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C & R Marketing reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jan 12, 2010. The latest review Scam of magazine subscription was posted on Jan 12, 2010. The latest complaint Scam of magazine subscription was resolved on Jan 12, 2010. C & R Marketing has an average consumer rating of 5 stars from 1 reviews. C & R Marketing has resolved 1 complaints.

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C & R MarketingScam of magazine subscription

I have received numerous phone calls stating I owe money for a magazine subscription I have with them, but they cannot show me proof. I do not get any magazines with them. When I ask why I haven't received anything they say they don't know. They then make the threat that they will be sending me to collections if I don't pay the money of $49.95. I asked to cancel and they say that will cost $300. The number they give me to call doesn't work and everytime they call they give me different information. They say they are a part of Reader's Services company. It is a scam!!!

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    • Dn
      Dna454 Feb 18, 2012

      Hello I just called the 1866 number and to my surprise a girl answered. She said, "Stop Calling... Who are you?" Then she hung up. A minute someone else called and said it was her house phone number.

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    • Ed
      Education is the answer Feb 22, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Several years ago I made the mistake of subscribing to magazines through a company called Active Periodicals. I paid thru the nose for the magazines that I received and also received several that I didn't subscribe to. After two years of numerous calls, I paid off the account and am now waiting for all the subscriptions to run out so that I can forget about that chapter in my life. Now nearly a year ago this company C & R Marketing called me, misrepresenting themselves as the company that I receive my magazines from. Since it had been a number of years since I had heard from the other company I was not sure of the name and stupidly took their word that they were my old company. I then asked that they remove my name from their call list and leave me alone since I had paid for my magazines and didn't owe anyone anything. They told me that if I verified my information with them that they would put me on a no call list. I was told to answer the questions they asked while they recorded it and not to say anything else. It was 7:30pm and I was tired so I wasn't thinking too clearly and I agreed to do that. They asked my to verify my credit card number and when I told they to read what they had, they said that I had to give them my number so they could check to make sure it was the same as they had on file. They then used the information from the recording to charge me over $50.00 and said that I had signed up for additional magazines. That was untrue and I called my bank to report them as fraud. The bank said that I should try to negotiate with the company, which wasn't the answer I wanted but I went ahead and did so. I started writing all this down and taking notes which I still have and am glad for because it is still going on. I called the company back and canceled my socalled subscription and asked for my money back. They gave me a cancelation number but refused to refund any money. To this day I have not received any magazine from this company. Now recently they have been calling me again. Last night they threatened to ruin my credit and take me to court. The woman I spoke to said I was the kind of person who wanted something for free. I have NEVER received a single magazine from them! I told her to mail the papers to me and I would see her in court. I then called the number of the collection agent that I worked with last year and it sounded like the same guy that had originally called me last night( he then put on his supervisor, the rude lady). He said that C & R Marketing was not longer in business and that the current company would call me today. I doubt that I will receive a call. I was happy to see that other people have been approached by this scam and I hope that no one else has been ripped off like I was. I will not give them another dime and I really regret giving them me information. Really stupit of me I know. Now I hope that other people don't get trapped by them and I wish there was a way we could get the news people to warn everyone about this company. What they are doing should be illegal if it isn't already.

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    • Bi
      bill122345 Jan 23, 2011

      This company is a total scam. Just hang up on them If they actually did put anything on your credit, you could have it removed as fraudulent. They won't put anything on your credit, its just a threat. As a Fraud Detective for a Police Department, let me say this again. Never, never give any information over the phone or email if you don't know who they are. No matter what they say or know, don't confirm anything. Buy no magazines or anything else from door to door, phone or email if they solicited you. Period!

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    • Oh
      OHHHHH, BOY! Dec 12, 2010

      6045 W. ALAMEDA AVE SUITE 200

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    • Th
      the scammed idiot Oct 22, 2010

      I am not in the millitary and i dont know how they got my info i agreed to one magazine company and it was not C & R marketing. i got the mags, went to the bank to pay my bill, i think it was quoted 29.95$!? i got there and they said they already took out, 79.95 wich was not what i was quoted so after i got the cancelation letter i quickly signed it sent it and told wachovia to not let them let them or anyone else take out of my account, i even called the company to let them know i had sent the the letter and my account was to be clossed and i confirmed it with the head of that company. so 2 years later i kept getting calls saying i owed companys and bills, so i got smart and gave them false personal info and false credit card info, then i got this, the "if you dont pay us it will go on your credit score" i actually had the smarts to say why didnt you tell me about this six weeks ago? then she said "well our secretary was out with a broken wrist for six weeks" what a convenient lie, i then asked to speak with the super, and like the rest of you she told me she was out and the woman i was speaking with was the super, then i hung up. i have been scammed and called to so many people but there was one that caught me, when i moved to louisianna she called and told me i ordered magazines from an adress from 4 years ago, i told her i havent lived there in 4 years but she said i was on the bill so regardless i had to pay, so stupidly and like an idiot i gave her my CC info she recorded it and said she would take it off my debit card once every month, so when i got to the end i asked for her company telephone #, i hung up called the number and it was for, you guys arent going to believe this... it was for 1800-jack off it was a sex phone operation. so i went to the bank the next morning and cancelled my card my account and got a new one, over the next few months 8 different companys called me selling the exact same crap, then it happened again with C&R marketing, in febuary 2010.
      i dont know how they got my info but by then i was sick of it, she said if i didn't pay "she would get her lawyers involved and we could settle it by taking 1, 200 dollars out at one time", since i didn't have that much i have been scammed and been paying 49.95 since febuary 2010 i am such an idiot, the way i found out about it was i looking over bank statements from febuary up to july and found 2 different numbers for C&R and i thought this isnt right, there shouldn't be 2 different numbers to one company so today im going to block them from my account and no one is getting my info no matter what they threatin me with, thanks guys for putting this out there i hope i can get all that back, i am not millitary and i cant report it to jag but i hope someone can help me like idont know... the police? mwahahahaha.
      the scammed idiot.

