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I started going to this spa a few months back, I had bought a dealfind package for photo facials and in the beginning I was satisfied with the services I was receiving. Then I noticed another offer on dealfind for hair removal, one hour a month for 12 months. I purchased this deal as well thinking how great it would be to try permanent hair removal at a salon I already felt comfortable with. Shortly after my purchase I began to book my appointments for hair removal and soon discovered there were few appointments available. I managed to book one or two appointments in the distant future and hoped things would gradually open up.
By the time my appointment finally arrived they cancelled it due to a broken laser machine, then over a month later when my next appointment was booked I got cancelled yet again. I tried calling the spa a few times and when someone finally got back to me they said they'd call me when the machine was fixed. Well I never did hear from them, so I called to see what was going on or if they had gone out of business and they said they FINALLY had the machine fixed and tried to book me in but all I could get was a half hour appointment. So apparently the owner had over sold coupons and didn't fix the laser machine for 2 to 3 months and decided to cut the treatment times in half. When I asked if she would honour the 1 hour a month still they said no and if I wasn't satisfied with that, I could contact dealfind for a refund.
What a disappointment this whole experience was. If you see more coupon offers for this place, don't bother, you won't be able to get in anyway and the sad thing is I still see them selling coupons on other websites. I don't think dealfind will deal with this company again, I'm sure they had to refund hundreds of people.


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    Calgary Anti-Aging Spa Aug 17, 2012

    I am the owner of Calgary Anti-Aging Spa. We have 1000's of happy clients that see us regularly. The interesting thing about these message boards is that happy customers never write reviews. They are too busy being happy. We happen to have one of the lowest refund rates of any company offering deal vouchers online. The sad thing is that one person who is angry at the world can write anything they want on an internet board with zero accountability and sway the opinion of others.
    I would encourage others to take these factors into account and live happy lives. Happy people tend to get better service everywhere they go!! :)

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    be aware unfair trick Jan 04, 2013

    I want to response to the owner of Calgary Anti-Aging Spa.
    If you would encourage happy customers or happy lives, then why not treating your customers fair without any tricks. Your company didn't provide couples months laser services (due to broken machines) to the customers who have already paid for their vouchers (or money you have already received from Dealfind). How come not honor the 1 hour a month to your customers? That means your company does not pursue fair business and happy customers. Hopefully people doing business provide fair and better service to their customers.
    I'm very glad that this complaints board site provide complaints information for consumers reviews.

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    Calgary Anti Aging Spa Inc. Jan 07, 2013

    Dear Customer,
    Calgary Anti Aging Spa Inc. has not been paid for over a year for any of the Dealfind vouchers sold. This puts us in an unfortunate spot. This information is posted on our website and in the spa as well as explained to each customer that comes in.
    We are happy to provide you a comparable in-spa deal so that your services are uninterrupted. We want to keep our customers happy.
    For a refund on your Dealfind voucher please contact Dealfind at: [email protected] or (416) 631-6368
    Best Regards,
    Calgary Anti Aging Spa Inc.

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    Missmitchell Jan 22, 2013

    First time being in the at that spa the staff give me some forms to fill out, I went to the spa to have laser treatment for acne scarring, it was my first time doing laser treatment I have dark skin tone, the staff said that laser is sutiable fo all skin type, and wont do any damages to the skin, it was the most horrible thing that could of happen to me was going to that spa in july 2012 the worst mistake ever, when I came to the spa my face was beautiful only with little ance scarring, but when I left the spa my face was burn like a ba ba que chicken it was hot like fire burning from a roof top, black like tar and I lokk like a warrior from deep in the african jungle, never me again will step foot at that place they calling spa, the staff who did it sugeested that I use polyporin on it to prevent scarring, she invited me to her house for teatment when I was finish her treament I look like a two tone wash up jeans pants very horrible I will not advise people of dark skin tone to go the that spa, ant aging spa buyers be ware of that place the staff thiere are not qualified enouh to do any laser treatment or anything for human benig body, they are mot educated enough to be working in that spa, they will damage poeplr beauty. and wont be able to fixed it back for them, becah=use they don’t know how too they are not educated engouh the boss only cares about money and not how her customers feels I letf her couple of messages but I never received back sany care or concerns. never will I go!!!

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    Clements Mar 20, 2013

    To the Owner of Calgary Anti-Aging Spa,

    I have never been to your spa but was considering it until I read your responses to upset customers about bad service. Instead of taking responsibility and trying to make the situation right with your customer, you portray a pompus attitude. If you provide good service and take care of your customers, you will attract happy people that will continue to stay happy. When you are arrogant, blame dealfind and your customers for your business problems, you're sure to upset people. Including people who've never been to your location and would never go due to your business practices.

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    noprettyface Mar 28, 2013

    I also had very bad experience at the Calgary Anti-Aging Spa. I bought 4 coupons and were only able to use 2 of them. My appointments were always cancelled due to broken machines, it went on for months. It was very frustrating trying to schedule an appointment as it was so difficult getting a hold of somebody there. Their online appointment tool was a joke, there were never any openings. I know the place is not that busy, so not sure what the owner is talking about when she said they have thousands of happy clients.
    The staff are not professionals nor friendly, bad bedside manner! One lady didn't even clean my face properly before doing the treatment. It almost seems like they come in for an appointment then close up again for the day.
    I see they continue to have offers with other sites, I would be really careful before purchasing any. I can almost guarantee you will not have a positive experience.

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    Red Deer Guest Aug 19, 2014

    I bought 3 laser tattoo removal sessions off of Groupon.

    My first session went okay although I had not had this treatment before so there was no comparison. She started with a low sheeting and gradually increased the power until she got a reaction then began working on the tattoo. The girl doing it didn't look like she was very confident and she did it while I was sitting up but the results were okay and it healed fine.

    My second session was done by a different girl and this time I was lying down so I couldn't watch. I noticed right away that she got an immediate reaction and it was noticeably more painful but I figured they were increasing the power as it was my second treatment. She bandaged the tattoo before I could even see it and I left. When I got home I could see the shape of the tattoo oozing through the gauze so I removed it to find my skin badly burnt. I made every effort to keep it clean and protected over the next few days however when I bumped my arm at work about 3 days late the skin on the tattoo fell off leaving a deep wound (it was to the color layer in the tattoo). I continued keeping it clean and followed up with Bio Oil after the bandages were removed (weeks later). I had very bad scarring and a couple of raised scars that were red.

    I waited months hoping they would fade or at least flatten out however there was no change. I let my Groupon expire as I could not (nor did I want to) finish the 3rd session. I contacted the spa at this time and told them what happened and they told me I needed to come in so they could look at it, I live in Red Deer so this was difficult. Months had past and the scarring was the same so I decided to make the trip but to complete the third session to make it worth the travel.

    At the third session the girl that did the last treatment tells me that I'm prone to keloid scarring and that she did nothing wrong. She completes the treatment (at a much lower power) and it is fine. I contacted the owner again to let him know how it went and to tell him that I am still upset about the permanent scarring I have and his response is that he doesn't believe my scars are keloids and that they will disappear over time (6 months later they are the same) and finally pulls out the "you signed our waiver" line.

    Look out! Spend the money on the professionals not just some amateurs with expensive lasers.

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