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Camera Giants Inc.Scam and cheating

Beware of Camera Giants business practices. I ordered a camera at a very low price from them. I then received an e-mail to call them at [protected] Ext. 209 and ask for Clark to 'verify' my obviously good order.
It turns out that the 'verification' with Clark was a blatant attempt to upsell me on all kinds of overpriced accessories for my camera. Clark then terminated the call very quickly. I called him back immediately with questions and he hung up on me!!!

Shortly thereafter, I received a note indicating that the camera was now out of stock, even though they allowed me to order expedited shipping. When I called back a third time, he offered to delete the shipping premium.

When I pulled up the camera on / just a few minutes ago, it is showing that the product in in stock at Camera Giants. My conclusion is that this is a scam where they advertise a product at a prices significantly lower than everyone else and then attempt to make up the profit on selling overpriced accessories. If you don't buy the other stuff, then they don't want to honor the deal on the low priced loss leader and do things to make you cancel.

These guys are bad news. Stay away!!!


  • Br
    BRAZ May 19, 2009

    Do Not buy from these people!! I too ordered a camera and when i got home the next day i had an email to call them to verify my Card number. So i called and he asked me if i wanted to buy an additional battery for it and i said no. I then asked when it would be shipped because i put for 3-5 day shipping. He then said it would be 2-3 wks out. I said this is all funny, a friend of mine just showed me these reviews on their site telling me the same thing which was happening to me, he stated " I will cancel the order" and hung up on me... GOOD DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE...BEWARE!!!

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  • Ch
    Chris Apr 29, 2009

    Ditto everything "Richard" posted on this thread ( Camera Giants Inc. — Scam and cheating). Bait and switch seems their modus operandi. Tired to order a Nikon D90 (body only) at an incredible price. Was later e-mailed to contact so-and-so. Upon contacting this person, I spoke with a fast talking son-of-a-b***h who upped the price by several hundred dollars on both items w/ extra add-ons. When I informed him I already had the lenses and just needed the body, they quickly told me they can't do that...then the call was disconnected. I called this person back thinking I had somehow misheard him or was (to no fault of either party) mistakenly disconnected (I was on a cell phone), but was this time distinctly and summarily hung up on. Calling a third time to complain, I was only informed that my order was cancelled and no charges would be made to my CC. That was the only good thing out of this only experience. DO NOT--REPEAT--DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Se
    selbahey Apr 27, 2009

    By far the worst company and the most rude costumer service i have ever dealt with.Just like everyone else I ordered a Garmin nuvi 755T "best price i found online", the next day I received an e-mail saying that i have to call for confirmation, I called and a guy named Alex answered and tricked me in buying a 2GB memory card for 99.00$ "he said that it is not a standard SD card and it is something made for garmin". Anyway I said OK but felt fishy and googled the memory card and fount that it is just a standard SD card and it is online for 10.00$ so i called back just to cancel the memory card and the costumer service guy was so rude and told me that he will cancel the whole order "like threatening me or something" i told him how come you can add items to the order and can't cancel items and you have to cancel the whole order. HE told me "What part of i will cancel the order don't you understand", i told him that this is not a polite way of talking to costumers so the ### HANG UP on me!! I called again to make an official complain, the same ### answered, i told him get me your supervisor, he told me I am the supervisor, ok so i told him that this in not a professional way to talk to costumers and this it was really rude talk to me like that and to hang up, he told me " To you I am rude and this is my nature" can you believe that!I got really pissed off and told him give me a decent human being to talk to, he said "When you are one i'll give you one" and Hang up again.
    So this is my story with this scam company it feels so bad to be helpless and can't do anything about it. Anyway I don't recommend anyone to deal with these ###.

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  • Ro
    Ron Apr 21, 2009

    My experience is a mirror of the above mentioned. I purchased a garmin 775t advertised at $399. I received the standard email and told to contact James at ext 204. This was my first bad experience at online shopping. I was caught off guard and received a phone call from them (phone number [protected]) at a coffeeshop with lots of background noise and my blackberry beeping as the battery was dying. I told him I didn't want the warranties he was offering and he said he would cancel the order, etc. I ended up with a 4year extended warranty, a super duper SD card supposedly needed to make the gps work and a charge to my card of $819. Every effort to correct this was thwarted in the same fashion as others have stated above with the rudeness, threats and deadends. I had shopped for a gps for over a year and finally decided to pull the trigger. From now on, if it is not or, I am not buying. Caution, if you send it back without a return authorization (which you cannot get), your product goes into oblivion. Read their fine print on the website. Now, you will have the charge and a lost package and of course, it will not be their fault. It was a good lesson, as I had grown comfortable with online shopping.