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    • Tr
      Trap like a rat Aug 18, 2010

      They are a total nightmare…and have caught me off guard by calling after 9’oclock at night…I have told them that I don’t want the magazines and want to cancel and they have tell me, that the magazines have been paid for, so I have to pay them….For the money that, I am paying my mailbox should be running over with magazines…but it’s not ….It’s just amazing that you have a service that you want to cancel and they tell you that you cannot….Now what’s wrong with this picture…

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    • Ca
      C & R Marketing Aug 16, 2010

      My name is Chris Rugg, owner of C & R Marketing in California. There has been a scam going around for a company selling magazine subscriptions, also by the name of C & R Marketing, that is NOT AFFILIATED with our company in any way. We have received many calls over the past year on people calling thinking it was our company that is charging them, but it is not.
      We sell promotional products and apparel to corporations and have been in business since 1993.
      Please do not confuse our company with the other C & R Marketing that is billing magazine subscriptions without authorization.

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    • Gi
      Gilletten Aug 07, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I am severely upset after being called a skank ho by this trash that calls itself a company. I believe they are a fraudulent scam and I think they are criminals. We just got up and checked our bank account and noticed we are being charged $49.50 every 1st and 15th for the past two months. So we decided to call this company and figure out what "magazines" we are being charged for. The girl named Nicole couldn't tell us, "Call back on Monday" -click- She hung up on us. This continues again and again, name calling, threatening to charge us and saying she charged us the $300, asking my husband what kind of mother I am to our children, just completely insane, like arguing with some ghetto trash neighbors is all this seemed like.

      I called the bank while my husband was on the phone with these "females", which is the nicest thing I can refer to them as, and I cancelled our debit cards immediately. The bank said they are sending disputes to the "company" but since reading up on this I just messaged my bank letting them know to send this to a fraud investigation department. We are also a military family as I've noticed a few people posted about being in the military. I don't know if that's related to this "company" targeting military.

      I have filed a complaint with the BBB and contacted my bank and I recommend everyone do so as well. I think these people have no grounds to harrass anyone and even less right to steal your money. I don't know if anyone has read the BBB complaints against C&R (Cora and Raymond?) Marketing, but it's worth going to look at and file your complaints!

      Business Contact and Profile

      Name: C&R Marketing
      Phone: [protected]
      Fax: [protected]
      Address: 1880 S Pierce St Ste 18E

      Lakewood, CO [protected]
      Principal: Mr. Raymond Jones, Owner
      Customer Contact: Mr. Raymond Jones, Owner - [email protected]
      Email Address: [email protected]
      File Open Date: October 2008
      Type of Business: Internet Marketing Services
      BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
      Additional DBA Names: C and R Marketing
      Reader Service

      Back to top
      Business Management
      Additional company management personnel include:
      Ms. Cora Jones - Owner
      Ms. Janell Duncan - Manager

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    • Ir
      IRATE IN NY Aug 06, 2010

      7/19/10 @9pm - Received a call from a PRIVATE NAME/NUMBER . The woman talked to me like she new me. When I asked who it was she said "Oh, its Janelle, I am just updating our system and confirming some information". I specifically stated - if you are selling anything, I DO NOT WANT IT! She went on to say no, I am simply updating your information. She asked if I am enjoying my Woman's Day, and Glamour magazines. I said "YES, and I do NOT WANT ANYMORE MAGAZINES" My " Yes" was because I PAY FOR THESE MAGAZINES via check! NOT through any magazine warehouse. She again said she wasnt selling anything. Then she said I just want to confirm your name and address, and record it. She placed the recording on stated my name, address, and the last 4 digits of my CC #, and said the $49.95 would now be charged to my account!! I YELLED " I DO NOT AUTHORIZE ANY CHARGES TO MY CC!!" and hung up.
      The next day, I get a posting from my cc that $49.95 has been charged!! I immediatly call my cc company to dispute the charge. The wonderful girl there, said let me stay on the line and we will call them. PERFECT! First, they hang up on her. The second time, the lady - JANELLE - totally goes off on me to pay my bills, and yells repeatedly at me - all this while the woman from my CC company is on the line! I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she claims she IS the supervisor. I dont even get many words in and she HANGS UP ON ME!! The CC company takes all the notes, and disputes the charges...Now on 8/05 they post ANOTHER charge for $49.95 on my CC! I call the [protected] # again and now get another idiot by the name of Nicole Martinez - I tell her I did not authorize this order, and pay for any magazines I get via check - as ALWAYS! I would never charge a magazine subscription! She claims I said "yes" to this in 2009!! She said that in order to opt out of this "contract" that I NEVER agreed to - I would have to pay $300!!! Or, complete the $1000 subscription! ARE YOU KIDDING? What [censor] in this economy would pay (afford) $1000 for magazines!! She continued her ridiculous arguement, and finally hung up on me as well. I called the CC company again, and have closed this account completely - I have no clue how this magazine place got my card # and information! CAPITAL ONE - is now doing a complete investigation into this "company" - I told them there are numerous complaints being posted, and I am now adding mine! I plan on contacting the local news channel and notifying people of this disgusting SCAM!! Please - if you have encountered this - notify the CC company, and also post your run in with them!

