• Li
    Liz6 Sep 23, 2009

    I would like to add that Mountain Valley Advertising / Mountain Valley Careers appears to be another alias for this scam. I found the job posting for a receptionist on and got tricked into giving them my resume & some other contact information. Then they e-mailed me a link to complete the application process. It got very fishy when they kept directing me to ads for continuing education and career surveys in the middle of the application process. I didn't finish the application, so I was hoping that was the end of it. I did get some calls from continuing education places right after filling out part of the application, but that has stopped for now. Fast forward to two months later, and Career Network started calling me regarding the position. The numbers they called from were [protected] and [protected]. When you answer, an automated recording wants you to confirm your application details with a specialist and puts you on hold. They even act like you were the one that called them. Then when you talk to the specialist, they don't even want to give you details about the supposed position that you have applied for. They claimed that I had applied for a position through Workforce Solutions (must be another alias). I have asked them to delete my info from their system and stop calling me. The specialist agreed to do this, but I am not sure if they really will do that.

    Check out how similar the websites are: and

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  • walford Sep 23, 2009

    Identity Thieves Prowling for Job Seekers
    Fake job ads up 345% as recession creates opportunities for scam artists

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  • walford Sep 23, 2009

    "I just received a phone call from them from the phone number [protected]..."

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  • Bb
    BB142 Sep 23, 2009

    Real Time Staffing is definitely another "alias"

    They state that they are owned and operated by "Three Stars".

    It appears they are only interested in getting you to sign up for continuing education. I only went so far with them before doing a google-search. I didn't trust a company that has what I consider to be third-party advertisments on their site. What's the reason for that anyway?

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  • walford Sep 21, 2009

    "I just talked to these guys, gave them my phone numbers, address, and education level. What should I do now after finding that they're a scam? What do they do with the information?"

    They will sell it to spammers. Expect your junk mail box to be filled more than before. They also hope to get a commission from having you register at the likes of University of Phoenix.

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  • To
    toomanybooks Sep 21, 2009

    This place is a complete SCAM! I applied for an online job with a health care company. The site directed me to this place and then they called me. I have been a teacher for 18 years and am attempting to change careers. I am close to finishing a masters in education (not very helpful in buisness). Needless to say, I am neither an idiot, nor uneducated. The person who spoke to me and tried to set me up with a school WAS an idiot. She contradicted herself. She told me it would be more valuable for me to finish my degree where I was because I wouldn't be able to transfer my credits. When I agreed and said, "Well then I guess I will finish my masters with my current school." She backtracked and double talked. The representative talked in circles. This individual was throwing all kinds of misinformation around. I guess the company counts on people who haven't done their research already. She was full of hot air. I hope uninformed people don't get caught up in it. I was happy to get off the phone with her but I think she was happier because she didn't try to keep me on the line.

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  • Fo
    Fors Sep 10, 2009

    I just talked to these guys, gave them my phone numbers, address, and education level. What should I do now after finding that they're a scam? What do they do with the information?

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  • Ha
    Hansolo Sep 04, 2009

    I just received a phone call from them from the phone number [protected]. When I first picked up, it was a recording then a male voice took up the line (must be an auto-dialer). He asked if I had found a job and that he had received my application for the receptionist position. I asked what site he got my app from and he said they run a bunch of different websites, which reminded me of falling for this scam. I told him I had found a job and to remove my information from his system which he agreed to do. I recommend taking similar action when "Career Networks" calls.

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  • Ha
    harp_seal87 Aug 31, 2009

    Add job to the list. I was also scammed by this group. But they are getting smarter. I didn't have to answer any information about credit score, or anything that would bring up a red flag like that, just contact information and a resume and if I was interested in furthering my education. The thing that tipped me off was when they sent me an email saying they had reviewed my resume and I could follow the link to find out more information about the position and an application. But the application was the same one I had already filled out and there was still no information about where the job is located even though the craig's list posting was the Fort Wayne area craigslist.

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  • Be
    belaglik Aug 10, 2009

    Apple Staffing is another alias. This is particulary sneaky because it appears that it is affiliated with Apple One, a legitimate staffing agency.

    My husband fell for this too, but only after it was too late to warn him.

