Cabinet and Health in Johnson Countytaking my son out of nicu for no reason and making a false case

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My name is Brittany Turner I'm from paintsville KY and my oldest son Arron dorton was born premature and was hospitalized at Cabell Huntington from November 11 2018 until January 18 2019 he was born 10 weeks early and around the end of December 2018 a social worker name kocia Wright showed up to cabell Huntington saying she was automatically putting my son in foster care and that nothing me and the father said or do would get him out now my son is 10 months old and still in foster care on false accusations of having a deadly anemia that he never had so the social worker kocia wright filed a false medical ECO on him the only thing my son has is a hemangioma on his back I recently just had another son name Blake dorton and he was born premature he was born Aug 24 2019 and is currently hospitalized at Cabell Huntington NICU right now and kocia wright and Chad hall are now trying to place him in foster care for no reason my oldest son is currently in the foster home of a women name Miranda Boyd out of Campton KY. I feel that both social workers Chad hall and kocia wright have conflict of interest against my sons father which his name is Alex Dorton the social worker have nothing on me they filed a medical ECO on my oldest son arron when he was in NICU my older son never got to come home with me or his father they took him straight out of NICU and placed him in foster care then kocia wright called Alex Dorton phone telling us on speaker phone that we don't need to go to cabell anymore she done took Arron and placed him in foster care and I've heard alot of bad things on CPS here in paintsville and when my son father asked her what would happen to our son Arron in foster care and she told us she can't predict on what could happen to me which gave me a reason to fear my son Arron life after she said that and went ahead and placed him in foster care and I've been dealing with post partum depression since my oldest son was placed in foster care and now they are going to try and go after my youngest son Blake who is in NICU at Cabell Huntington right now and I want these crooked CPS workers to give me back my oldest son Arron and leave my youngest son Blake alone and quit rail roading my son father Alex Dorton kocia wright doesn't like my sons father or any of his family members same for Chad hall they work in the same office and everything and Frankfort done a review on our son Arron case and had me and the father sent to UK medical in Lexington to find out what the medical ECO was really filed on my son Arron never had a deadly anemia he's been in foster care for 7 months for no reason and done lost both his mamaw they both passed away this year and that's time they took away from his biological family over conflict of interest and a bunch of lies and the judge Jamie Wells might be in on it as well so I'm filing this complaint in hoping that you all will look into my son Arron dorton case and see that me and the father didn't do anything wrong they came to the hospital where my oldest son was hospitalized and took him he never got to come home and I fear they are going to do the same thing to my youngest son blake. Please can you help me get my oldest son Arron out of foster care and keep CPS off my youngest son Blake I've never done drugs or anything illegal in my life and they still took my oldest son Arron.

Arron was born November 11 2018
He was due January 19 2019 he is now 10 months old and has been in foster care since 2 months and 7 days old.

Blake was born August 24 2019
He was due November 16 2019 he is almost a month old and is currently hospitalized at Cabell Huntington west Virginia and CPS plans are taking him the same was they did his big brother Arron

Sep 19, 2019
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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    Your life history in one sentence of fifty lines. Ever heard of punctuation? Your kids can’t be removed without a court order so you’re not telling the whole story. They had to had a damned good reason and proof to take both children.

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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    Um you now have more children????

    Ok so something that parents need to understand... When you have a kid and he's hella early, people take notice. Sure, for his health but also: why and how. Now we have to check out the environment he'll be going home to.

    Imagine what his life would be like if they removed Zeymere Perkins from his mother's care the day his first CPS case was filed... Incidentally it was the day he was born as she tested positive for marijuana.

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