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Reviews and Complaints

Leon's Furniturefurniture and customer service

We bought a bedroom set from leon's in August and have had nothing but problems. Every single piece of furniture came to our house damaged and one of the products (a large chest) never came.

They came back two more times to replace the headboard of the bed (which the third time they brought another headboard. It was still damaged but we took it because we needed it and the other two they brought were worse. We figured if we didn't take that one that the next would be just as bad or worse).

The dresser was so badly warped that when they sent the technician to look at it he said that the whole thing needed to be replaced because the drawer would not open or close properly. They did come back and replace it but not before the delivery men that brought it had an altercation in our home and dropped it on our hardwood stairs and damaged them).

The side table does not work properly either. The drawer doesn't close properly but we said we would keep it (scared that the next one we would get would be worse).

We waited and waited for our chest to come and finally my husband called and they said "oh they are sitting here in the warehouse." They then delivered it. Why should we have to call for our furniture?

We continuously called customer service about everything and no one would ever call us back or deal with the situation. When we wanted to speak to the manager he was always busy. Someone told us he would review our case and get back to us the following week (which he didn't and my husband had to call him).

My husband had to take multiple days off work to be home for all of these deliveries and for the technician to come (twice, once for the dresser and another time for the chest because those drawers didn't close properly either)

What a horrible experience. The manager (James) told us he would give us 15% off but was arrogant and we think that after all of that we deserve more. We spent over $7000 on this furniture and are now left with damaged goods. (Also the chest came damaged as well but we kept it in fear that we wouldn't get another one). So very disappointed and we will not ever be back and will definitely let all of our family and friends know what a terrible experience this has all been.

They are coming to pick up all the furniture this Friday (October 25th) because we are so frustrated. Another inconvenience for us as well.

Leon's Furnituresamsung washer # [protected], 2yr extension warranty # 001a7013

Hi, I bought samsung washer from Leon's furniture item # [protected] also i bought warranty # 001A7013 2yrs extension warranty i bought floor model with price of $ 647 +tax, with in 15 minute i found out at costco they sell same products and same warranty period for just $599 and its new brand not floor model, so right way i went back to store and talk to the sales associate and ask him to match price because leons policy is the mach price and he was agreed so he took me to the manager to sort this out when we went manager name James Tylor we explain him i found better price for same products in costco so i need to match the price but the manager refuse to match the price refund the product and give me funny answer when i said i am your loyal costumer he said to me there are thousands of our customer and we can't satisfied every one but i asking him to do only thing in their poslicy so i walk away because no sense to talk the rude people any way i need some help to teach this kind of people lesson i try to talk with corporation people but they said you got a talk at local store

please help me out, if you need more information let me know