Resolved C. Johnson PavingFraud and scam

DO NOT USE C. Johnson Paving from Lincoln, R.I. After 2 years my driveway started to crack and sink. They say they will come out to look at it then never show up. After six weeks of this they will not return calls. They would not respond to District Attorney calls. We tried to go to mediation but they did not respond. They are nothing but crooks that do not give you what you pay for. They do the job skimping on materials, not properly preparing the ground, take your money then disappear. We now will file a civil suite against them. They will be sorry for what they do to consumers.


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    Unhappy0100 Aug 23, 2011

    My driveway was done so bad the owner who has now passed on came out and said yes sir you need a new driveway we will send someone back. Then he passed the wife took over and now not even a phone call back from her. I'm going to call channel 12 this week And if that doesnt get results Im going to flood the internet with the way they treat their customers.

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    doingtherightthing111 Nov 21, 2011

    They are now out of business.

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