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Candy Mold CentralCompany owner told me to go f*ck myself


DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY. I ordered $20 worth of molds. I had a missed call and called it back. The flamboyantly gay man who answered said that I gave an invalid phone number and a different shipping address so my order is canceled but they already charged my credit card. I said my phone number was in no way invalid and I was in fact calling him from that phone. He said that since my message box was full that means the number is invalid!! What?

Then he said that also my shipping and billing addresses are different so my order is canceled. I tried to say something and before I could even say one sentence to explain that he is wrong, he said my order is canceled and told me to "Go f*ck myself."

What. OMG. What the heck is wrong with that guy. I have never ever in my life been treated like that by a company. Do not order ever from this company.

Also, they operate under two company names: Candy Mold Central and Cakes-n-Things but it is the same company. Shady.


  • Dv
    DV3 Nov 19, 2010

    I tried to order from their website, THREE Different TIMES!!! Everything was fine till l tried to checkout with Paypal. IT didnt work, so I sent a manual payment through paypal, THREE Different TIMES ...the order was cancelled by CandymoldCentral/CakesNthings.I emailed them three times asking if they could tell me what was not working to fix the problem for future correct the order i was trying to place. NEVER GOT AN ANSWER!

    Their site states they do not take phone orders, so I thought the best means to contact them was their CS email. Three emails including forwarded emails from my paypal to try and fix the problem, even emailed the payment has been sent so they could see the transaction was initiated. Again, no answer, no assistance.

    So, below you will see my email which I would thought bring attention that I was disapointed that no one has responded to my troubleshooting inquiries and order complications... I GET THIS ABSOLUTELY RUDE response back!!!( I have protected my email address )

    From: "Alan Veren" <[email protected]>
    To: dc************@********.com
    Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 10:33:02 AM
    Subject: FW: ordering, customer issues

    First you did not sent the payment to the correct paypal account. Did you pick up the phone and try to talk to someone? I think not. Your account will be inactivated and you may take your business wherever you choose. That is your right.
    Good day and have a great Thanksgiving

    ----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 8:43 AM
    To: Alan
    Subject: Fw: ordering, customer issues

    Thank you for shopping with us.

    Cakes N Things, Inc
    Hours: Mon - Fri 9 - 5:00 pm CST
    On The Web: and
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: dc*******@******.com
    To: [email protected] ; [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 7:36 AM
    Subject: ordering, customer issues

    Dear Customer Service,

    I have over the course of the past week emailed your CS department with inquiries about three order attempts that have failed.
    I have inquired your help as to why the orders were not working correctly when using your online system. Wanting to place the order, find out and resolve the issues for future business...HOWEVER,

    and I cannot emphasize this enough...but...Im EXTREMELY disapointed to say, I have not received ANY response, ANY assistance...

    ANYTHING to try and establish for this case a very small order.
    REALLY REALLY disapointed.

    Im really glad to know, that I make sure that no matter what size the order, what the questions...
    I would not, and do not treat my customers, or potential customers in this manner.

    EVERY ONE is IMPORTANT and deserves the time.

    I would be glad to welcome some response, perhaps there is some reason as to why you feel I am not important enough, or that my order THIS order was not important enough for your time.
    Id love to hear why I was NOT!

    But so you know, I am EXTREMELY disapointed. I have NOT had a company

    totally disregard my orders. I have not had issue with trying to get one.

    Thanks so much for letting me see, that perhaps YOUR business is not worth MY business.
    And I will absolutely share this with my other business associates, and suppliers.
    D. V.

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  • Wr
    wronged_customer1 Sep 14, 2010

    I just ordered something ebay from this seller and I realized immediately after I ordered it that I had forgot to update my address. I emailed the seller twice right away telling him that I updated my address and it had changed, and to please ship it to my new address. In several emails we had back and forth before he shipped it, he was very rude and said he would only ship it to the wrong address. I even offered to have him refund it and me re-purchase it, so that it would say my new address. He said no and shipped it anyways to the wrong address. Now I am out the money and will never recieve the product which I needed for my upcomming wedding. He acted like I was trying to "steal' this product by having it shipped to a different address. It was only like $5 worth of molds and $3 shipping. The whole thing was just completely rediculous. I think he likes to piss people off, and that is why he shipped my products to the wrong address and why he is so awful to everyone else. I checked out his BBB rating, which is an F, by the way. He has had 8 complaints in the past 36 months. That is insane. I do not understand why he is still in business!

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  • Co
    CoderOne Mar 15, 2010

    Here is mine...

    Hello Clarke Smith

    You know. I've been doing business on the NET since 1997. I've sold to 1000's of customers all over the world including Alaska. I've told more then one customer to put their pistols away and get off their horse and be my company's friend. And they became my company's friend. I know it's hard sometimes to deal with the ones that just want to make you slap them down like an ugly step child but you don't because they still are your bread and butter and word of mouth sales.

