Capital Network USAScam and cheating

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Mark Benz Of Capnet Leasing corp. of Burbank Ca. agreed to finance a piece of equipment for me, had me sign an agreement, send many documents to him, and send first and alst payment to him in form of an official bank check in the amount of 1450.00. Them Mr. Benz strung me along with delay tactics for four or five days and finally said he needed more time and I dicovered he was just plain lying about really being able to do anything. I requested my money back and he said he just wanted to talk abou the deal . Talking was over and there was no dealing with this idiot. I have contacted the North Carolina Attorhey Generals office and intend for them to handle the matter. Beware of Capnet Leasing Corp. & and for sure if Mark Benz answers the phone hang up right away, not only does he lie but he is very uninteligent. He say he is the C>E>O> of the company and you can only speak with him and not anyone else, I really know that he is flat ou telling a lie about that. Save your time and money leave them alone.


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      Oct 01, 2009

    They took my money as well. July 2009 and have been calling and calling ever since to get it back. I too have fied with the California Attorney General's office and am filing with the State for DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AND CAN BE FINED FOR $2000 per occurance. EMAIL ME FOR CLASS ACTION SUIT [protected] Read the [redacted].com. These guys are a piece of work!!

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      Nov 11, 2009

    Your situation sounds identical to what I just went through. Instead of speaking with a Mark Benz, I was speaking with a Mark Larsen...what a coincidence they have the same first name. Please contact me at [protected] I'm trying to collect as much information I can to forward to the Better Business Bureau in California which have requested detailed information from me. Together maybe we can stop this from happening to other businesses and maybe get our monies back!

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      Jun 13, 2011

    I agree that Capnet and its officers are a RIPOFF. I had a 36 month lease for some equipmet and paid first and last as per contract. Then they say I owe anothe 12 months because I didnt contact them in time to end lease. I contacted them more than 60 days before end of lease, but they now say it had to be at least 90 days but no more than 120 days. What a bunch of BS!!!

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