Camelot Village 1105 s. 3rd st Council Bluffs, IA 51503housing

H Aug 14, 2018

elderly wheelchair-bound residence were told they were having remolding down. some didn't want this workers came in and took their items out into boxes they sat around in the apartments for ten weeks. while they have protect service come in and firing the manager fro hiring her brother to do the work and also messing up ten residences renewal. charging them more then need be. they then get started again then leave the work undone and boxes around the apartment and items in the the bathtub for two weeks. they put in and new faucet now there's no water pressure maintenance says its been that way but no it hasn't this started back around mid May. around mid July the AC started leaking and it was reported but nothing done so the AC was turn off since the floor was getting wet and mold they took several weeks they came in fix it and just put a fan on it to dry it out nothing for the mold.

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