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Zbiddy.com / Unauthorized charges - fraud

p larousse on Jun 27, 2014
Charged my credit card 99.00 for absolutely nothing.Non existent phone numbers to contact about this charge 877-924-3390 and 513-201-3729. Website states under maintenence...Sure it is...addres probably fake also. Why doesn't someone shut these crooks-obvious hackers down? I suggest...

Zibiddy.com / Didn't receive information for trip

Veronica Ward Mullen on Jan 6, 2014
I went to zbiddy.com to make a purchase on a trip last Aug. 12. I bidded on a trip for 2 with airfare. Paid my money and waited on the information. I got married in Nov. 3, 2012 so we were going to use it for our Honeymoon. I never received any information and when I finally contacted them...

Zbiddy.com / they hit my account when I did not purchase

debadees on Dec 11, 2013
I was checking out their site, entered my account info and then decided not to make purchase at this time so close to Christmas, so I backed out, I never finalized the transaction. But they still charged my bank account $99.00 !!! I called zbiddy 1-877-403-6981 when I saw the charge hit my...

Zbiddy.com, Egift Cards, Ebook Gift Cards / Site did not provide email instructions provide products

nancyb01 on Nov 10, 2013
I won the following auctions: $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/13/2013; $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/9/2013; eBook eGift Card: 100 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-08-2013; eBook eGift Card: 5 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-07-2013 18:09 However, I never received the promised emails instructing...

Zbiddy.com / Failure to send won product

Michael Woody on Dec 6, 2012
I bid on a Dyson vacuum cleaner and got the message "You are high bidder". Zbiddy.com charged my Debit card for the price of $18.99 that I won the bid with, but NEVER SENT ME THE VACUUM CLEANER!! It is unethical and I want a full refund from ZBiddy. I got into an online chat with them, and...

Zbiddy.com / I was billed $99.00 and I didn't even buy anything

Rebbek on Oct 27, 2012
Please cancel my membership at Zbiddy.com effective immediately! I was billed $99.00 and I didn't even buy anything! This site is a scam and I got to it through greatgifts.com, wal-mart, which is a BIG scam. Their site is not even active. Perhaps that is why this happened. Again, I...

penny bids / charge

Julia E Lowe on Oct 7, 2012
I couldn't believe it when my bank statement came in with a $99.00 charge on it. This was supposed to be a penny bid I couldn't have bid that many times and didn't get to buy a thing. This company is fraud and should be shut down. The company made you think are getting these...

Zbiddy.com / All I know is that I was supposed to be registering for free

Arkune on Sep 25, 2012
All I know is that I was supposed to be registering for free, I should of smelled the rat when my credit card information was asked. As soon as i finished my registration 99 dollars was charged to my credit card. How anybody can call this a good site when this is done right at the outset...


ariabel on Sep 14, 2012
Zibby.com is a FRAUD. When I signed up, there was no indication or warning that they will charge my credit card $99. No "Terms and condition" or "cancellation and return policy." And they refuse to REFUND me of the $99 after I told them on and on that I am not satisfied and I am cancelling.

Zbiddy.com / Wasted hard earned money

Ovilay on Apr 16, 2012
I received an email from someone stating the product were so cheap to bid on because its a new site, and not many people know about it. You have to buy a certain amount of bids. Once any item gets down to 12 seconds, so many people (or generated people?)start bidding, no one ever wins. Or...


GREGORYCOGDELL on Apr 13, 2012

Zbiddy / This site was probably started by somebody with the last name Madoff

Farmicke on Apr 2, 2012
I bought some bids in the beginning and won some small five dollar gift cards but when i got into a little more you can never win anything of real value. I always have connectivity problems then they say I have no bids when i have several hundred. It is just a joke this site was probably started by somebody with the last name Madoff.

Zbiddy / They won't refund my money

dedwards on Mar 17, 2012
Do not open anything from this site! They charged my credit card $99 just for looking! They will not return any of your money. I don't know how they can keep taking money with out authorization?? Stay away from here! I have aBBB complaint in, so far ...nothing!!

Zbiddy.com / I was immediately charged $99 upon entering my credit card information

Nostra on Mar 5, 2012
I never got to chose which bid package I wanted, I was immediately charged $99 upon entering my credit card information. I called the customer service dept. immediately. First I was told I would get a $49 refund (which was all "Steven" was authorized to do). I demanded his supervisor. "...

Z Biddy One Cent Auctions / Money charged to debit card without knowledge or approval

Sherri Best on Mar 2, 2012
I was looking at the website (which is very misleading) and thought it might be fun to try. When I pressed a key to find more information I was charged 99.00 to buy bids that I didn't want. Tried calling the website and was absolutely refused a refund. To make matters worse, as a...

Zbiddy.com / Took $99. 00 out of my account

CHRIS ISBELL on Feb 21, 2012
I pulled up their web page to register for free just to look at the products they have. And before i knew it they had charged my debit card $99 without asking. I called them immediatly and they would not refund my money. Then they said they were going to email $100 food certificate and add...

Z Biddy / unauthorised Withdrawel

ljandy on Aug 24, 2011
Made an unauthorised withdrawal of $159.00 from my credit card account. In witch I think is fraud and a scam!! This company shound be remove from the internet because of there unlawfule practice of makeing these unauthorised withdrawals

Zbiddy.com / Thought I was getting bids for 60.00 but was charged 60.00 plus 59.00

Urfey on Jun 27, 2011
Thought I was getting bids for 60.00 but was charged 60.00 plus 59.00. Also bidding was crazy with .60 a bid for individual .01 bids for these products. Near the end of auctions I was blindsided by the 10 second extension of time for last bids and when the bidding stopped a lot of the same...

Zbiddy.com / Calling this gambling game an &auction& is a perversion of the language

Drastake on Apr 18, 2011
This is a business that sells bids for $.60 apiece that yo can use ot bid on a product. It is set up so that your chance of winning is remote and that the bidders (Bettors) will cumulatiely spend much more than the item costs. Calling this gambling game an "auction" is a perversion of the language. It is a scam through and through.

Zbiddy / Marketing Scam

childhorus on Mar 14, 2011
This site lures people into spending $150 under the illusion that they will be able to get high priced electronics for marginal prices in an ebay-like online auction environment. After spending the money, and going to the real auction pages, the user finds out that the chance of actually...


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