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  • Rh
    Rhondi Aug 04, 2009

    Yes I too have found this to be a scam. I believe "Lots of Jobs" is another name for them. I think they are collecting info. to sell such as leads to schools etc.

    Be advised to never give out personal info. until you have confirmed what company you might be actually applying to. Then verify the company yourself, call them directly, and ask them the best way to apply.

    Be careful out there in cyberspace! We sure live in a fallen world of scammers who waste all their talent by taking advantage of others.

    FYI: Below is what one scam email may look like that I received;

    "Hello _____

    A Director of New Business position has recently opened, and we thought it may interest you.

    The Director of New Business position offers great benefits and $50, 000 - $60, 000 annually.

    If a career change is something you are considering, or if this position is of interest to you, please follow the link below to a page that will provide you with a complete description and an opportunity to apply:

    We will be looking for your response today.

    Best Regards,

    Justine Dietz
    HR Specialist

    I-wish_to be taken_off your_mailing list.

    Career-Network, Inc.-- P.O. Box 618305-- Orlando, FL [protected]"

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  • Sm
    smooth6977 Jul 31, 2009

    this is not a scam. i applied for some jobs on and I did received a few phone calls to verify my info and yes they did ask me about college. Well I have a job now and I am going to scoll now for an IT career. I am glad I picked up th ephone after the 3rd time they called me.

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  • Un
    Unemployed TX Mommy Jul 31, 2009

    I just now received a call from a "Jessica" with Career Network at [protected]. I did not answer because something seemed unusual about receiving a pre-recorded message about a job. So I decided to Google this Career Network and sure enough this site was second in line. Good thing I checked it out before making a call. Thanks to all for posting experiences, it is such a tough time finding good employment no one needs extra crap to deal with! Go with your gut feeling cause it's always right.

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  • walford Jul 30, 2009

    The University of Phoenix and their ilk must really be desperate if they would pay outfits like Career Network to scam for tuition like this. One thing for sure, a degree or certificate from a place that has to rely on pop-up ads and scammers can't be worth much.

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  • Ja
    jake1986 Jul 30, 2009

    i recieved a call from these people and was informed they had a job for me. i asked them where was it at? all they would say it was within 20 miles from where i lived. Then they begin to asking me about all this future education b/s wether i would like to futher it. so i said sure what the hell if it helps me to get a job sure ill say yes. They said are u serious because only a few would be selected for this exclusive free eduction oppurtunity. This whole thing smelt funny from there start . then the lady gives me a number to an advisor that would help me in some way that i do not know. She wanted to know for sure if i was going to call it or not. saying she would call me back in 30 minutes to see how it went. Told her i would then we hung up. I never called the number I got on the internet looked up Career Network INC . I found nothing but complaint forums about this company so my suspicisions were confirmed. She never called back. So i went where i was thinking that they had a job for me to a run around on this futhering my education B/S. Long and behold the whole thing is wack SCAM SCAM SCAM

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  • Bo
    BOOHOO Jul 29, 2009

    They're getting smarter! Have moved into Chicago Craiglist, use a gmail account and have a full name in the signature...

    Hello ***,

    I wanted to let you know that we have received your application for the Office Coordinator position with Career Elect . You have been recommended as a potential candidate.

    Please follow the link below to log in and confirm your availability to fill the Office Coordinator position.

    You are registered on the site with the following log-in information:

    Username: ***
    Password: ***

    Career Elect is one of the largest gateways to employment on the Internet. By logging in, you will be confirming your desire to interview for this position, verifying that the information we have on file for you is correct, and providing some additional insight that will be critical in making the final decision in the hiring process.

    Thanks for your interest in this position.


    Jennifer Adkinson
    Human Resources

    I do not wish to be considered for future employment.

    P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL [protected]


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  • Li
    Lisa.Muchnick Jul 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been contacted by this company.
    I first received an email stating that my resume was reviewed and I had been selected for a data entry position, to work from home.
    The email from: micheal james <[email protected]

    The Hiring Desk of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications. This is a work from home data entry job and you will get paid weekly doing data entry inputting (alpha and numeric data) into excel database, work is sent via email and you will be working M-F.
    Earn $28 per hour
    Do you have a yahoo messenger on your computer. To proceed with this Data Entry Clerk job position you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger.
    I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM) Mrs Mary and Instant Message this ID asap for the interview ID ([email protected]) so you can get considered for the position.

