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S Sep 05, 2018

Good Day;
I will try to be brief. I am 48 years old and have been a patron of Nike products since I could wear them. My two young sons have ALWAYS been bought Nike paraphernalia. The recent decisions to place Mr. Kappernick at the forefront of Nike and it's image is daunting. I will no longer purchase ANYTHING associated with Nike or its affiliates. Now, I'm sure all the executives are saying "This is just initial public blowback and it will subside over time." Wrong. You have collectively alleinated the
"heartland, " populace of America - the same people who elected Donald Trump to President. I know Nike is to proud to rescind this fallacy so the 📉 that is coming
was not without warning. Mostly, I am disappointed in a shoe company I truly felt
a sense of loyalty towards for so many years.


CS Cannon

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    This is my second and last omission to Nike Inc. Your decision to place Collin Kapernick as the "Face, " of Nike is/was an abashment of monumental proliferation.
    I am 48 and have bought "Nike, " exclusively since I was 10. Your choice to place someone who does not honor our country's National Anthem and Flag is where I
    have to wonder what the heck is going on with your advertising department. I have
    the suspicion that you feel the majority of your clientele is African-American, therefore
    you choose to pander to that genera. Your blunder is ironically the same as those who laughed about President Trumps campaign. You have pissed off the heartland of this great country. If not painfully obvious, I will NEVER purchase another product from Nike -- nor will my two 'athletic' be wearing your product. Finally, don't think this will fade with time - it won't.

    CS Cannon
    [email protected]

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