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    • Eg
      e green Jun 26, 2010

      C&R Marketing
      1880 S Pierce St Ste 18E
      Lakewood, CO [protected]
      866. 370-2602
      303. 495-5483

      My Story:
      They called today to collect and I didn't even get a magazine. $300 to cancel a $17/mo subscription for 2 years. Spoke to “James” (floor supervisor). His supervisor is “Yolanda” (operations supervisor). I was refused the owner’s name. The exhchange was unprofessionally ripe with "um, but, 'cuz, well we payed for um.. fer you fer 5 years, so u owe us". I was told to call 866.370.2602 if I have a complaint, though the response would be no different.
      C & R Marketing — Scam of magazine subscription
      1.) Contact the BBB
      2.) If you get a call from them say you are in the military and you will be notifying your JAG attorney to seek legal action.
      3.) Fraudulent misrepresentation is reason enough to cancel, and also a valid reason to regard the "contract" null and void. FTS defines the requirements for telemarketing in what they call the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). It requires full disclosure up front of the terms, no deceptive claims, disclosure up front if there are limits on canceling, etc. Anything else is called "FRAUD", and like all crimes, you report FRAUD to FTC, your state Attorney General, their state Attorney General, etc. You dispute fraudulent charges through your bank as FRAUD.

      "It is important to call a crime what it is."

      BBB Response:
      Based on the nature of your complaint please refer to one of the following agencies to better address your complaint. You may refer to our main complaint page to see the type of complaints the BBB can and cannot process.

      The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
      BBB of Denver / Boulder Colorado(Denver, CO)
      1020 Cherokee Street
      Denver, CO [protected]
      Phone: [protected]
      Fax: [protected]
      Email: [email protected]
      Web: http://www.denver.bbb.org

      BBB Department:
      Colorado Labor Department
      633 17th St Ste 201
      Denver, CO [protected]

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    • Eg
      e green Jun 26, 2010


      I received the same thing today. These people are husslers; they push a product on you and say they will report to the credit bureau if u don't comply. I never got any magazines nor do I remember signing up. I guess i thought it was a promotion and they needed my CC for shipping. I never give my card# out so I'm hoping they don't have it, but they do have my OLD address, so they had to have slippied their offer into a website that i trust. They called today to collect and i didn't even get a mag..? they tell me its $300 to cancel a $17/mo subscription for 2 years.

      Everyone needs to submit something to the BBB

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    • Po
      pounder Jun 15, 2010

      I got a call a couple minutes ago from C & R Marketing stating that they will be billing me for a magazine subscription that was apparently started in september of 2008. The only problem with the account was that it was started with a credit card I had reported stolen in 2007. Not to mention, I was deployed to Iraq when the account was supposedly created and the address that was used was one that I hadn't been at for 4 years. The number that I was called from was a working number and it is [protected]. The account when "activated" will cost you $49.99 a month for a grand total of $1, 200.00 when it is all said and done. If you wish to cancel it is $300.00 and will charge you on the spot. This is a scam and if you get a call from them say you are in the military and you will be notifying your JAG attourney to seak legal action. I did.

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    • Je
      jerrye May 14, 2010

      I see I am not the only one dealing with C & R marketing . Since February I have been going thro the same exact thing. They called, said I had an existing account with them and I could not cancel or pay $300.00. I have not had any correspondence from them other than phone calls and from their collector. I need an address for them to send them a certified letter . Is there any thing that can be done to stop the harassment from this company? I do not have an account with this company, if you can call it a company . A ripoff would be correct.

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    • Te
      temperboilingnow Apr 13, 2010

      I had almost the exact same thing happen to me. I was called and harassed by C and R Marketing claiming I owed $300 for magazines that I have never received. I disputed the charges wtih my bank, and just last week I received another call from C and R Marketing claiming that I was so far behind on my payments that I now owed $1, 200!!! I reported this company to the BBB, and they are looking into it. This company is nothing but a bunch of thieves trying to scam and bully money out of innocent people. I would suggest filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau also.

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    • Ra
      R&CBlows Feb 28, 2010


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