Capital Chevrolet on Capital Expressway in San Jose CA.dealership/service department; chevy equinox recall issues & repairs

R Sep 09, 2018

I have taken my car in for recall issues and have had same problems. Dashboard electronics ect. GM had gotten involvedIwhen Chevy was trying to make me pay for dionostic, pay for rental car. On a recall issue. They kept my car 17+ days, & every time I went by my car was sitting in the same place. have taken car in with lunging & cutting off at red lights several times. Running rough. Noise in left side when I turn right., paid $1200 + & still happening.! I call leave messages but no call back. I am about to make appointment again for this noise, but, I know there is going to be an issue. They skirt around the issues each time. Last taken 04/19/2018, service agent: Eddie Jimenez. Left messages...? This dealership sold me Equinox LT, I don't have an LT!

  • Updated by Renee G · Sep 09, 2018

    Capital Chevrolet has ripped me off! Continuously!!!

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