    I've dealt with hundreds of business owners and I've never had a bad experience in all these years until now.

    I am helping a family member start up a small cake making home business and I have earmarked $600 to help supply her. I searched high and low on the net for a company that carried a good supply of cake baking equipment at reasonable prices. I can do eBay all day long but it's hard sometimes to get exactly what you need right now at a reasonable price.

    I spent many hours on your site to complete a tip collection for her. I saved a shopping cart on March 4 that would get her going and get a few things for a birthday party she has been hired to do on March 28. Today it's March 15 and although I have tried to order. For some reason, it's been pretty hard to give you my money.

    My first shopping cart was canceled. After an unanswered email I placed a telephone call to your company. The tips apparently are part of a clearance sale and are selling fast. Since I had around a 100 items on my cart and your shopping cart provided no way for me to determine what had been sold, I asked for your assistance in determining which items had been sold. I was told that I was not worth your time to determine which items in the cart had been sold so I could complete the order.

    After hanging up, I Googled your company to see if anybody had bad experiences with you. Or was this just a fluke attitude from a guy having a bad day. As you well know, I am not the first one. There is no print on the NET that says anything good about you. A trip to the BBB shows you have had problems. The BBB also shows there have been some resolutions on your part. So maybe the only problem is, your customer service skills suck.

    So I go back to your site after talking to my daughter. I decide to place a test order. It's not good for business to be an ###. It's not even against the law to be an ###. Your prices are good and this is business regardless of your lack of business polish. As long as I am not cheated, ###s can still satisfy my needs.

    So tip by tip for a total of 80 or so I take a canceled shopping cart and make a new cart with just the tips determining for myself which tips are no longer available. I check the shipping and it's pretty high for something that without a package takes 4 tips to make an ounce. UPS is cheaper so I change my shipping address in my account to accommodate UPS because with the $4-$5 in excessive shipping the UPS value is still good.

    Then I proceed to check out. When we get to shipping, I notice the price for shipping UPS has climbed from $11 to $17. USPS priority is now $32.18. You know, the US government agency that if it fits in a $5 box, it ships no matter the weight????

    I'm being told that 80 tips that weigh just under 6 grams a piece have a shipping weight of 11.62 pounds? I simply questioned why the $11 estimated weight with my zip code changed to $17.

    Patient guy that I am, albeit anxious to send you some money I stopped check out and sent you an email to give you an opportunity to explain to me how it is that 80 tips ship out at over 10 pounds. I gave you the opportunity to provide me a reasonable actual shipping weight. I gave you the opportunity to satisfy a paying customer.

    Your response?

    Yes, the weight is correct. And if I don't like what the live rate servers at UPS and USPS have to say to take my business someplace else.

    My response?

    You need another customer appreciation lesson. I've contacted you now 2 times. I have been polite and understanding. You have basically told me twice to f ck off and die. In the first contact, I wasn't worth your time and in the second you told me that if I didn't like your lying shipping weights while blaming them on UPS and USPS to take my business elsewhere.

    Per your site you claim to not accept PayPal because they fraud you. You are a seller. That means the only problem you could possibly have had with PayPal are customer disputes and charge backs. I've dealt with PayPal as a seller and buyer since the day they started business. Disputes that cannot be resolved by the parties require a refund.

    Your site says per your open letter to customers, that you are discontinuing all merchandise that is not made in America to help the American economy, thus your clearance sales.

    Your PayPal excuse is full of sh t. Your American patriotic attitude is full of sh t.

    Mr. Smith. It's American attitudes like yours that have tanked this economy, not the Chinese or other international attitudes. Your clearance discount clearly states that at minimum 60% of the money that you collected for an item made in another country helped fuel the American economy.

    You are not going to give USPS $32 to ship a 2lb box. You are not going to give UPS $17 to ship this same box. I am not going to give you that much to ship a 2lb box. I'll give you actual shipping weight plus a reasonable handling charge. $11 was pushing it.

    You just lost a $600 spending budget. The American economy has not lost it. You have. This is in addition to the $2k annual budget you lost as reported on the NET by somebody that you gave the same attitude to. This is in addition to what has to be hundreds if not thousands of other American budgets that simply have not taken the time to waste on you like I have and some others. Your loss of my business and many others has not hurt the economy in America nor the 40% international take of your gross sales. With the loss of my business and others, you only have ###ed yourself and maybe your family if such a thing could exist for very long in your personal world.

    I've been in business all my life. I fully understand that every time I piss off a customer, I stand to lose 7 to 10 word of mouth customers.

    Mr. Smith, you take the cake on this one. Since I have wasted this much time on your business, lets make it less of a waste of my time. My word of mouth is being given to the NET.