    Hiring Manager.

    I stupidly and being naive set up a yahoo ID and was willing to do this interview to see what happens.

    Here is the interview:

    lisa.muchnick: Hello Mary Lisa Muchnick here.
    mary tom: Okay, how are you?
    lisa.muchnick: I am good. And You?
    mary tom: Great thank you
    mary tom: Are you ready for the interview now?
    lisa.muchnick: Yes I am.
    mary tom: whats your full name and where are you located?
    lisa.muchnick: Lisa Muchnick.
    lisa.muchnick: Located in Miami, Florida
    mary tom: why do you want this job?
    lisa.muchnick: I was laid off, and am currently seeking employement. I prefer to work out of the home, however my resume was circulated and your company likes the qualifications. I am not apposed to working from home. I am a hard worker, and work well independently as well.
    mary tom: Okay
    lisa.muchnick: My only concern is there are many work at home scams. I would only be interested if I do not pay for kits and etc. Plus it has to be a reputable comp
    mary tom: Are you aware that this is strictly and online job and a work from home job?Are you currently employed?Will you be able to devote 5 hours of your time to Aquarium Finance Ltd ? That is 2hrs at least daily?
    lisa.muchnick: Oh yes
    lisa.muchnick: I would do it full time as long as pay is good.
    lisa.muchnick: I would only need to work another job if the pay isn't enough to cover my bills.
    mary tom: You dont have to worry about that as we are very legitmate and reputable
    lisa.muchnick: ok
    mary tom: Do you have a Printer, Fax Machine, Scanner and a Photocopier?What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?
    lisa.muchnick: I have a printer, scanner, copier.
    lisa.muchnick: Privacy and code of conduct means that It's confidential info that should be treated as such and not shared with anyone.
    mary tom: Okay
    lisa.muchnick: still there?
    mary tom:
    What do u understand by petty cash?Have you ever worked from home?How would you describe your self?
    mary tom: yes
    lisa.muchnick: Petty Cash is money on hand to purchase business related supplies for an office. Receipts must be kept and turned in for anything taken from petty cash.
    lisa.muchnick: I have never worked at home, accept for taking home projects from my office.
    mary tom: Okay
    mary tom:
    How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly ?What means of Payment do you prefer ? Wire Transfer OR Direct Deposit ?and what bank do you operate?
    lisa.muchnick: I would describe myself as: Smart, Reliable, trustworthy, responsible, hard working, self motivated, fast learner, who accomplishes goals.
    lisa.muchnick: I would prefer weekly pay
    lisa.muchnick: I would prefer my checks mailed if possible. I do not feel comfortable giving my banking info without knowing who I am working with
    lisa.muchnick: otherwise direct deposit is the usual choice.
    mary tom: do you have a bank of america account?
    lisa.muchnick: no
    mary tom: do you have a credit card?
    lisa.muchnick: no.
    lisa.muchnick: why? Do I have to buy software? or anything?
    mary tom has signed out. (7/29/2009 12:50 PM)

    When I said no I don't have a credit card, and asked why? Do I have to buy anything?
    She signed off immediately.
    People should be aware of these work at home scams.

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  • Se
    seconomy Jul 29, 2009

    I've received a dozen emails from companies like 'snatch a career' and 'online career center, all claiming to have a specific position/client interested in my background, but requiring page after page of personal info for the application. Today a young man called from one of these "verification agencies", saying that I had applied to a position with their client recently but needed some more info to verify my background. He refused to tell me the name of the company that I had supposedly applied to, or any info regarding the position or what the company does. I was skeptical, as anyone would be who's heard about these phishing scams, I finally committed to answering a few questions. Right off the bat he started asking my address, email, phone... all stuff that he should know already, because it is on my resume that he claims to have... I argued with him a bit, and eventually told him to go fly a kite

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  • Ma
    malindarose56 Jul 28, 2009

    I've applied to quite a few jobs through this website and its subsidiaries. I've even gotten a few phone calls, but as soon as I say "no, I'm not interested in furthering my education at this time", the person thanks me and hangs up. Nothing about the job I applied for. Recently, when I've gone to it or one of its subsidiaries, as soon as I'm ready to continue, I get "page not responding". These websites are most likely scams, or those running them are trying to make a commission off signing someone up for an online college. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that they are committing fraud by offering jobs that aren't really there. Whoever is in charge of these fraudulent websites need to be prosecuted. There are many of us out there who are trying so hard to find a good job and they are wasting our time. Also the legitimate job boards need to ban these people from looking at our information.

