Camping Worldterrible service

H Aug 01, 2018

We purchased our 2018 Hartland Pioneer BH270 about 4 months ago from Camping World in Lakewood N.J. When we got home with it, we realized that there was no remote control to operate the led awning lights. Without it they just keep changing colors very fast and annoying. I called 4 months ago. Service Dept. said I would receive one in two weeks in the mail. Guess what? To no avail. Called again, left word with our salesman three times.( Rick Whitney) He wouldn't call back ! Called back again for service manager. She eventually called back and said it was ordered and I would be receiving it shortly. Two camping trips and four months later, Guess What?? Also if anyone else is considering buying a Hartland Pioneer, don't. It's shoddy quality. First, it came with a dead battery. No toilet paper holder or towel bar. The round bracket holding up the table fell off(screws stripped). Molding came loose in four places. Staples sticking up through the carpet. Main door opened twice on the road with both locks engaged. Three leaks under sinks. Factory failed to tighten fittings. Leak under toilet( I'm still trying to find it). I've made all repairs myself because camping world is 2 hours away, and my friends who also bought from there, said forget it. You may have to leave it there for weeks or even longer. Don't buy from this dealer!!! You'll regret it! Once you pay and leave, you're forgotten!

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