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Vile staff member

Do you think that Rocco, Victoria & Rossana Furfaro would agree? I don't think so. At about 2:00 yesterday, September 1/13 I was insulted by the rudest, most disgusting & vile server I have ever seen. This little guy was about 5'9" with a dark, european complexion, he was maybe, Greek or Italian. Because I politely asked for hot water in the Americano I waited in line for, that was wrongly served as an espresso, he repeatedly call me a "[censored]g animal", made fun of the fedora I was wearing, etc. He did this in front of other staff & customers who seemed to know him as well as customers who had no idea why he was talking like that. He ranted for about 15 minutes, all the time that I sat at the window stool near the counter. Is this normal for Café Olimipco, anyone?