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  • Je
    Jess123456 Jul 27, 2009

    I got a call from this career network. i returned the call, honestly they sound legit. They only asked for info i had already posted on the application online, they just repeated the info back to me and i confirmed. they told me they would submit the info to the company i filled the app for. If they were fraud, why would they call me and repeat info i already gave them before?

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  • Br
    Brendon Jul 22, 2009

    Check this out!!
    Recently I reported Career Network to Better Business Bureau in Central Florida. They sent me a response saying that there wasn't a reply from this company.Of course they're not gonna reply. But a few weeks later I received both a letter and an email from Career Network's supposed general counsel. Here are the nuts and bolts of this alleged counsel claiming that they are legit. I still don't buy into it.

    My name is Keith Kress and I serve as General Counsel for Career Network, Inc. which operates online job boards. I am in receipt of a complaint you filed with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, in which you expressed, your displeasure and concern with them. Career Network takes your complaint seriously as we make every effor to insure our members have a useful and effective experience with them and its services.

    During the registration and application process on their website, you are asked only to provide information essential to applying for employment, such as contact info., education achievements and work experience. Carrer Network does not take part in nor condone phishing, identity theftor spamming e-mail addresses and never requests your social security number, credit score, driver's license number, checking account number, credit card number or any sensitive info. that could be harmful to you if it fell into the wrong hands and utilized for illicit purpose. Furthermore, they are aware of its members' privacy concerns and takes all measures possible to insure its members' info. is not compromised or used for purposes other than those authorized by its members.

    Due to your unsatisfactory experience with them, we have removed your information from our database. If the foregoing doesn't sufficiently address your concerns, please contact me and I will further address your concerns.

    Keith E. Kress
    General Counsel
    Career Network, Inc.
    [email protected]

    Can you pick out the flat out lies in the letter? Yes, they do ask for credit scores, cause that is finally where the red flag went off in my mind. So the route of going to the BBB apparently didn't do any good, which is a shame...

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  • Sh
    Shaye B Jul 22, 2009

    I didn't even finish the application process because something seemed off to me. Yet I still received two voice mails--the exact same recorded message, but with two different call back numbers, one in NY and one in DC, although the call came from a NY area code according to my phone. Neither mentioned company or position, so I got online and found this.

    Also add Trade Up Jobs as an alias--I received four separate e-mails from them ([email protected]), with the following names and titles: Justine Dietz, Human Resources Director; Kathleen Phillips, Assistant to the Human Resources Director; S. Levine, Director of HR; and Barbara Fields, Executive Assistant. As if all these client companies would use their e-mail, and the same one at that. I responded with a request for a job description before I fill out all my personal information and have received no response of course. Then I noticed at the very bottom of the e-mail, in 7.5-point font, Career Network and the above-mentioned PO Box address.

    It's pathetic that people like this prey on those of us looking for a job.

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  • Jo
    johnhancockisgreat Jul 20, 2009

    This career network stuff is ridiculous. I too fell for the scam about a month ago. I got a few emails from them but my references are the ones that have suffered most. My boss and other 2 references recieve about 50-60 emails a day for tons and tons of junk. Everything from sex stuff to fitness to food.

    I feel ###ed for falling for it but with today's economy an eager job searcher will apply at almost anything. This is a prime example, I hope career network burns down in flames and someone tracks them down and sues them for every penny.

    John Hancock

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  • Ca
    calmartie Jul 14, 2009

    I too just received a "verification services" call from Career Network telling me that they wanted to go over my resume information for a prospective employer. While I was on hold a canned message said it would be advisable to be at my computer during the call, so since I was at my computer and answering preliminary questions, I decided to check them out online. I terminated the call while the "verification specialist" was asking me if I was interested in furthering my education... I had just furthered my education about them by googling "Career Network scam"! I just wish I had looked them up before I submitted a resume. I worry about what is being done with all my personal this an elaborate phishing scam or just a come-on for online education?

