Cabos Vacation Clubfraudulent contract/avoiding communications for contract cancellation/refund

H Mar 30, 2018

Contract final monthly dollar amount was different from the amount agreed and signed for on the initial worksheet. When returning to my unit and discovering the discrepancy in figures I called and spoke with the sales representative letting him know I had some issues with the final contract I wanted to clarify with him and specifically of that discrepancy, but he said he was heading out of town and would call me later. He acknowledged that the final amount should have been what was on the worksheet. He never called me. After waiting until the next day I still couldn't get in touch with him so I made several calls to the resort sales office. I decided to cancel the contract. I spoke with the female who handled contract cancellations and she told me I had five days to cancel and she would text me an email address to submit my notice of cancellation and then she would get with her manager for how to handle it. I sent the notice but no one contacted me to verify receipt of the notice so I called with no success in talking with her again. I then sent a certified letter of cancellation with no response as of today. I requested a refund of my payment of $1500.00.

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