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Good afternoon, we came into the closest Canadian Tire to our house, to get a pitcher for sangria. What we got over there is horrible service. Horrible, terrible, disgusting is what you can call this. There was no more of that product on the shelf: DISTRB BSSN MASON [protected]/947. I asked a girl in that section if they had more in the back. She didn't even say hi. I asked her if she was busy, and she said: yes, what do you want? I asked her if she had more of the product I was looking for. She told me she had to finish something, and she'll check afterwards. I was astonished of the horrible service I just got. What was that? I asked someone else, same thing!! Same attitude!!! What is wrong with that store? Are employees not working to serve clients?? I spend my money at Canadian tire. Why would I continue so if I keep on getting treated like [censored]? I've been working in retail for 11 years now. This is unacceptable. I've never seen something like that. You really need to tell that store to do something with their employees, if you don't wanna keep losing your customers, like me. Google reviews keep on getting horrible for that specific store. I just want my product, that's all. Now I know I'll pay more, just to avoid going back there. This needs to get somewhere, and I won't let it be.