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Global Tech Council — menlo park, ca

They are a company based in India that has no training or verification authority but pose as if they provide globally recognized credentials. Their training regiment is sub par and are in business only to make money and not provide any bonafide credentials, training or have any recognition......

Colleges and Universities  · May 16, 2019

Lux Capital — trust but verify

Well, at least they have nothing to hide. I mean that even if they are risky, these guys provided some information that can be useful for potential clients. They have two branches: in Menlo Park, CA and New York. The team is big and well-introduced. Looking at them I don't want to......

Business & Finances  · Feb 12, 2019

Turiya Ventures — poor

What about providing much more information? Like detailed contacts, location, strategies, vision, and things like that. You know, I don't even want to waste my time and write much about them, because they don't deserve it and, what's more important, there's nothing to write. Can you imagine? Why......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Jan 22, 2019

Khosla Ventures — boring

It's hard to form an opinion. So let me start with the team. Basically, everything is good, bios are complete, but there are no photos. That's weird they missed this point. It's kind of important. You can be considered for funding, but there is no information about the conditions for that......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Jan 18, 2019

Signia Venture Partners — a little incomplete

All the crypto funds have to have a website, where they should depict themselves in the best possible light using all modern methods and technologies, hiring web designers and spending a lot of money. Ok, the last point is contentious, but as the practice shows the more money is spent, the......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Jan 17, 2019

Facebook — facebook messenger/algorithm

A friend had reached out to me via the Facebook Messenger app out of concern for my safety and wellbeing due to a domestic situation. Shortly thereafter, I found myself blocked from Facebook Messenger for a post I shared earlier describing racial discrimination on myself as a child. The......

Menlo Park Other  · Jan 13, 2019

DFJ Growth — there should be more information

DFJ Growth is a crypto venture based in Menlo Park, CA. I don't know why but I want to trust them. Maybe because they met some criteria I have for venture funds. However, it's seen that their website was made for illustration only and doesn't provide any useful information, which is a......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Dec 27, 2018

Breyer Capital — not enough information

The last thing that I want to do is to state that this company is a scam. It's probably not, just trying to trust its founder who's a famous person and I doubt he would want to ruin his reputation by dealing with suspicious projects. I only don't understand what's the......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Dec 19, 2018

Sequoia Capital Operations — a little confusing

Let me hasten to state that I don't think Sequoia Capital is a scam. Well, first of all, the website design is well done, expensive and made by professionals. Nice to know that the company paid attention to this, unlike the others that constitute the majority. This feature is very important, it......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Dec 10, 2018

Lightspeed Management Company — a lot of things to do

Oh my god, why is it always a problem to provide an exact location? What wrong may happen if they do it? The same can be said about their branch in Israel. Why did your partners from China and India bother about it, but the main offices didn't? There's also no detailed and comprehensive......

Menlo Park Crypto & Hedge Funds  · Dec 07, 2018