California Virtual Academiescommitment from school to student family


All the commitment promised from the School has been decrease or even cancelled.
The teacher usually needs to meet student and LC at least 4 times with a school year. But they erase this commitment with no guilt.

The quarter meeting conference with teacher/LC/student 4 times with School year. And they erase this commitment also. And they change to group gathering in 1 meeting instead of each student meeting and this is horrible. Or the teacher said just make a phone call for 5 minutes with the teacher ask how is the student doing OR RATHER THAN Family/LC/Student ask teacher/school how is the student doing.

This two main thing is much disappointed to a student enrolled with CAVA online public school.
My two daughter is enrolled with [protected]@sanjoaquin online public school 6th grade and 9th grade.

They tried very hard and spent a lot of time in school work. Every year I shall keep all the school report card for them, finally, the elder daughter has promoted to High School this year. That is we felt very glad as her Mom dad, family and respectful teacher that we have and met.

They are not very excellent student, but I will felt important to make and asked them to study hard to earn at least a "B" grade in all the subject. And that is our goals.

I hope the CAVA/K12 don't make winning blind their head, and stopped all the student/LC/Family privilege from government school and teachers. And they should keep their promise as like student enrolled in their school in the first day that the school promise and committed. That is why we, the public chose them - the school CAVA/K12.

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