Candlewood Suites Topeka KSthis hotel is run by inefficient and inexperienced management.

C Sep 07, 2018

The rooms on 3rd floor are infested with fleas and there is nothing being done about this problem. When a hotel permits pets, it is common sense to have a regular professional maintenance plan for extermination and prevention of fleas and other pet issues that could arise. Bed bugs were also reported, and there was no complete action taken to rid them- floors 1 and 2 were partially checked out for a couple days and then the problem was simply put aside after that. Besides these issues, there are no amenities in this hotel that can even begin to compare with several surrounding hotels for the price. Not even a continental breakfast. The use of the laundry facilities is free, but one might keep in mind that the fleas and bed bugs probably make their way into the washers and dryers as they are not being completely exterminated and completely eliminated.

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