    You call yourself a president of a company. Per Wiki:

    President is a title held by many leaders of organizations, companies... Etymologically, a "president" is one who presides, who sits in leadership (from Latin pre- "before" + sedere "to sit"; giving the term praeses). ...[The term] is also often adopted by dictators.

    You are a ding dong dictator of an American company. I find nothing American about what you, a leader of people, perhaps a family and a business preaches other then perhaps your citizenship.

    Clarke A Smith
    Cakes N Things Inc.

    Have I made that clear as a bell to you?

    I am going to post my email to you on the NET because I have this need as an American to assist a other Americans in learning about a Corporate American dictatorship in America.

    Have a nice day.


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  • Le
    Lexi's Mom Mar 08, 2010

    I just tried to access the site and I'm blocked! I think I visisted their site a few months back when I was thinking about making my daughter's first birthday cake. Now, they've blocked my IP address! Ridiculous!

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  • Ki
    Kimberly A Mar 08, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I made an order and purchased 3 items. Only 2 came in the shipment. I called to let them know and get the missing item. They told me that based on the weight of the package, it shipped COMPLETE. Repeatedly told me that it shipped complete. I said it was missing from the box. They were screaming at me telling me that I was lying and must have been trying to scam them (really..for a $1.99 mold?) It was the point that I paid for an item I did not receive. He was yelling over me so I couldn't get a word in and then said "GOODBYE ###" and hung up on me.

    I immediately called back and asked for the manager. I got Clark Smith. I told him I was treated very rudely on the phone and he told me I was the rude one as he heard the entire conversation. I said no, I was trying to get my product that I had paid for but did not receive. He also told me I was lying as the package shipped complete. Told me to F*CK OFF and hung up the phone.

    I tried called back 5 times after that to tell them I was reporting them to the BBB and they picked up the phone and hung it right up all 5 times.

    NEVER do business with these A**HOLES!

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  • Gu
    Guest123456789 Feb 19, 2010

    Never in my life have I been more insulted. One day I was asked by my parents to go uptown and grab some things from a local business. Reluctantly, I agreed and hopped in my car. As I pulled up near the store I realized that there was no parking available so my eyes turned to a parking spot at a sucky little shop next door called, "Cakes 'N Things." Feeling that they would understand my dilemma and not mind at all about me parking there, I put the car in park, and hopped out. Inside the store I grabbed the things my parents had requested, purchased the items, and three minutes later made my way back to the car. Approaching my vehicle, I noticed a rather large looking man step out of the "Cakes 'N Things" store clutching a hammer. Right before I could get into the car he began to scream at me like a man with a mental problem. Never have I endured such a screaming at me. He asked if I could read and directed me towards the no parking sign on the front of the building. I apologized repeatedly and said that there was no parking in the other lot and that I had only been in there for a few minutes. Here is just a few of the profanities screamed at me:

    "You'd have to be an effing idiot to park where you parked."
    "How is it that punk kids like you are so stupid and ###ed."
    "Your are an effing idiot."
    "Is there something wrong with your brain, you effing ###."
    "Its people like you that are making this country suck."

    After enduring this for at least a minute, he took the hammer in his hand and pretended as if he would hit my car. "If you ever park here again, I swear I will kill your car with this hammer." Immediately I began to think that this guy was joking and smiled because, come on, no one threatens a teenager (especially not with a frieking weapon!). His response: "You think I'm kidding? Don't eff with me." And with that, I stepped in my car and drove off.

    Never in my life have I been so mad. This guy was a class A jerk and the biggest tool I have ever come in contact with. I can't believe that such sucky service and such a crappy establishment has stayed in business for this long. "Cake 'N Things", is not a good place to shop.

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  • Ma
    Mariezhang Dec 29, 2009

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  • Nb
    n.b. Oct 16, 2009

    Written by N.B.

    I disagree with the person who said that it was irrelevant for me to mention that he sounded like a flamboyant gay. That was my experience with him on the phone and in my opinion, it adds information about how the manner in which he speaks (well, screams as it were) on the phone. If he would have sounded distinctive in some other way notable way, I would have mentioned it, also. For example, if he would have distinctly sounded like a military drill instructor or Mrs. Olsen from Little House on the Prairie or Apu from The Simpsons or if he would have sounded as if he had a developmental problem, I likely would have equally mentioned it if it had some baring on his dramatic and irrational persona. I think it explains a little of his character. He did not merely lisp or sound effeminite. He sounded looney tunes, off his rocker, drama queen, hysterical, irrational, flamboyant. I wouldn't be surprised if this man stood naked in front of the mirror wearing a geisha robe while his pet miniature poodle ran around his feet and a woman screamed from a dungeon pit in his basement a la Silence of the Lambs. I actually did consider not including that description of his voice when I wrote the review, but that would have taken God like will power on my part, and after all, I am just a mere mortal without any God like powers --not even the power to cancel people's purchases on my slightest whim.

