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capri cleanersgiving me a run around with my check

ok two weeks ago sweet daughtery was the owner in a lease gave up ownership and breeched his lease kenny the leaser the main person in charge who has been running the store since b4 sweet took over and since sweet has left is running me around with my check he is saying that Pay Chex hasn't called him. well if your are the full time owner shouldnt u been able and capable of calling pay chex and making sure the checks are there on time?? i am now being told to check back, check back, well i cant tell my bills to check back, check back i called him yesterday concerning my check and today 10/08/08 it is still not there and i dont believe that no body hasnt gotten there checks . and everytime i have called to talk to him many of times and i am put on hold for atleast 15 min they dont come back and answer the phone with hello its click and theyve hung up on u. or u sit on hold for 15 min hang up keep calling and its still busy for another 5 - 10 min goes to show they do not care about anything not there customers not me.

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