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  • Sh
    shirleys Apr 14, 2009

    I wonder how many of us will have to be a vicitm of this fraudulent scam before the business is actually shut down. I also am a vicitm of this site, and have contacted the BBB, the Attorney General, and my credit card company in attempts to settle the $1399 that I was charged for a product advertised for $630. The staff actually yelled at me on the phone, when I attempted to personally correct what I felt was an error in their charging system, and told to "SHUT UP". I was informed if I wished to return the product, I would only receive half of the charged fee, and they would keep the rest as a re-stocking fee. How and what more could one do to assist in letting the world know what a piece of filth this company is, or of how to assist in getting it shut down before they fleece more of America?

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  • K8
    k8muller Apr 13, 2009

    Well I just got scammed as well. I ordered the Sony HandyCam SR 47 for $180 plus shipping of 18 bucks.
    Three days later I get an e-mail saying to call Brian at ext. 202.
    He tried upselling me a battery and a charger ( and I know they are included in the price already)
    He forcefully said I needed these accessories or I would not receive my order.
    I then agreed and asked for my updated charges.

    He hung up on me! I called back several times and I just kept cutting off or put on hold.

    Today, I saw my account was charged 530 dollars!!! I called him immediately and asked for a breakdown of charges.
    After several attempts to get my questions answered, he still refused then kept transferring me to customer service.

    I called once more and he threatened to call the police. Oh yeah like I will be scared of that.
    I went to my bank and disputed the charges and am now waiting for a response.

    I've read their small print and am now filing a complaints with BBB. Shut down CameraGiantsInc and good riddance to their malpractice!

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  • Nothing new here. I received a call from a representative asking "what else I needed". Having heard of their business practices previously, I told him that I would love to purchase additional packages from them but couldn't afford them - this being the only objection in sales that can not be easily overcome. Upon hearing this, the representative explained that the camera was on backorder and it would be five or six weeks before it would be shipped. I told him that would be fine and that I wasn't in any hurry. He abruptly ended the call. Within 5 minutes, I received an email from the company canceling the order with no explanation whatsoever. Further investigation has revealed what I have read before, that this is a company based in New York City. Fortunately for us, we have the power to hurt this company and it is through the New York City Division of Consumer Affairs. They have a simple online complaint form that should get some attention from some officials that can put a stop to this type of abuse. Here is a link to the form.

    Lets shut them down.

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  • Da
    Dash8guru Apr 05, 2009

    Wow! Beware of these guys! I went through the same bait and switch tactics and all the rest of the headaches these guys give everyone else.
    I was told I had to buy an extra $100 battery because the battery that came with it was only a 10 minute start up battery? Never heard of that before. I said no thank you and wanted to cancel. I was than informed by Bryan that it was a $100 cancellation fee. I agreed to the order than immediately called Visa fraud. Sure enough they banged my credit card for $350. Visa told me to call them and inquire where they came up with $350? They told me it was $140 for the camera, $19 for the case, $100 for the battery, 8% insurance, and the rest was shipping. WTF? I told them no way would I pay that and that none of which is explained on there website.. like I had to buy a battery, I had to pay 8% insurance and that Visa looked over there policy and found nothing that stated the same. At that point Bryan started yelling (in a nice Brooklyn mafia accent) "you want to play hardball, I'll play hardball with you, I am turning this over to collections and I am gonna burn your credit, so don't plan on getting a loan anytime soon" " I will burn [my credit] to the ground!
    Nice scare tactics... For anyone else believing these tactics, just remember, in order for them to actually do this, they have to prove they sent and you received the merchandise and that they didn't receive payment. I guarantee that they got there money before the merchandise was even sent. So the scenario would never play out. My current status is they show a cancelled order with a payment pending on my Visa...who knows what will come of this. Visa is more than happy to go after them if they don't refund my money.
    Point is, there are plenty of reputable retailers and don't be like me and get sucked into the too good to be true prices. Because they are.

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  • Cl
    cladd16 Apr 03, 2009

    Their domain has only been registered since January, 2009. After doing a reverse phone number look-up - I found their phone number was non-published - weird for a reputable company. So I decided to call and ask a generic question about the D90 Ultra Package #2 - guess what - that package was out of stock, but they had a better package that was $500 more! Scam! I am going to buy my D90 from a reputable company - you get what you pay for.