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  • Pr
    prodigaldaughter Jul 13, 2009

    I just received a call from Career Network "verification services" stating that they wanted to go over my resume and references on behalf of the employer. It came from the number [protected] which, when looking online has been harassing and calling numerous people who, like me, applied for what they thought was a real job, forwarded their resume with contact information and am now being bombarded with these kinds of calls and emails for job listings, online univerisities and the likes. I had never had a problem like this before, but I began receiving spam calls about education, etc. within 12 hours of filling out an application through their website. It's a shame that someone is taking advantage of people who honestly just need to find a job! I've seen them on Craigslist, Yahoo Jobs and careerbuilder...nothing is safe so how are you supposed to find a job!

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  • Pa
    pacnwahine Jul 09, 2009

    thanks for reporting this...I just got 3 emails in a row from Super Job Source that looked suspicious though could be legit - for a reference! The thing is, I don't know any Christina Martins...luckily I always research suspicious emails and glad I found this board:

    From: <[email protected]>
    Date: Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 11:04 AM
    Subject: Christina Martin has listed you as reference for a job
    To: <cut>

    Dear <cut>

    Christina Martin is applying for a job position and has listed you as a reference. We are doing a reference check and would like to receive some information from you.

    Please click on the link below if you would like to provide a reference for Christina Martin.

    (If the link above is not clickable, please copy and paste it into your Internet browser)

    Super Job Source

    The Job Applicant provided yo ur name as a personal or professional reference in conjunction with completing an application for employment with a Super Job Source client or affiliate. Should you no longer wish to receive emails from Super Job Source or its affiliates, please use the following link. <removed>

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  • Re
    REALLY1829 Jul 08, 2009

    The companies that advertise on Career Network actually pay to advertise the job listing and want to remain anonymous. These are desperate time and we are in need of employment I never got a job applying on yahoo hot jobs or monster, or even career builder they all seem like a waste of my time.

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  • Su
    SuniAzLady Jul 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think I just got another one from They want to pay me $65, 000 a year, working part time from home. I'm beginning to think I could make more money sending out scammer job info then trying to find a real job! Too bad my work ethics are too good for that kind of sh*#. Good luck to all~

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  • Lo
    lovemuffin Jul 02, 2009

    Please add or to your list. I got an e-mail, recognizing that it wasn't a job I had applied for. I thought it might be spam I was getting since I applied to a craigslist posting that turned out to be fake. I clicked the button to remove myself from the mailing list, but when they had me clicking it multiple times, I knew it a phishing scheme and I had just confirmed my e-mail address is active. I'm so stupid.

    In this economy with all these laid off people, it sickens me to see these people posting fake jobs and mining our personal information, phone numbers, addresses, etc. I wonder what they are going to do with my info? I'm never ussing craigslist again -- more fakes than actual job listings!

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  • Nj
    NJW Jun 30, 2009

    If these websites are legit why do they go by so many different names? And the jobs they list are noted to come from another site such as,, Only a small percentage show they come from an actual company.

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  • Su
    SuniAzLady Jun 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HA HA HA - Maybe Craigslist should hire some of us who are job searching to be a verification specialist for them!! I would love a job like that to get rid of the scammers!

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  • Tl
    tlane0923 Jun 30, 2009

    Most of the bogus jobs posted by "career network" and its subsidaries are on Craigslist. I have decided to stop using CL until it takes its members advice and starts verifying any "company" that posts a job. We have suggested that they use phone number verification: if a company is local and legit they will have a local phone number and a physical address. Very simple. I hope everyone else decides to drop CL too so the only members left are spammers and they can prey on each other.

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  • Su
    SuniAzLady Jun 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well maybe there is no harm in what they are doing, but it is a total waste of time for those who are seriously looking for employment. When you've looked and looked and sent out resume after resume, it frustrating to get this kind of crap from people who don't really have anything to offer. If I wanted to go back to school, then I would obtain that information on my own. I don't need anyone calling or e-mailing me about it. Best of luck to all those who are searching!

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  • Su
    Supa Jun 29, 2009 is also associated with career network.

