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First of all, the camera I ordered advertised for $239 on their website. Well when I checked my billing statement it said the camera was $259 plus shipping so it came to $278. That was about the same price as everywhere else so that didn't really bother me.

They said the camera should ship in 3-4 weeks. Well after a month I called and the person was rude to me and acted like I was an Idiot. He told me (just like one of the other reports say) that I had ordered the overseas model, but the American model would ship the next week for free, but for $20 more.

Well when I received my bank statement I had been charged $324 for the camera, almost a $100 more than the original cost.I would suggest no one to do business with these people. Every effort I have made to contact them through email since has failed. I just wish that I would have researched the website first.


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      Jun 27, 2009

    I never signed up for Cooking club of america and i am redieving bills to pay for my yearly membership and i keep sending back the bills with cancel written on it and return to sender

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