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Freedom Debt Relief — debt relief/debt settlement fee

I began working with Freedom debt relief about a year ago. While they did settle a couple of my accounts at a reduced amount, their fees 23% of the debt re more than I owed. As a matter of fact, for one of my accounts, I was sued. Not only that but Discover refused to reduce the amount I......

Business & Finances  · Apr 05, 2019

NewDo Venture — they forgot something

Yes, it's good that their website is well-structured and designed, it's seen they have spent some money. Even though it's a little glitchy. So I decided to check their twitter profile, but what I saw wasn't it. It's was NewDo portfolio companies. Is that a joke? What the problem to mention all......

Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Feb 08, 2019

Roblox — royale high-opening presents

I was opening presents today in the royale high game mode and i got 2 new things, i had them on (they were a rideable reindeer and a fur collar) later i took them off and they were gone from my inventory. I am very upset about this and I really hope there is a way to get them back because......

San Mateo Entertainment  · Dec 28, 2018

Draper Associates — trust but verify

Not that long ago I was going to review this company, but something stopped me. Honestly, I thought they were cool and didn't find anything terrible. It's still not terrible, but not perfect either. If they are legit, then they have a lot of work to do to make their website look much better. If......

San Mateo Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Dec 27, 2018

WageWorks — lost wage works cards, and incompetent offshore personnel with no solutions

I have been an employee of Omega World Travel since June 11, 2018. Since becoming legible for the Flexible Spending Account, I have had two cards mailed to me. They either arrived very late/ the card ending in 3339, or the 2nd one, mailed to my employer address Omega World Travel - never......

San Mateo Other  · Dec 04, 2018

Wageworks — time lag

Wageworks takes 5 to 7 business days to process ELECTRONIC transfers of accounts. in this day and age that amounts to keeping my money for a week before they get around to paying a premium. given they get an admin fee for "administering" this acct by my now former employer, i think this i......

Safeway — customer service

Worst service by manager.. I went to Safeway to buy 12 pack can soda (on deal). Their was no limit on the advertisement. I filled up my cart with 20 12 packs (needed for 4th july neighborhood party). Then manager told me that you r not allowed to have more than 12 packs. I politely told him......

Ross Dress for Less — customer service is a punishment not a help.

On Fri 8/8/08 I purchased a slip cover for my couch.Well it was too short. So on Sun 8/10/08 I went to exchange it. When I walked in the store I spotted the "Customer Service" Kiosk. I walked upto it with my bag and a really rude dude in his stupid LossPrevention shirt, told me that I had......