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  • Br
    Bryan Apr 01, 2009

    I ordered a Garmin GPS from this company in March, 2009 - Received an email to contact the company to confirm the order -When I rang the 'rep' he only appeared to be interested in selling me a memory card for the device ! - It was a hard sell with the offer of a case thrown in with the deal. ( the Rep was very pushy & rude ... and when challenged stated. " you want to cancel the order ?"
    When I refused his 'special offer' he then told me that the device was on back order of 3 to 4 weeks ( this was not declared on the web site or when I got my email confirmation

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  • Cy
    cyan06 Apr 01, 2009

    was directed to this site through when I was looking for a Nikon S60 digital camera. This site came up as the lowest price, so I ordered the camera and received an email the next day stating that I had to call the 1-800 number to verify my order. When I called, I sat on hold for about 20 mins, and when the phone was finally answered, I began to state the reason for my call to the representative, and he just placed me on hold and transferred me mid-sentence. The guy I eventually got (Kenny) told me that the camera came with no battery and that had to buy one of their 89.00 dollar batteries for the camera to work. I asked them to cancel the order and I returned to the site only to find that it stated in writing that the camera did come with a battery and charger. I called back to reinstated my order because I was misinformed by the previous representative. The guy that I had previously spoke to (Kenny) said that he was mistaken about the battery after I informed him that I researched the site and saw that a battery was provided. He then decided to tell me that the camera did come with a battery, but it was only an 8 min. battery! Who the hell provides an 8 min. battery as a standard battery for their electronics? I knew he was lying, so I asked him t reinstate my order and I would provide my own battery. He told me they would reinstate the order and just set the phone down and left me there. After about 10 mins. of listening to the representative talk to his coworkers while ignoring me on the other end, I hung up and called back. I immediately asked for a supervisor when the next rep answered, and he refused to give one to me (He told me his name was Wallace I. and he refused to give me his extension). He told me that I deserved to be hung up on because I was yelling. He then told me that he was a supervisor and that he would not do anything for me. I asked to speak to another representative, and he refused to comply. He threatened that if I continued to call back he would make sure that he would be the only one to receive my calls so that I couldn't get ahold of any other representative in the call center. They are appauling and rude. This is the most unprofessional site I have ever encountered. Please do yourself a favor and do not give this company your business.

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  • Ro
    Robert Haljean Mar 31, 2009

    OK, you were right, after reading here and also at [redacted], I called FIRST to customer service and asked about these claims before I ordered a Garmin GPS 755T, (mostly to make them aware I know of complaints and to test their customer service), and I can attest to above folks- they DO NOT have customer service as you would expect at a REPUTABLE retail merchant. When offered this chance to clear the complaints my representitive became DEFENSIVE and quickly checked to see if stock was available, (which it was not though they claim avail. at the site), and offered no help to resolve this either ( customer serveice afterall ) and then as I began to suggest an option---HUNG UP ON--------says it all.

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  • En
    enacho Mar 30, 2009

    I had the exact same experience just today, except I spoke to a Kenny, he told me I would not be able to use the camera becuase the battery that came with it only charged fro 8 mins. I told him I would buy the battery cheaper somewhere else, that is when he told me it would take 6 weeks. I mentioned that your web site had it in stock. Bottom line is when it is too good to be true it s not true. I sure wish we could get them banned from doing business period. Hopefully, other folsk will read these reviews and not bother doing business with them.

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  • Lp
    lpg Mar 25, 2009

    Yes, I just had the same experience with Camera Giants, after ordering a canon 50d body. Same thing, call and ask for Kenny. Trying to sell me a battery for $299. I called back to speak with customer service and they told me I could get the camera in a package for alot more $. The customer service guy yelled and me and told me not to waste his time if I didn't want his $799 package and then told me not to call back. Is there anyway to get them banned off Google for bad business practices and fraud.

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  • Ch
    Chet Mar 24, 2009

    I had the same experience recently (3/20/09) ...I tried to order a Garmin GPS with the same results...the price was lower than all others on the internet, but when I called, they tried to hyper-sale me a ton of accessories at a really high price...then they were glad to cancel my order...they apparently are doing business under several different names...a blatant rip off...caveat emptor...Chet

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  • Ke
    Kevin Mar 18, 2009

    I had the exact same experience.

    I ordered a Sony camcorder at what I thought was a great price.
    I received a call the next day telling me that the camera did not come with a battery OR charger and to get those pieces would be an extra $150.00.
    I cancelled the order and called back to "customer service" and spoke to someone (I believe it was Clark) who told me that this was a "wholesale price and that his competitors sold the camera for 399 with the battery and charger.
    I then asked to speak to his boss. He told me "I am the boss". I said "Who is the president of your company", he said "I am, have a good day" and hung up.
    I am investigating what type of complaint I can file with the commerce department etc.
    Do not buy anything from this company and tell everyone you know the same thing.
    These guys are a sham!

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