.

    Searching for employment in these times is a daunting, tedious and often frustrating task. I prefer to deal direct. The internet can be a dangerous place if you don't know where to look, but it's also a fantastic source of information.

    Apply directly, inquire within whenever possible, network and try to hit a few job fairs. Most importantly, your "first impression" is your resume. Make sure it's polished, professional and accurate. I have not had to put out a resume in decades and decided I needed help - one of the best investments I've ever made.

    Good luck to all of us in our continued efforts to find work.

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  • Eh
    ehobby309 Jan 22, 2010

    If it's the same Company I just spoke to, I received a text message from #56030 about a job position that I really send an application on line last week. I spoke to Alicia and she got my info and then all of a sudden, she had a hard time hearing me on the phone. I called the number again [protected] and another person answered and then asked the same questions. I told her that I've already given my info and I wanted to get their Company info. They are a headhunter, screening out applicants. I had a bad feeling about this and hope that my info will not be misused. It was too good to be true and hope that nothing will happen to us.

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  • Ca
    careernetworksucks! Jan 23, 2010

    Career-network sucks and are awful people for wasting everyone's time and efforts in finding a real job. I applied for 2 jobs on craig's list and got the exact same response for the separate jobs. Of course at that point I had already uploaded my resume and filled in all my info for them. They even responded with a please select your interview time email and when i did they sent me another email to confirm and said I had to go fill out more info on a website. At that point I looked into them and I am pretty sure its a scam and now after reading everyone's comments I am positive they are a scam. So sad. How can people be so cruel in such hard times. They should be sued and removed!! :( I hope other people don't fall for their bogus job offers.

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  • Ch
    Christine F. Feb 03, 2010

    I'm glad I trusted my instincts and checked out these comments- I thought something seemed "off" with their e-mails- Thanks for the heads-up.

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  • Pa
    pamela08 Feb 08, 2010

    ugh! i fell for it too, i was suspicious at first but i need a job terribly and allowed myself to give in without doing any further research about their site. i kept clicking the button saying i didnt need to further my education because i was already doing so in my own time i jus need a job. so anyways after the e mails they sent me a text askin me to call an 800 number about a job i applied for but when they said they would send the resume to the job they told me jus wait for the hr manager to call me back but then they hounded me about sendin my info to academic advisors for free i was guaranteed financial aid, even after i told him im already pursuing my degree. he still kept pestering about it and sent my info to them and told me i had to call them within the next few minutes for my immediate appt with them if im so serious about furthuring my like screw all this this is too much its a total scam...jus wish i had known sooner

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  • Pa
    patro999 Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    June 8, 2010

    To everyone who has been scam by CN it is still going on today. And i have been searching for a job for over two months and have learned of a new scam.

    Jobs are being posted on Monster, Careerbuilders, Craigslist, Hotjobs et etc you apply and 99% they are recruiters ads. You get the call to come and meet them and when you do you fill out the paper work and then you ask about the job that was posted and i get the famous words "oh it was taken" well this is bull!! it seems that recruiters hurting in making money so they are collecting bulk mass resumes from job seekers like me and then they are calling company's to see if they need any help as they "Have several key skilleed candidates" and if someone from the bulk of resumes get called for the job the recruiter stills gets a fee Scam Scam scam!!

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  • Pu
    Purple24TPA Jul 07, 2010

    I had a feeling Career Network was a fake, but I pursued the opportunity to get a 'at home' job. Sounded good.

    The network contacted me through email after I applied for a VERIFICATION SPECIALIST and DATA ENTRY position through another site, I think Career I filled in repeated questions about continuing education and eventually got to a PPT of their company which you have to watch before you can get a face-to-face interview. I did that - it was interesting an explained clearly their company main stream is to promote continuing education, finding people jobs outside of that is an extra thing they do sometimes, maybe.

    So, I figured okay I can call people and verify their information and then refer them to colleges still sounds good - so I got an interview of tomorrow or next day on an options drop-down list, and picked a time slot. I live in Lakeland, FL and the interview site is in Orlando, FL a drive of about 30 miles or so.

    But I have my hesitation. This reminds me of the interview process of GEICO - 3 days I called in sick to work, only to be told I didn't qualify. So even though I have the appt. for an interview after reading this complaint list... I'm gonna be a no-show. Thanks everyone for info !!

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  • Ac
    A Chicagoan Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW!!! I fell for it once, and it never dawned on me that the bum-rush of calls from different aggressive education recruiters was even related until now. I have been out of work for 20 VERY LONG MONTHS!!! And it is disappointing to find that there are predators out there takingi advantage of this very vulnerable situation. Every caller was even more aggressive than the previous one. They kept saying they were responding to my request for more information, I said I haven't requested any information, I am a student currently why would I seek more information from 10 other schools? When nearly anything you want to know can be found online???? They're nuts, don't fall for it. The only reason I ended up researching Career Networks is because I keep geeting an email every 2 days worded the same but from different people and when you click the link within, it looks VERY generic, I mean I write some HTML, and i'm not expert but my 6 y/o son could have created a site that looks better than that! So yeah, they're done in my opinion, i'm going to flag them for spam on each and every email.

    Hope this help someone, and good luck in the job search.

    A Chicagoan

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  • Lo
    Lorna Carrier Nov 25, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I live in Vancouver, WA and applied to Optima Consulting and Johnson & Armel. Same thing with both...they say the interview could take up to 45 minutes and I was on the phone with them in less than 5 minutes. It is very upsetting that they have my name, address, email address, and phone number and who knows what they are doing with is extremely irritating.

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  • 60
    608121 Dec 01, 2010

    I agree this site is a total scam. I think they found me through craigslist or Here's the latest BS email they are sending out:

    Hello XXXXXXXXX,

    I have looked over your resume recently and I've found your qualifications in the Entertainment industry are a good fit for a new position that has opened up in our company in the Tonawanda and surrounding areas. We will be making a hiring decision very soon, so I invite you to apply now to the link below below to be considered for this position:

    Entertainment position

    We are looking for people in your field who are able to work well with their peers well, are comfortable with computers and follow up with correspondence to keep other staff members in the loop. Applicants must also, communicate clearly and effectively and who are be organized, self-starters, with a drive to advance quickly.

    We offer a team-friendly work environment and an income range from $12 - $16 an hour to start with advancement.

    Thank you,

    Pam Rutherford
    Regional Hiring Manager

    This is a Career Network Feature Job which acts as a job aggregator for one or more positions. Please refer to the feature job link on the application for more details.

    Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL [protected]

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