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Canadian Grant Moneyfalse representation

I was lead to believe that the total cost of the kit was $1.95. About three weeks after applying for the grand I get a total charge of $76.14 for the kit. I expect a full refund or I will go further that my computer to make sure that my refund, that is due to me, is refunded. My refund confirmation number is 2064026.


  • Ra
    Rachel May 27, 2009

    Actually, if you read the little bit of info in the box beside your credit card info box, it says that it is just a trial and that you would be charged after the trial period. I know, I wasn't sure about this site at first either, but they seem ligit. I haven't decided yet. Good luck!

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  • Do
    Double A Jun 11, 2009

    People need to read the fine print on these clearly states after the period of 24 hours they will "conveniently" put you into there monthly subscription at whatever the cost... so if you want to go through an internet site to apply for grants that are offered to qualifying Canadian’s then that’s your choice...but read the fine print.

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  • Br
    Brenda1313 Jul 29, 2009

    I sadly paid the $1.95 for the kit. After paying I looked into it and read about the scam. I called the number talked to some guy. I told him that I was p***ed. How could they take people's money. I told him I wanted to cancel.. He told me I would receive an email shortly with my cancellation - which I never received. I seen that the charge was put through my credit card and not trusting it was going to be cancelled I cancelled my credit card today. If you paid with a cc, cancel it now. These things are very hard to cancel and once they have your cc number who knows how long before it will end.

    Frustrated in Alberta

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  • Ra
    Ranx Aug 03, 2009

    The point is this "company" will never deliver anything of the sort. Grant scam sites are popping up in the US and Canada as of the last few months, and don't ever deliver a thing, beyond the promise for future materials (which never materialize). Of course in the mean time, they are happy to charge you a subscription.

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  • Cs
    CSIHARRIS Aug 05, 2009

    I say prove to me this works. Prove to me this is not just some scam geniuses at work. Seems a bit odd that they advertise FREE TRIAL for $1.95 up front and then charge you $57 and some odd cents for a monthly subscription, for what? If you actually inquire at a government agency about grants, there is no charge. Things that make you go "hmmmm".

    I've spent some time looking into this and although the website may appear to be legit, it's highly unlikely it really is. There are three very identical sites and in the end take you to the same free trial screen.

    BEWARE and do your research!

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  • ..::::.. Aug 14, 2009

    Hey I would agree, since when do we have to pay a 3rd party web site to to apply for goverment grants that are free to the citizens for this great country. Check out a genuine goverment website and apply for your grants that way, that's what I'm going to do, seen it before just never figured I would ever qualify, but why not I pay my taxes and my vechile is broken down and I could use some post-secondary education to get a better job/career. Get rich fast, not likley, Go broke slowly, more like it at 57.** a month.

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  • Bi
    bigdadio Sep 18, 2009

    Hi! I also got scammed by this so-called Canada Kit and when i doublechecked into it after some 30 hours, I sent a formal request for cancellation and they wrote back to let me know that I would get my 57$ US billing refunded MINUS 16$ US for dubious reasons. I took this cut loss offer but I swear I will never ever get into a scam like this anymore, my mistake of signing in being related to my overwhelming workload and lack of carefulness. So it cost me 16$US - that is some 28% of the first monthly billing!- to learn form my misake. Being self employed, I have to work to earn that money and sometimes I wonder what else than individual care could be done to protect people just like me who neglect to doublecehck these fine prints and uneasy to grasp notifications and fall into such a scam. Coiuld there be a law that oblige web services providers to send a formal and clealy spelled out notification BEFORE going from the 1-day trial mode to the monthly charges? Any hope in sight?

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  • Ed
    edo Oct 05, 2009

    just about got sucked in until i found this site wheeeeeeeeew

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  • Al
    AlbertaLad Jan 10, 2010

    Plain and simple People.It's a SCAM and under no circumstances sign up for it or give out your CC# to ANYONE!!!Your just Making some crook RICH!!!

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  • Mr
    MR LARRY Oct 21, 2011

    if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. This is a big scam looks good but when you get intoit you get the shaft andno money so beware

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