I purchased the Hot Phonecard in Auckland New Zealand with the understanding that calling rate to the US was about $.02 a minute. This was shown to me on a chart at the store where I purchased the card. After making my first 1 minute call to check voicemail, I discovered my balance was now $7.19. My 1-minute call had cost $2.81! I called customer service to complain. The representative couldn't explain to me why I had been charged so much, and promised to credit my account for the call. The call was never credited. I decided not to use the card, since by this measure, I had about 3 minutes left. My wife used the card at the airport as we were leaving NZ and, as guessed, we had about 3 minutes left. So I paid $10 for four minutes of calls to the States, more than my cellphone roaming charges would have been on Verizon wireless (just $1.99 a minute!). What a rip-off.


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    buboes Mar 20, 2009

    This is indeed a RIP OFF. Interesting that this is the company that Telstra, who have abandoned their Say G'Day card advises you to transfer to. I purchased a $10.00 card and found that the number they gave me to access services did just did not work. I complained and was told to
    try again'. Of course, it still did not work and so I stood my ground and was given a local access number for 'no charge' There was no charge for the access call, but a short call to NZ soon began to eat into my $10.00. I was left with the feeling that this is somehow a Telstra rip off. They would be perfectly aware that it is a scam and so maybe they hope that you will just give up and go back to using your regualr landline at the inflated rates they charge

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