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  • walford Jun 24, 2009

    It is fraud to post a false job listing to gather private info for the purpose of selling it to spammers. As a consequence of giving out my e-mail address and cell phone number to these scam ads posted on Craigslist, I have seen a marked increase of spam in my e-mail inbox and auto-generated texts to my cell phone.

    So yes, I have been harmed.

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  • Mr
    MrTango Jun 23, 2009

    *note -I posted this same post on another couple complaints about them as well b/c I really want to know since I have applied through their job boards- and there was a company name on the postings of some of them.

    I keep seeing these complaints posted about this company, but has anyone actually been harmed by the company? I've yet to see anyone post who has. not saying they aren't, but I have applied for a few jobs on their website, been "verified" and the worst I can come up with is that once I said ok to the education info, I got a bunch of emails and calls from the schools who's info I requested. But heck, I got a lot more of that type of contact when I was a senior in High School years ago. I was never asked for anything that couldn't be found in a phone book, or online directory. No one asked for SS# (which, by the way is very easy to find. If you have ever bought real estate, its public document if you know where to look), no one asked for credit card info. So I didn't get called back- well, most of the jobs I applied for on other job boards didn't call me back, either - and I have an excellent resume and job history!
    As a former Supervisor nad recruiter (in a dance studio, if you couldn't tell by the name), before I was laid off, I can't tell you how many times I would call an applicant that had applied on Hotjobs/Monster/Craigslist and found that it was not the correct number. I'm sure that there were some fine people who missed out on job opportunities because of it. If indeed the "verification" service that they offer the employers on their job board is legit, then I think its brilliant, if not - well, that's why I have seperate email accounts for my job search which I intend to delete once my search is over.
    I no way am I defendeing Career Network, but when you see this many complaints, yet no one has been harmed...

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  • Su
    SuniAzLady Jun 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think it depends on where your location is when looking on Craigslist. I've noticed the that larger cities, i.e., Phoenix actually have a good percentage or "real" jobs with either company websites or company e-mails to respond to. Now other smaller cities, i.e., Yuma, have very few "real" job postings. But I also have found some of the same scammers on other job boards as well. It's very frustrating to keep seeing these scammers over and over. I keep flagging them on Craigslist, but not sure it's going to do any good. I ever wrote to Craigslist, didn't hear anything, but felt better after I sent my complaint!
    Good luck all~

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  • walford Jun 23, 2009

    @Kelli Madison, WI: Why does Craigslist take this and other scammers off the employment listings? Apparently the incentive to keep allowing it is stronger than the disincentive not to. I have stopped using Craigslist because the employment listings are 99% scams or misleading ads for jobs that are in fact multi-level marketing schemes.

    Perhaps if enough of us voted with our feet away from Craigslist, things would change. There are better job listing sites out there. Use them instead.

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  • Rj
    R.J Fab Jun 23, 2009

    I too have receive an email from on fire employment the same exact set up as jwolf12, except mine was for an Office Assistant job for $17/hr. The person who sent it was a "Barbara Fields, Human Resources".
    I wish that I have looked at this complaint board before I filled in the rest of my info. I feel that I am usually a skeptical person when stuff comes thru emails. However, since it did not come in through my spam mail I thought that it was legit AND not to mention I have sent so many resume's out I am starting to get confussed to who I did and did not send it to. I have not received any follow up emails and no one has called me, but now I just sit here after reading all these posts wondering who really is sending these emails? What is being done with all the info that is being provided to them? Where is the info going after it's received? How can people get away with this? What really sucks is we live in a country where there is all these freedoms and it's not fair to take advantage of people who are really looking for a job to better their life or rebuild it. So now I sit here still looking for a job and being more careful about who and who not to send my info to.

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  • Ke
    Kelli Madison,WI Jun 22, 2009

    I totally agree with all of these people. I 've even email them on the "contact us " on the bottomm of the page, I had applied for more than 50 jobs I was more than qualified for most of them. after going through all of the riga- ma-row and getting fed up with not so much as a phone call from any one. I asked if any one has actually gotten hired through them? I am still waiting for a response, its been 5 months. Why does craigs list continue to let them put postings on the sight? They must know by now something is up!!Maybe craigslist should do some investigating!

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