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Signed up a few years ago for there FREE fax to email service. A few years ago i agreed to pay $ 3.95 a YEAR. Now they are charging me without my agreement $12.95 a month.
The last withdrawal they did from a debit card with a number i did NOT give it to them. How in the world did they get this number?
Be warned for this company. Never do bussiness with them!!!

And if you are experiencing the same problem then report it to the FBI on the site;


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      Aug 27, 2009

    This company should be stopped

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      Oct 02, 2010

    I signed up in 2008 for $12.95 per month great deal (But not for long). Every time I called customer service, after being on hold on average 10 minutes, I got an agent from overseas who could not answer any of my concerns. They stopped sending bills, then the service was interutpted. After numerous requests they started to bill me by mail (again). I also said that they can also send bills by email (and they asked what was my email, as if they did not know regardless that this is where I received forwarded faxes. This firm solicited payment by credit card, stating it was the only payment they accepted. Then they sold the company to efax which was the new party to recieve payment. I explained this was not normal and that I required to be billed. The reply was we will accept payment by check or credit card and then said they would accept payment via mail and that they would bill by mail. They never did. After recieving complaints of not replying to faxes received by customers, I called and was placed on hold for over 1/2 hour and the agent hung up after saying it was not my number. After an hour of being transfered from one agent to another, an American representative actually in California said my service was suspended and the number was sold to another customer. Then this agent said they have over 1 million satisfied customers and asked me if I wanted to open a new account.

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