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  • Ks
    kscott Oct 15, 2009

    I wish I would have read this before I placed my order 6 days ago..I ordered 13.00 dollars worth of candy molds and the shipping was 12.00. In the comment box I stated that the shipping was a little outrageous because it was just short of what I spent on the molds altogether..Even though I felt this way I still wanted those molds anyways and confirmed the order. Ive waited for the shipment in the mail and finally decided to check the status of shipment only to find out that they canceled my order because I said that I thought the shipping was too much. How in the world can they cancel an order because of this?

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  • Sd
    SDTerp Oct 15, 2009

    To n.b.,

    This company sounds like it's being operated by someone who really should be kept away from society for society's own safety, if nothing else, but "he flamboyantly gay man, " comment was completely unnecessary. You didn't say the obviously white man, or the apparently bearded man (yes, I know you can't see if he has a beard on the phone or not -- it's an analogy). The point, is irrelevant to the issue and as a "flamboyantly gay man, " I find it insulting you felt it was necessary to add that comment. Granted, I have decided not to order from this company based on the comments from everyone on this board, but that part of your story only brings your credibility down and emphasizes your bias.

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  • No
    nomoldsforme Oct 09, 2009

    This company is absolutely unbelievable! Like you have all mentioned, I have never been treated so terribly by a company. EVER! I simply bought candy molds from this man, and he cancelled my order because he said the billing and shipping addresses did not match. I thought that I made an error, so I placed the order again.

    When I wanted to make sure I did not have to pay twice, he automatically cancelled the second order, FOR NO REASON AT ALL. When I emailed him back about this, he said I was stupid! WHAT?! Completely unaccepatable and unwarranted!

    My husband then called because I was so upset about being treated this way for no reason, and when he mentioned my name, the man started laughing at him----said GOOD DAY and HUNG UP ON HIM!!! ?!!!

    The above comments have actaully made me feel better about this, since it's clearly them and not us. I just hope I get my refunds!!! How is it possible they stay in business?!

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  • Gu
    Guy Huybrechts Sep 29, 2009

    Just had these guys on the phone to place an order for France and got one insult after another . The guy on the phone told us we "were not smart enough to use his website" and " go and sit on the Eiffel tower ... or better we should know where to stick the Eiffel tower " .

    Sad very sad such people are still in business . I really hope the " economy" will clean up/out these kind of people .

    I love the US, have been doing quite some business in US, Canada and Europe but this is the worst a person EVER told us .

    Please make sure the last customer turns out the lights ...

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  • Ni
    Niselle Jul 22, 2009

    Wow, so I actually made an order for some special cake pans for my Mother in Law's birthday 2 weeks ago and then I received notice, that my express shipping, which I paid $39 for these 2 ALUMINUM cake pans, had turned from one day to 2 week ground shipping, so I canceled the order. Clark Smith told me to ### off and that I should use my brain before I make a purchase. So of course I told him he was insolent and incompetent and he tried to take MORE money from my debit card and shut down my email address at Gmail. I finally got my refund today after 2 weeks of emailing that rat ### back and forth.

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  • Zi
    zinged Jul 10, 2009

    WOW! Had we not Googled this company, we would have never seen these. Talk about ironic.

    Our company was browsing their items today, for approximately 5 hours. We did purchase from them well over $400 a few months back. My wife was suddenly cut off from their Website. She called this company to find out why. She was told by this ignorant person that she had browsed over 500 items and didn't put anything in your cart. She was simply viewing this companies items first, would have discussed the items she thought we needed with me, THEN purchased.

    This ignorant individual has now BLOCKED our IP's from their Website! This is without doubt, THE worst company we have had to deal with! How you can treat your customers like dirt and stay in business, is beyond us. This Mr. Smith was the most sarcastic, and arrogant individual our company has ever had to deal with.

    Mr. Clarke Smith, we will take our $2K per year mold spend and purchase from another company. You have successfully driven off another customer.

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  • Pb
    pbv Jun 11, 2009

    Apparently his attitude hasn't improved. I recieved this message when attempting to place an order (for military emblem candy molds) from Alaska. Althought their site doesn't tell you this, they do not ship to Alaska (their site actually tells you that shipping takes 4 days to Alaska, but that is apparently not accurate).

    "...Everyone from Alaska thinks we should be doing something special to accomodate them. They feel they are different from everyone else and deserving special consideration or something special should be done for them. ...Please don't bother us anymore either. Alaskans way have too much frozen space between their ears. Please be sure when you start ### to people about this email, and I'm sure you will since you are from Alaska, that you spell our name right."

    This should be the correct spelling: Clarke A Smith, president, Cakes N Things, Inc

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